What Does It Take To Challenge A Creative?

As a Creative, I'm always looking for ways to GROW, ways to stay motivated and CHALLENGE myself to achieve more of my goals. And often times it requires me to either reinvent my strategy, my ideas or just my mental approach to tackling these goals. So it is with great honour & pleasure that I INVITE YOU to please join us  at our pre-summit event, for one hour of fun & creative conversation with, ME and 25 Amazing Creative Experts from around the world.

DATE: Saturday, June 11, 2016

TIME9am PST | 11am CST | 12pm EST | 4pm GMT | 5pm WAT | 6pm CAT


PRIZE: 15 VIP All Access Pass to THE NAKED CHALLENGE Creative Mastery Global Summit 2016 coming up on Blab.im from Monday 4 July, 2016 - Saturday 9 July, 2016 + Bonus Giveaways from Speakers .

GIVEAWAY ELIGIBILITY: To win 1 of the 15 Available VIP PASSES to our upcoming summit to learn and interact with 25 Amazing Creative Experts (see www.TheNakedChallenge.online for summit details).

Simply ENTER HERE for the giveaway right away, and share one thing you consider a personal career challenge you'll love to overcome. The winners will be announced on Twitter on Saturday 18th June.

RSVP:  @AlexOkoroji Let me know if you are stopping by the Party. I'll Tweet you and FOLLOW Back.


Follow our #TNCsummit conversation for more details and send a Tweet to @AlexOkoroji if you have any questions!

We'll chat on twitter about "What It Takes To Challenge a CREATIVE...", as well as...

1) Our Personal/Career Re-invention Strategy

2) Any Big/Small Creative CHALLENGE We Have Undertaken or Overcome Already in 2016 & How We Accomplished It...

3) One Creative Task/Goal, We Wish We Could Accomplish"

It's supposed to be a FUN engaging chat and YOU are welcome to invite your friends who are also creatives to also join in the chat and share their own experience/thoughts/opinion with us at the creative #TNCsummit

Never Been To A Twitter Party?

Curious about how to join our Twitter party? The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to get dressed up to attend. Come as you are, NAKED or in pajamas if you wish.

Twitter chats are virtual gatherings. You attend from the comfort of your own home.

A Twitter Party is basically just a scheduled online chat/conversation that focuses on a particular topic. The conversation is carried on via tweets, all of which include the same hashtag. This keeps the conversation organized and allows participants to easily follow and contribute to the stream.

Twitter chats provide a way for you to chat about an interesting topic, they can help you gain valuable knowledge, and for brands, they are an excellent fun way to engage with old & new followers.

And we are looking forward to not only engaging with you, but also giving away some other fun gifts - Like books, memberships, free coaching etc. Don't forget its a PARTY!and with party comes gifts.

Here’s How To Join In and Participate:

At Scheduled time, Get on Twitter and click on the search button. Search for #TNCsummit. a series of tweets will pop up. Tune in and contribute. Joining in, or even just listening in, is very easy. Just click on the chat’s hashtag to see the tweet stream and read all the tweets in the conversation.

You can participate in chats by tweeting with the hashtag through your twitter account or through the same tool you use to monitor the party.

The single most important thing to remember, however, is to include the chat’s hashtag [#TNCsummit] in all of the tweets you write. If you leave the hashtag out of your tweet, it won’t make it into the chat at all.

Tips and Tricks:

Most Twitter Parties have a Moderator/Host who introduces the chat, welcomes people who join in, post questions and generally help keep the conversation well organized.

Here's how to pose or answer questions. This is usually simple. Questions are marked like this: Q1, Q2; you can respond with a corresponding Answer using A1, A2 at the beginning of your tweet to help people follow your train of thought.

Introduce yourself when you join the chat. This is a good idea, even if you plan to listen more than you talk or aren’t sure you have anything to contribute at all.

Direct your tweets by either mentioning ME - @AlexOkoroji or a particular participant/speaker or expert. If your tweet is off topic, however, leave off the chat’s hashtag. Only use the hashtag for on-topic tweets that you want all participants to see.

I look forward to seeing you THERE!

Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!


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