5 Ways To Literally Attract The Success You Desire

Even though, I’ve been in the entertainment business for almost 12 years - working in almost every aspect of the creative industry (sometimes rather silently), other times being in the news and more often having my boring private life under public scrutiny. I’ve always aspired to reach and grow beyond the SCREEN and stage. Grow to a place where I can reach out to empower, TRANSFORM, and serve others to succeed at being their authentic best.

You see, I’ll be completely transparent with you. I’ve been on a long personal journey to find my PATHPURPOSE and PASSION. And I did.

You know how you get that feeling that there may be MORE deep down “INSIDE” of you? You know that feeling - when you wonder, if you are living up to your fullest potential?

That feeling you get, when you know there's so much more you can GIVE beyond the fame and fortune. That yearning to stop compartmentalizing your many talents and step out as the full-on expressionist that I knew I was - I remember explaining it on air to Chiamaka Chuke Okafor host of the IAmAfripreneur Business Podcast on her amazing show HERE.

In my personal quest discovering The NAKED Philosophy™, I found that there indeed was more inside that I wanted to reveal, GIVE and succeed at achieving...and as the honor and accolades come. I realise everyday, how good I have become at impacting the world.

Dang! I am not as rich as "Bill Gate" or "Mark Zuckerberg". Shucks, I am NOT donating millions of dollars, POUNDS or Naira - or flooding my instagram timeline with gucci, prada or the phony lifestyle of the rich and famous - but - I still give what I have...I am super generous with my talent, knowledge, expertise, experience and time. And that is just as incredibly powerful.

They say "No person was ever honored for what they received. HONOR is the reward you attract for what you GIVE."

So TRUTH-Seeker, what are YOU really giving of yourself today???

Many people crave SUCCESS daily -Success for some people, might be experiencing financial independence or freedom, to some it might be achieving fame, actualising a goal, and to others, it might be living in awareness of their purpose or creating IMPACT.

Whichever way you choose to define your own success, there are actionable ways to ATTRACT real success into your life and I want to share 5 of them with you in this article - All of which I apply. But... first, let me celebrate a few of my recent success..

Yesterday, I received a phone call from an entertainment journalist who wanted my response, to the messages flying around social media, in which my father - Tony Okoroji congratulated me, on my accomplishments. For me, doing the interview last night was a privilege, despite the fact that I have been featured in this same magazine, several times - Not to mention the myriads of instant messages from exes, collaborators and friends, that have me feeling gleeful. I swear "Congratulations Alex, I am proud of you" is a major confidence booster... Yup! even for me - Not, that I have ever - been in short supply of confidence. I even spoke with my uncle who is absolutely blown away, thanks to my dad spreading the good news.

All of a sudden, my absence from red carpet events and public functions was starting to make sense. Alex Okoroji didn't just disappear from planet earth into obscurity...I simply withdrew my efforts from things that weren't serving me or giving me fulfillment... and invested my time into creating genuine impact, the kind of impact that attracts bigger success.

I will not trivialize my many accomplishments as some others would - pretentiously... I am looking forward to being honored in July with my "Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award" Yasss! it is a big deal for me. I also consider it big a deal, to be listed in Charles O'Tudor's 35 Personal Brands-To-Watch 2017 - The Global List. I still wonder if the brand guru saw my future. Ha ha ha.

Whoosh!...I am still freaking PUMPED that this is my 8th week ranking on Richtopia's - 'TOP 250 Most Influential Women Leaders' in the World. I haven't been kicked out yet...Yay!

And I feel so incredibly honored to still be ranked on this global list, with some of the world's most powerful female prime ministers, media icons, philanthropists, thought leaders, celebrities and powerhouse women like Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Yoko OnoHelen Clark, JK Rowlings, Ellen Degeneres, Emma Watson, Shonda Rhimes, Melinda Gates, Theresa May, Katie Couric, Christiane Amanpour and many more girl power...Yup! I'm the fourth Nigerian Woman on the list with the amazing Abike Dabiri Erewa, Oby Ezekwesili and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

Alex Okoroji - One of Richtopia's Top 250 Most Powerful Women Badge

Added to the above, is my recent international honor receiving the WEF ICONIC WOMAN AWARD for "Iconic Women Creating A Better World For All" at the 2017 Annual Global Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India for my contributions as an agent of global change.

Dr Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson of All Ladies League presenting 'WEF Iconic Woman Award' to Alex Okoroji on the 10th of  May at The 2017 Annual Global Women Economic Forum in New  Delhi, India

Yes, this little rogue woman from Nigeria sure did it. Mama...Yasss...I did it! I'm creating impact...Global Impact...Whoop! Ha ha ha.

Okay -Those who follow me on social media are probably CRINGING right now from reading... Yikes!....yada yada yada...Gosh! Alex...This AGAIN! We've heard it before. Ha! This is stale news - Tell us something new. Kwa kwa kwa...

