Who Keeps You Accountable?

Any thing that is worth doing well, is not worth doing ALONE...Okay, I can't remember who exactly said that...All I know is that it stuck in my head...And I know it to be true.

When I call myself a Top BRAGGER, or talk about bragging, some people might roll their eyes and think it's about showing off. Some may even think its arrogance or over confidence that motivates me to celebrate each and every milestone the way I do.

I was once compared to the story of that lucky sperm or shall I say spermatozoa - which out of 400,000 other swimmers found a way to swim into a woman's ovaries. Should I be thankful or feel complacent about some random stroke of luck I have "supposedly" stumbled upon?

Well, I know reaching goals have nothing to do with luck or the number of times you pray in a day. It takes work, lots and lots of work. (Even the bible says prayer without "work" is dead). And if you have put in so much effort either to nurture a business relationship or to create the enabling environment for your vision, apply the necessary strategies or tools - And then you WIN. Whoosh! Baby, you better CELEBRATE it - because you worked your ass off, for those bragging rights.

Now, look at the NAKED woman on the cover of the book below. She represents so many things that society on the surface kicks against, yet works so hard to attain, but this book not only bares it all, it also represents the hardwork, freedom of expression, dreams, vision and ambition of 21 Unstoppable Women. A vision worth doing, by 21 amazing women happy to be doing it together (oh get your dirty minds out of the gutter ) - alright, that's conversation for another day, right?

I BARED MY CHEST (An Anthology) by Authors - Alex Okoroji and Frankie Picasso 

Some people wrote me, that I have been a little quiet of late. Well, yes - between that mental burnout that tried to cripple my drive and the entire ma-mouth of work on my table - I have got a Crazzzzzy list of deadlines, Top of it includes the amazing book above - I BARED MY CHEST which I'm co-writing with 20 Unstoppable Women, coming out on Monday 21 November 2016. I've got my websites to tend to, interviews to grant, coaching to do, my radio show to host. I'm even auditioning for another TV series (Of course, I haven't stopped working as an actor).

And I have to belch out an Article for my weekly Monday Series on THE HUFFINGTON POST (yes, I'm now an international contributor, you can read this week's article HERE),

There's my New Upcoming Podcast for the ABC "LET'S GO BRAG" setting to launch on Monday 26th September LIVE on Spreaker and IHeart Radio,  I still have my regular weekly radio show - THE NAKED TALK and its TV Spin Off on MeeMeeTV, #TNCsummitLIVE Download Bundle getting ready for release and THE BRAG CLUB Digest - BRAG (our monthly VIP digest) for Influencers & Wannabe Achievers  (yes - all lined up for September projects....Can you imagine?).

First Issue of  BRAG featuring SharRon Jamison coming soon

I even put together a September Giveaway "ALEX'S First Contact Health Week" with my amazing friends at "First Contact Response" a top notch online clinic with an array of first class emergency doctors, nurses and health professionals who were happy to give my Community Members a Private Free Health Video Consultation for 3 Days, from the comfort of wherever they are...

And of course, I tried to encourage as many people to get checked out, because health is wealth.

Last Saturday, 3rd September,  I spoke at the 2016 Women's Virtual Success Summit and shared my NAKED Philosophy for success. I'll be posting the video soon. Read more about it HERE.

But that's just a tiny fraction of my many goals for this coming month.

And I try not to stop. You see to BRAG means to (B)OLDLY (R)ADICALLY (A)CHIEVE (G)OALS. As a Visionary, I'm radical about achieving my goals.

I do NOT always meet ALL my deadlines. Geez! I'm not Super woman - But, it's never been about deadlines for me.

It has always been more about following through. Something, many creatives have a challenge doing. For me, its about commitment, not about the timeline per se (oh meeting deadline is super important for your credibility- I'm trying to get better at it), but for me , my focus is always on finishing what I started. Its about committing myself to actualise my goals, not leave them hanging - whether it takes me two days, two weeks or two years. I WILL GET IT DONE! And that's where the sweet scent of celebration comes. The brag dance - ah hoo!!

