What Are You Really Attracting?

Everyday when I wake up for the last two years, I ask myself "Who or What are you attracting today Alex? What NEW opportunities are you drawing towards yourself today". You can bet that whatever answer I give myself, I do everything to follow up on it.

Which is why, some weeks ago, a friend of mine had introduced me to another friend of his. "Oh meet Alex Okoroji, She's also a blogger, I bet she'll soon be earning more money than Linda Ikeji"

Err, I had to correct him - "I'm a Thought Leader, not a Blogger ". He looked at me and said "...But what is the difference - you have a blog, Alex you are blogger jare".

So I said to him - "Would you call Bill Gate a blogger?..." he replied "No, I won't... but you are not Bill Gate." then I responded "Well, Bill has an active blog called - The Gatenotes".

I then asked him "Will you call my Father - Chief Tony Okoroji a blogger?" he gasped "Your father? No, your father is a legend?" 

A little miffed, I replied "Wow, but my father blogs his SATURDAY BREAKFAST every Saturday on Facebook. So if you won't call Bill Gate or Tony Okoroji a blogger, why will you introduce  Alex Okoroji who has written & published over 380 Original Self Development Articles, is an International Contributor for both The HUFFINGTON POST and NewsWire in the USA , is a Verified Clarity Expert, the host of widely popular international radio show, A 'Women Mentoring Women's Mentor and an Advisory Executive Council member for the Women Economic Forum (WEF) - oh there's more

And as much as I love to be modest, I recognize what an honor it is to be fully profiled on encyclopedias like Wikipedia (Yes fully profiled - not a stub...and oops, I didn't ask nor pay for it), featured on Everipedia, having my radio show listed on Podcastpedia or be featured as a speaker on Speakerpedia is no small featYup, I worked hard for it all...And none of it is fluff."

Then he laughed and jokingly said "Alex, you are just a show off..." He he he.

Ha! Yes, I can't lie - He's right. I'm a show off. But, I have learned to beat my own drums. And I make no apologies for BRAG'ging to the world and revealing my sparkles in all of its naked glory.

Let's be honest, if I don't BLOW my trumpet - who's going to drop their's to blow mine?

Exactly the reason, why I'll rather be a freakin' show off - if it's the only way to attract the RESPECT I know I deserve.

He had laughed when I admitted I was showing off. But I doubt he understood my underlining message.

For me, It was never about being called a blogger, I mean, there's nothing derogatory about that, even though I have NEVER ever referred to myself as one and I never will. I have always either used the terms 'Blog Author', 'Internet Publisher' and now 'Thought Leader'...especially since I realised how much of an influence my naked thoughts and the NAKED Philosophy have on others - And what an amazing leader I have become in the process.

I know that having a respectable blogging platform is a prestigious opportunity for building influence and community. Maybe not so much respect in Nigeria (as many are yet to fully grasp that blogging is way beyond breaking news, entertainment and celebrity gossip), but everywhere else around the world, thought leaders know the value of having a platform to communicate with their tribe.

So my displeasure with my friend was more about his mis-representation of what he thought was my vision, accomplishment, and his indirect limitation of my goals.

He knows I'm an Actor - a rather good one with 11 years in the business, he knows I'm a Radio Host - a damn fine one. He knows I'm a fantastic writer, and an author with a third book coming soon & a fourth book in the works + an amazing global anthology getting ready for world release. Yet, he preferred to introduce me as a blogger. Ha ha.

Problem is, I don't blog for money...blogging is not the core of my creative business...I blog to create IMPACT - to provide a platform for transformation in my community. There's a difference. And as my sister would say...I'm not the Blonde in the business - I'm the Brunet. (And by that she means I'm no airhead and because I'm not, I do NOT write for airheads either) - My audience is cut from a different silk.

And so basing my success on mere monetary rewards seems rather pedestrian for me, not because making money is wrong. Absolutely not or why then are we in business? But knowing that the money itself is hidden in all the other compartments of the influence I have built through the platform, whether as an Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Coach, Mentor, or any of my other products, services or media platforms I have created.

For me it is about offering top value. Deep intrinsic value - as well as the positioning of my individual brand as a self-help expert .

The true value of the content I write, is not in the number of ads, campaigns, collaborators or even page views I have garnered ... but in the amazing number of people I inspire everyday to take some form of  ACTION, or to reinvent themselves with my NAKED Philosophy. (Geez, I long stopped getting excited about my page-views). To me it is pointless, if one million people read my article and only two of them are motivated. You dig?

