No August Break For Goal-Getters

Imagine waking up on one fine morning in Africa, to find out you are sitting on a huge billboard in New York Times Square in Manhattan, USA.

Dream?? Yeah, Yeah! Well, its not a dream- It actually happened to ME last month of July. I woke up on the first of the month to a beautiful surprise planned out by one of New York's finest and the quintessential New Media Queen - MADISON JAYE who planned the surprise and had my #TNCsummitLIVE banner sprawled up there. After screaming like a crazy banshee for almost 30 minutes - I think, the excitement somehow set a positive  vibe & energy for the remainder of my month.

Today is the second day of August...And as many of us who live in the tropics, get ready for the West African Moonson -"August Break" that's coming around. There's a popular belief in the eastern region, where my father comes from, its a glorious period that both men and women in the east look out for. These traditional women on one hand, see it as a time to take a break, discuss and plan in relation to their personal and communal progress, which includes several meetings with other women in the community, while the men supposedly sit home and take over the woman's duties.

I don't know how true that is, because I was born and raised in the west...the western city of Lagos. And as a city babe - who lives in the biggest commercial city in Nigeria. I don't imagine any of my male admirers abandoning their work or business to take up my responsibilities for this month (And considering the fact I'm not really dating...) Who could I possibly wrap around my fingers, blink my eye lashes and curl up my toes at, as HE gets my needs met? Ha ha...Hmm...And even if I could, I'm not the type of woman, to pass up my duties to anyone. Naaaa!!! I enjoy working.

So I'm looking out the windows and realised that there hasn't been any rain in the last three or four days, usually the first rainy season begins around my birthday in March and lasts to the end of July with a peak in June, and then followed by a short dry break in August, known as the August break which is a short DRY SEASON lasting for two to three weeks in August.

If you are a conscious spiritual being, then you know the significance of experiencing a dry season. Whether it is dry land, a dry piece of joke, dry cracked lips, a dry slice of bread or a dry patched hairy snatch. Oops!

No one I know personally likes to be DRY. Dry is like dead skin, dry is boring...and I'll rather have the cool weather that comes with rainfall...Maybe because I'm Pisces or something, I love water...I loveeee to get greasy WET...And I do want lots and lots of wet and grow all the amazing seeds I sowed last month in July...And I'm thankful for that.

So do you remember the first private newsletter I had written last month for July's NAKED Weekly

I had asked if July will be the month you all take action. Well, you are free to ask me the same question.

My answer is YES!. Yes, I took a lot of ACTION last month, some bigger than I considered myself capable of, but I loved the challenge of figuring it all out - I also accomplished a lot, just from putting myself out there and I am proud of the amazing projects lined up for the rest of the year. I have always said GRATITUDE is everything. As a goal-getter, I honestly can not approach August expectant, if I am not even thankful enough to celebrate my WINS for July.

So Here Are 10 Things I'm Thankful Happened in July.

#1) Being ALIVE - No Broken Bones, No Broken Heart...No Broken Friendships I couldn't be more thankful. If anything my heart is filled with love and joy from renewed, refreshed and re-empowering friendships. I'm happy to have carried most of my amazing friends along with me to August. No massive fall outs, enemies (that I know of) or people that I lost to the cold hands of death. Life is a gift. Everyday, that I have the gift of life - I am thankful, because I know many are out there struggling for their health or seeking to have at least one friend that believes completely in them.

Found some photos of My Good Friend and I - Award Winning Actor, Yemi Blaq

#2) Of course, as the president of THE BRAG CLUB, I have to brag about the Billboard with ME and 4 of my #TNCsummitLIVE Speakers sitting pretty, looking good on 42nd Street... in the heart of New York Times Square. Hahahah...Who wouldn't be?? This African Chick knows the value of media, and I know what it means to have THE NAKED CHALLENGE Creative Mastery Global Summit show up there. Why is it a big deal? Well, it is if you live in Africa like me, didn't solicit for it or pay a dime. just the mere fact that I had no incline whatsoever about it- Yup. Truth is I love SURPRISES!!! but most importantly, I'm just thankful to have Influential friends who add VALUE and can make things happen.

#3) I challenged myself and pulled off my dream of hosting a First Class, 6 Day Global Virtual Summit from inside Africa, with Top-Of-The-Crop 25 Amazing Speakers from around the world. (CHECK THEM OUT HERE). What if I told you, I designed the entire website myself, all the promotional graphics, did the entire copy writing, edited all the audios, media, created all the reels, uploads, downloads, newsletters, scheduled everything myself 100%. I almost killed myself trying to pull it off. I'm glad I did. I learned so much in the process. It shows we ALL have what it takes to get ourselves moving - if we tried. Feel free to click Play and WATCH the Replay of Day 3 with Speakers, #1 Best-Selling Author - TERRY LANCASTER, Prolific Novelist - SUZIE CARR and Award Winning Author - FELICE COHEN. You can get on our waiting list to be among the first 100 Creatives to get a 50% discount to DOWNLOAD 6 Days of over 18 hours+ Video, Audio + Summit Notes + Work-Book + Presentation Slides + Summit Resources & Giveaways. CLICK HERE

#4) What are the chances I could have had grumpy, egotistical and annoyingly depressing creatives for speakers?? Oh Yeah! It happens even to the smartest of organisers. But, I'm thankful my SPEAKERS are the best not only in their niches, but as humans...generous, giving and supportive. They understood the challenge and stress of putting together a technical savvy event of such magnitude for the first time - and they were nothing but exceptional and gracious till the very end. Nothing beats surrounding yourself with the right people who have a good heart.