Still Who Keeps YOU Accountable to Your Goals?

This is perhaps one of the biggest challenges many CREATIVES have.

Creatives like me - In my case - Not everyday, but on some messed up days. And while, trying to write a book in the midst of all the other complicated things I have going on right now, might seem like suicide, (And I think I have attempted creative suicide many a times). Still, I am thankful to have partners like Frankie Picasso and the 19 other "Bare Chest Ladies" - My Co Authors in the book I mentioned above (And I can't wait to tell you about each one of them), just having them be a part of this collaboration reminds me of the vision ahead and keeps me accountable to reaching that goal.

Now, If you work a typical Nine - to - Five. You probably have superiors you report to, financial targets to meet and stiff deadlines to adhere to. And of course you have to take responsibility for any shit that hits the corporate fan. Yeaaa!!!

But wait a sec - As a creative, who reminds you, that you haven't featured in enough movies this year, or that you haven't reached anywhere near your financial goals, who checks to see if you are hitting those high notes at the Club you performed all night or that your blog isn't meeting it's monthly traffic requirements or that your podcast is booking the right guests, connecting and attracting SPONSORS, your graphics are top of the chain, the book you are writing NOW will become a future bestseller and that you are creating an outstanding BRAND?

Who makes sure you get real palpable applicable feedback from your fans, community or supporters, or that you are indeed launching all the brilliant ideas that have kept you awake at night or tossing and turning in bed.

Did you say you are accountable to yourself? Ha! I see BURNOUT lingering! (Yup, I would know).

Did you say your manager? Err...Wrong! (Okay, I can picture Victoria Nkong - Talent Manager Extraordinaire Screaming now...He he)

Okay, essentially your manager would be a perfect accountability PARTNER.

Except well, many creatives don't even have managers, can't afford one or has one that also needs some damn managing themselves. Ha ha ha - because you slapped together a title on your best friend, mother, husband, uncle or girlfriend who knows absolutely nothing about implementing strategy or even reaching goals. If they have trouble being accountable to themselves, now how can they keep YOU accountable to your vision???

And there lies a group of FRUSTRATED unhappy creatives who are bloody MISERABLE, from doing the things they "actually" love.

And yes, I've been one of those people.

What's the one thing in your art (writing, design, music, drawing, podcasting, pottery, whateve...) that you really struggle with?

Something Else? 

Know that Empowerment + AccountabilityHigh Performance

Wouldn't it be AWESOME to have a community of like-minds who want to
Achieve More Goals, Create more IMPACT and Earn their Bragging Rights? A Community that serves you the support you need, as well as the tools, information and strategies you need to CONSISTENTLY create massive impact & growth with your career?

Ding! Ding! Stroll in - ALEX'S BRAG COMMUNITY (ABC) - a virtual community for creatives looking to REINVENT themselves and transform their lives. Err...Don't roll your eyes. This is it...Literally. This virtual hub is the freakin IT...Its the proverbial bomb you need to spark off the fire to get things done.

Well, I was chatting this morning with my Assistant, Yvonne Okenwa and Prepping her mentally for ABC's upcoming launch and the launch of THE NAKED BLISS ACADEMY. And I have to be honest. I'm so proud of "The Success Path" we have created for creatives globally.

Five Awesome Steps that will take YOU from where you are right now to where you want to BE in...in just 6 Months. Whoosh!

If you have a truck load of goals that have fallen off by the side, or goals you have paused, dreams you have abandoned and visions that are right now lacking CLARITY. If you aren't gaining any momentum, then whatever you are doing right now isn't working.

You need to skinny dip and Join US HERE and let's BRAG together,  that's if you are ready to (B)oldly (R)adically (A)chieve (G)oals...

Let me know if you are READY, cos I am. And I want YOU in there, winning with me.

Stay Authentic Truth-Seekers & Keep Winning!


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Have A Super Sweet Sunday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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