You probably don't know that 2017  hasn't always been a smooth sail.

My year did NOT start out beautifully at first.

I was almost sure I was going to have a very shitty year.

First, I got robbed on a movie set while filming a TV series, my phones stolen, my websites got hacked and was wiped out entirely, I lost 3 years of amazing content, emails and a dear person too.

I even lost my energy and motivation to work or finish up pending projects. And yes, I still had to raise my son all by myself in the middle of all the fucking chaos.

Soon after, I realized that I couldn't let bad circumstances STEAL my Joy or dictate my destiny. I stopped mourning my loss... And decided to rebuild.

I decided to REINVENT once again. I spent 49 hours awake (no shut eye) and re-designed a brand new website for myself, wrote a few emails, got on a few radio shows and went back to work.

I had re-discovered my Mojo. But I somehow knew that I First had to BREAK down to BREAKTHROUGH.

Now I'm celebrating my breakthroughs and Counting my blessings.                                                                                                                                                                                   Some people will say..."Here we go - She's bragging again".  But you know what...There is a wise quote that says "its not bragging if you can back it up". And I sure as hell - back up all my claims.

I stopped apologizing for celebrating my accomplishments. Why should I? When I have learned that "celebration" honors the hardwork, progress and commitment we put into the work we do, despite the challenges we face on our journey to success.

For me, these achievements are REMINDERS that - It doesn't matter where in the world you live or come from, or what challenges you have, how shallow or deep your pocket is or how much society continues to restrict you with their limiting beliefs.

What truly matters - is that YOU choose not to limit yourself. That you are ready to birth your VISION and travel as far as you can - to complete your MISSION... And make sure that the vision you create - provides SOLUTION to a problem that impacts another person positively.

So, maybe you are exhausted about the success that seems so elusive. Maybe you want to throw in the towel and just give up. No, don't do it...Not yet!

Here are 5 Strategies I Use to Attract SUCCESS - Apply Them and Be Sure That Your Reward and Honor will be well on its Way.                                                                                                                                                                          

#1) Express It - My FIRST strategy for reaching success in any goal - is to put the plan out there in the universe, so I can become accountable. It is the first step process of The NAKED Philosophy™ - EXPRESSION (could either be an articulation of a challenge or a declaration of desire). So ...Yeah...Yeah! Get up - and get ready to declare your intention.

See - I believe in affirmation. I believe in the power of expression. I believe I can tell the universe how I feel or what I want... And the universe listens to me and then aligns itself for my greatness.

This is for real. It always works for me, because I'm forced to deliver when I tell the world what I intend to achieve.

Imagine being a public FAILURE - setting myself up...falling down on my big round ass, so people can laugh at my foolishness and say "Yeah, that's right... Alex the big fat dreamer" - No way, I have no choice but to slay and WIN. And you too should try it.

Set a goal... Set a date and Announce to the world your next big project. Tell your friends, family, colleagues or followers on social media that "big idea" that has you tossing and turning in bed - then get ready to make it happen.

2) Collaborate With Others - Once you have identified what you want to achieve, now it is time to find the people, brands and resources that can help you make that VISION come true.

Be relentless about it. Dig for winners. Find people who make you elevate your standards and reach out to them... Extend something valuable too. Don't just be a taker - come with something AMAZING too. Bring something incredible to the table, that they might find worthy. Be it an idea, creativity, contacts, resources or just provide solution to their problems or hand them an offer they too can not resist. Winners are GIVERS...Winners don't compete, they collaborate.

When you open your heart, expand your MIND and operate from a place of ABUNDANCE and not Scarcity. Partners become resources. Resources become Endless... And YOU my dear, become UNLIMITABLE because you are able to spot opportunity even in the least obvious circumstances, and see the vision, beyond its physical boundaries. You learn what real winning feels like, surrounded by real players.

Don't worry about being out-shined, upstaged or faffing around in the background, while someone else takes your glory - That fear stems from scarcity mentality - The thought that "success" is so hard to come by, so limited, that it will not be enough to go round , so only you have to go the journey alone, just so you don't have to share the spotlight with someone else - WRONG MOVE!!

Don't be ashamed or afraid to join forces with other people who are travelling towards the same direction or along the same path with you, and are ready to win too - Even if you are an expert too. Coaches also have their mentors.

Travelling by yourself, can be a lonely, long and tiring experience. Having people to share the challenges and the burden makes it easier. Remember if your associates win, YOU too win. A win for one, is a win for all. Collaboration is a win/win if you partner and associate with the right people.

3) Take Stock - Now PAUSE and breath...It is time to analyse your partnerships, collaborations and alignment. Have they been beneficial in moving you (a step or series of steps) towards your goals? Review your progress and get ready to chuck out the time-wasters. Its easy to spot them...Take a look at their track record...Do they finish anything they start? Do they make excuses upon excuses? Do they have a pattern of making "high falluting promises" that they never keep?