So yes, In my friend's mind - Linda Ikeji was the bench mark for my aspiration and where I am supposedly going. Had I been a news aggregator, I would have thought of the "comparison" as a fine compliment. But as a seasoned writer, if I may say so myself - it didn't feel that way to me, because becoming a Linda was/is neither my vision, path nor my goal, even as accomplished or as successful as she has become.

And surely, some people will read this and say- "Oh yeah, Alex - showing off as usual".

Well I hope what I show off is the word "POSSIBILITY". I hope when people look at me, what they see is HOPE - the hope that a young woman can step away from her father's shadow and create an identity for herself. The hope that an actress can rediscover herself, reinvent herself and become a global brand, that a person can ATTRACT everything they desire and more - which is the real reason for why I share my journey with others, That if I can do it - Then you too can.

Its the reason for why I created my new magazine BRAG which celebrates innovators, achievers and creators who are not afraid to {B}oldly {R}adically {A}chieve {G}oals.  People who show the world that for you to earn your bragging rights - it starts with the LAW of ATTRACTION.

Knowing that we all have the ability to attract into our lives, whatever we FOCUS on - that we can use the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into REALITY, because, all thoughts MANIFEST into things eventually.

It is that bold awareness, that if you focus on negative doom, you will remain under that GLOOM cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts, and have GOALS that you aim to achieve - you will find a way to achieve them with massive ACTION, knowing that whatever can be imagined and visualized is achievable, if you are ready to make moves, to get to where you want to be.

That's why in December 2014, just a few months after I started my radio show 'The Naked Talk w/ Alex Okoroji - I got NAKED with myself and made a decision. I was tired of attracting MEN who were NO GOOD for me, Friends who were of NO VALUE to me, Jobs that gave me NO FULFILLMENT, and a Lifestyle that simply made me UNHAPPY.

You see, it's very possible that you already have good things in your life - But is what you have, the very BEST?

Your partner might be a good lover, a tolerant spouse, maybe even an enabler who entertains your bad habits and gives you no stress - but are they the best you could find for yourself.

You might be in a good place career wise, receive a steady paycheck with no work overload - but is that the best possible position you can achieve or aspire for?

Are you just making do - managing, tolerating or accepting just about anything you are given? Are you accepting other people's evaluation of your potential? Are you letting their mediocre standards rub off on you or are you defining yourself enough to go ALL out for everything you want?

I corrected my friend, because he was comparing me to what he considered "good" but not best, at least not for me. So while he thought a gossip blogger was pretty much a perfect gauge of my own journey to success - he was gauging me wrongly. And it was up to me to correct him - so he could in fact see  I was genuinely working hard towards being more successful than the Iconoclast, Oprah Winfrey.

So the Question right now isn't whether you are attracting good - I bet you are, BUT Are you attracting the very best? And do the people around you know that.

I stopped comparing myself with people that I was better than, instead I aspired to play on the same level of those better than ME. But I knew for me to improve and achieve what I want - I would have to get out of my comfort zone, reinvent myself, get on the global stage, reach out and do things most people are innately scared off.

And since I rewired my mind to believe in the Law of Attraction and the Power of INTENTIONAL THINKING. I let go of the people and things drawing me into a space of stagnancy. Best decision I ever made, because I started attracting the right people, the right opportunities and the kind of life that I truly desired.

For the first time in 10 years I am HAPPY - because I am living life on my own terms, my own standard and my own rules, even in the midst of challenges and imperfection. Even in the depth of chaos, I still feel Joy. That's more than I can say for a lot of people.

So what are you attracting? Good people or Bad people...Good news or Bad news.

Weeks ago, I was very excited when I finally received my APPROVAL as a Reinvention Expert on SelfGrowth.com listed HERE with some of the world's most renowned business leaders, top coaches and thought leaders like Anthony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Christy Williams, and over 30,000 other Experts around the world on the world's #1 leading platform for self improvement to help you gain information, tools and the resources you need to grow and thrive.

Whoosh, yeaahhhh...I can brag about it because I have always wanted to be acknowledged with the best of the best.

But why should you care? - Well, many of you have watched me strip NAKED and REINVENT myself day after day, right before your eyes and I know that you too can do same with my signature VIP session, "REINVENTION 1-on-1" coming in January 2017.

No matter who you are, how old you are or where you are on the success ladder. We all need to keep evolving and transforming - and reinvention is the right way to make it happen.

I can show you step by step, how I have re- built my brand from stagnancy back to relevance in just 30 days. Go EARLY NOW and Register HERE for your 25% discount.

Stay Authentic Truth-Seekers & Keep Winning!


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