#5) We threw down a huge Global pre-event -The #TNCsummit Twitter Party and made over 49 Million Impressions. Just to know that we hit that many accounts blew my mind & confirmed the POWER of strategic collaboration. Imagine what a group of people who have the same beliefs, interest and goals can accomplish together.

#6) Even though, I became a bonafide International Ambassador for the #SheMatters Movement, in June. I only very much stepped into my role in July, bringing more awareness and supporting the movements effort to EMPOWER more women & girls around the world using my voice and platforms. I can't tell you enough how honoured I am, to be representing the vision for the movement right here in Africa. I'm grateful for the opportunity, as well as the amazing & inspiring women I have met through the founder, LETONYA MOORE and the movement. To learn more Click HERE

#7) I have built some very important partnerships & strategic relationships around the globe. And I'm excited about my new collaborative book coming soon - "I BARED MY CHEST: 21 Women Share Their Naked Truth To Being Unstoppable" - Which I'm Co-writing with my friend, partner & Amazing Author, Frankie Picasso + 19 other Inspiring & Unstoppable Women Thought Leaders from around the Globe.

#8) I became the "First African Woman Living in Africa" to be profiled and listed among other powerhouse women like media mogul and founder of Huffington Post - Arianna Huffington, India Actress & Pilanthropist - Vidya Balan, Business Leader & Philanthropist - Melinda Gates and many more highly accomplished, respected and celebrated women from around the world on WOMEN ROCK PROJECT - The Largest Video Library for Women's Wisdom. Is it a big deal? To me - Hell Yeah! In a clime, when women are constantly celebrated daily for being vain, especially in my industry as an Actress (think Best Dressed List, Top 10 Flawless Faces, Sexiest-Bacholerettes Hahaha, the list is endless) Not that there's anything wrong with being vain or appealing. I actually believe a woman can be SEXY and should be appreciated for how she looks, yeah, but also how she thinks and what she does to make her thoughts come ALIVE - So yes, I am not listed for what I'm wearing, or how I look or who I am dating, but for my ability to motivate and inspire people around the world to become their own heroes. Let's drink to that. Whoosh!!!

#9) I increased Syndication Networks for My International Radio Show - THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji It is now currently syndicated on 10 Global Networks. Including The Good Radio Network in Canada and Uganda based, Pod Africa....Yaaay!

10) I'm adding a bunch of radio spin offs, Live Interactive Digital TV Shows, And new important features to our beta hub for goal getters - ALEX'S BRAG COMMUNITY (ABC) and The BRAG Club for Influencers. I can't tell you how excited I am about our upcoming course of Study for Influencers, our Community Ambassadors Program...and the Certificate Program.

New Podcast Coming Soon for ALEX'S BRAG COMMUNITY (ABC) on Spreaker

Happy to say I'm starting the month of August with a FREAKING bang!

Today, I received an approval message for a new Podcast Channel & I'm beyond excited that THE NAKED TALK will now be syndicated on AudioBoom with an organic income stream, something I have desired for so long.

I have also been scheduled as the first Speaker for Day 2 of the global WOMEN VIRTUAL SUCCESS SUMMIT hosted by Iolande V Argent, happening live in California, Saturday 3 September 2016, @ 9am PST. And I am super pumped to be sharing my NAKED Philosophy for Success.

So have you made an account of your wins for JULY? And what you need to double your effort on, to become more PRODUCTIVE in August? If you haven't, please forget about taking any August Break and concentrate on finishing what you started. I am here to motivate you to do just that.

Will you like to create your own list of 10 Wins YOU are Thankful for in July? How about a little BRAG CHALLENGE? I like to use the word BRAG - because it means Boldly Radically Achieving Goals.


You can ADD your own blog post, Instagram or Facebook Post link HERE with a list of your 10 wins for July... below this blog post, leave a comment on mine, share to your favorite social media, invite your friends to VOTE their favorite BRAGS...and then visit the next link right after yours and leave a comment too. (Take your time to put together a great list. It took me two and a half days to make mine).

I'll be back here every 4 hours to check out new blog links or posts and follow them. Think of new relationships, contacts or readers you can build from here (I've also got great amazing GIVEAWAYS - What if I gave you the #TNCsummitLIVE BUNDLE worth $190 in sales price and a million dollars in amazing insights, strategies, ideas and practices from 25 Amazing Global Influencers, to tip your creativity to the next level? What if I threw in a $450 VVIP Membership in to THE BRAG CLUB for Influencers in to the giveaway cart? And gave you one chance to co-host with me LIVE on air (don't worry about wherever you are in the world), a spin off, of my International Syndicated Radio Show - THE NAKED TALK After Dark?). Would it motivate you? Well, I'm giving all of these to the BRAGGERS with the TOP 5 Votes.

NOTE: This challenge isn't about how vain or material your accomplishments are. Its about how challenging, intentional and driven you are to accomplish tasks & goals, that you never dreamed were possible. And how it ultimately connects and EMPOWERS others to reach for theirs..

I'm very excited about meeting new people, collaborating and aligning our goals. What about you?

Let's see if we can celebrate our accomplishments together and SUPPORT one another to go for more GOALS. This challenge will run from NOW to Monday, 15 August 2016. Voting starts at 5:00pm GMT.

Cheers to An Amazing August & A Productive Month. No Breaks for this Goal Getter!!

Stay Authentic Truth-Seekers & Keep Winning!


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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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