PLEASE DO IT NOW!!! I've Got A Goal.

Hey Truth-Seekers. Happy New Week. There's a saying that you have to plan for SUCCESS.

So do YOU know what you'll be doing the whole of this week? Well, many people don't. They actually have no clue what they will be doing...or SHOULD be doing, to move them closer to their goals.

And that's why I apply one of Cynthia Bazin "Laser Focus" Strategy for slaying my goals and being productive.

I happened to mysteriously stumble on one of her replay scopes yesterday on Twitter. It included making a weekly list on Sunday - A Day before your week starts (Strangely, I already made mine on Friday, so I get 2 extra days ahead of the game prepping my mind for the work ahead) So I was very excited to see that I wasn't alone on planning ahead of time.

Now Here's A Short Version of This Week's Goal list.

Today, Monday 19 September - New Article for THE HUFFINGTON POST. (I'm excited about this one) You can read this week's article HERE.

Tonight @ 10.30pm, I'll be interviewed on the WEALTHY WEDNESDAY Show. Recording my TV Apperance live from Nigeria with eTV Host - Luci McMonagle in Michigan.

+ Publish 2 New Blog Posts for ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS.


On Tuesday 20 September - Launch of "I Bared My Chest" Website (The Anthology with 21 Women) and the #IBaredMyChest Global Campaign.


On Wednesday 21 September - Open House Call at Alex's BRAG Community (ABC). I'm opening the Academy for 3 Hours, so YOU can look in and see the amazing features and test drive our VIP features at THE NAKED BLISS ACADEMY for FREE.

Later on Wednesday. I'm chatting with Guest, Author of the #1 Best Selling Book "Get Out of The Dumpster" - DR REGGIE PADIN live on THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji.


On Thursday 22 September - Release New E-Book and Audio "10 SUCCESS SECRETS for Creatives".


On Friday 23 September . - I'm Guest on popular radio show in Los Angeles , USA "POWERED UP TALK RADIO" with host, Sandra Beck and Co-Host Linda Franklin.

Later on Friday. I'm Speaking LIVE with Guest - Author, Speaker and Popular Pakistani Activist - GABRIELLA VAN RIJ joining me on The NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji.


On Saturday 24 September - The Launch of 2016 #TNCsummitLIVE All Access Bundle with over 18+ Hours of Videos, Audios, Summit Notes, Presentations, Work Book and extra Bonus from the 2016 Creative Mastery Global Summit.


On Sunday 25 September - The Pre- Release of our Inaugural Edition of BRAG - (The BRAG Club Digest for Influencers). And I'm excited about our Cover Influencer of The Month - SharRon Jamison - (Award Winning Author, Keynote Speaker, Life Strategist & President of THE JAMISON GROUP).


Each goal has a series of sub goals under them, like writing, scheduling, preparing, editing, promoting etc. Having your entire week mapped out helps you stay on track.

And speaking of goals - You know how hard, I've been working to contribute my own experience, wisdom and expertise to influence the lives of others. Sleepless nights and Sacrifices all leading to an important moment.

Well, I'm super excited about my BABY - My new virtual community for goal getters- "ALEX'S BRAG COMMUNITY (ABC) and 2016 session at THE NAKED BLISS ACADEMY" starting very soon.

This has been one of my biggest dreams and I single handedly built the platform myself from the ground up - because I know the value of informal learning, technology and having a community of collaborators - 3 things that have helped me personally reinvent my BRAND and put me on a global map.

And its almost ready to launch - and I am certain that this community is going to help many CREATIVES around the world reach more of their goals and create more global impact for their own ideas and vision - no matter what it is.

I want to publicly thank these AWESOME Leading Actors and Kings of The African Cinema for being so AMAZINGLY supportive today and setting the ball rolling on DAY 1 of my campaign.

They Asked ME No Questions, Made No Excuses, Gave My Humble Request, No Second Thoughts. Only their Immediate ACTION & Trust

The True Virtue of Great Achievers... For that I am so grateful to know them.

Thank YOU so much...

And These Beautiful Nollywood Divas


Thank YOU for not ignoring my message, procrastinating or trivialising it. But for taking the time to DONATE your Tweet and a Facebook Status to my "Let's Go #BRAG with ABC Campaign..." on Thunderclap.

Also thank you to Film Director, KINGSLEY OMOEFE, Qtaby CEO - VICTORIA NKONG and Founder of Ztallion, VANESSA MBAMARAH. Radio Host And Founder of The Creative Magic Network - FREDERIC BYE, Editor & Publisher of Women of Rubies - ESTHER IJEWERE and more..

With your help - I'm able to reach my first 21% with 311,733 People, as of today. And I celebrate you ALL for HELPING me make it happen so far.

ABC means a lot to me. I can't tell you the things I've had to sacrifice to work DAY & NIGHT on this project (brainstorming, researching, building, designing, scheduling and recruiting)- and NOW to almost see it birth with your support - gives me immense joy.

YOU ALL ROCK for Daysssss!!!

P.S: I still Have 79% to Cover. You Can Join These Amazing VIP's to Support My Online Flash Mob by donating a Tweet or Facebook Status to the Launch of my Virtual Community for Creatives - ABC.

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To HELP with the launch I've set up something really cool that I want YOUR help with:

I would like you to be one of my top 100 VIP's to share my new community message on Twitter and Facebook, but I want everyone to do it at the same time, so it can BLAST on the 30th September, just a few days to the global launch...Ha! I know...

Sounds kind of hard to co-ordinate, right?

Thankfully not! The tool above will do it for US. Yep! And it won't cost you anything, except take you about 20 seconds to set it up right NOW!

Yes?! It's that easy and I'm excited.

So here's what I'd LOVE you to do:

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Follow the prompts to AGREE to post it and you're done! Viola!

(if you could do it for both Twitter and Facebook as well - that would be EVEN MORE AMAZING!)

It literally only takes a few seconds to do, so please DO IT NOW because, if you're anything like most people, it'll get buried in your "To Do" pile and not be rediscovered until 2017!

You have always been a rock to me - supporting me.

And I want to SEE your name in my Supporters list for this project. I really need your SUPPORT to Help me get the 100 shares I need to make my message Spread :)

Here's the link again: GO HERE

This would be a fantastic support to me in getting my message out to as many creatives as possible. So please also feel free to share this post with your friends, so they can join in too and support me!

Thanks in Advance, You  are the best. And that's why I LOVE You!

Stay Authentic Truth-Seekers & Keep Winning!


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Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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