Set up an accountability partner or join a mastermind circle and check in from time to time to see where you stand on your success ladder...See what's working...and what's not. Or better still do it yourself, if you believe you can trust yourself to be unbiased.

We are almost down half of the year, How is your vision board lookingggg?? Is it looking pretty? Are you meeting those insane goals you set, or do you need some good help moving your butt there? If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for the help you need.

Also don't be afraid to make adjustments, after all - we learn as we go - most people think their vision board has to be cast on stone. Sometimes, reviewing our vision might require us to make necessary shifts, either by adjusting our goal-lines or our timelines. And that too is okay. Nothing to sulk over. Whew!

4) BRAG Your Pants Off - Surely, they say its not bragging if you can back up your claims. Now - I'm not suggesting you become an empty vessel that makes the loudest bang bang.

I'm just saying that, if you have been able to (B)oldly (R)adically (A)chieve (G)oals... Then blow your freaking trumpet, baby. Blow it loud and proud...And get a back-up-band to sing the "Alleluia chorus" with you. Whoosh! Just do it in a classy way.

Your naysayers do NOT want the world to hear your good news. Babyyyyy stick up your middle finger and take the gospel to them.

Do not be ashamed to let the world know how fantastic, BRILLIANT and powerful you are. You are simply honoring your hard-work.

Even if you can't afford a traditional media machinery, get a street team - fill it up with your brother, sister, neighbor or the newspaper boy down the street, use social media, employ word of mouth, guest on shows, contribute to blogs, send newsletters, take the mic from the pastor and announce it in church...take advantage of any opportunity you get to blow your megaphone, sell yourself and BLAST YOUR SUCCESS on overdrive.

I am learning that people only pay attention to what is placed right in front of them - Get NAKED in their face - Shake your colorful tail feather...And REVEAL your Awesomeness.

Don't try to live in a fool's paradise. Remember, that people won't leave their drums to beat your gong, until you become super successful. You've got to play your music right - because if nobody is aware of your greatness, how will you attract more success? Remember success begets more success... And most successful people love to surround themselves with other champions.

For tips on how to BRAG in style - Get your ear phones out and Watch this video excerpt of my international address at a Global Plenary Session on the Topic of - "Understanding Business Globalisation, Creativity and Innovative Leadership" courtesy of my fellow Iconic Woman and "Boldness Coach" from USA - Vaneese Johnson on Day 3 of the Annual Global WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF) in New Delhi, India. I gotta be honest - I think I blew my trumpet with class! He he he.

#5) Show Gratitude & Be Thankful - Have you heard that MORE, comes to those who are thankful for what they get. Don't go about life feeling ENTITLED. Every single thing you get is a PRIVILEGE, not your birthright - because there are people out there, working just as hard, maybe even as smart - who don't have a fraction of what you have.

Be thankful for the opportunities you get, for the lessons and wisdom that come out of your mistakes. Be grateful for the advise you get, and every information that miraculously shows up on your table.

Be thankful to your mentors, coaches... those who help you stay grinding and grounded....Be Grateful to your team mates, collaborators, tribe, followers, fans, community, partners and support system. In fact - Be thankful EVEN to the haters who never believed in you (It will drive them nuts) Ha ha ha.

People give more and DO MORE for those who are not ashamed to say "Thank you".... And continue to be appreciative of the kindness, love, and support they receive.

Find innovative ways to show your gratitude. A sincere shout out, once in a while on social media, maybe even in a newspaper, radio or TV interview when you get the chance to be celebrated. Be generous and celebrate them too.

Perhaps, a nice warm out-of-the-blue personal email or message thanking whoever it is you are grateful to have in your life, maybe send a lovely surprise gift or plan a meet & greet... A special lunch date, freebie or giveaway.

To me, gratitude is the most powerful FUEL that drives our belief system.

Whether you’re a single mompreneur, solopreneur, serial entrepreneur, small business owner, a successful executive of a major fortune 500 company, an artiste, celebrity or even just an aspiring entrepreneur developing a side hustle - take some time, to truly think about what GRATITUDE means to you, what you’re truly thankful for deep down and how you can use it to your advantage.

Gratitude gives us that extra edge, that PUSH we to stay grounded even while we’re chasing our goals.

It’s such an important tool that most people generally overlook but need to be more - conscious of - if you’re going to succeed, and thrive.

Reminds me of Amy Walkers, GIVE GRATITUDE SUMMIT last year November. I was one of the 11 Experts (and the only African Speaker) who shared how gratitude and giving can elevate your business. If you missed it, my session was on Day 1 of the virtual summit - You can LISTEN HERE.



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To Your Success,
Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!


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