The True Secret To Gaining Success

One of my new mentees asked me during one of my #AskAlex Virtual Coaching Sessions.

"Alex, What is the SECRET to Success?" Geez, I won't bother to give you Google answers or what many might say. No, I won't!

You might be PASSIONATE, driven, hardworking, dedicated...but what knowledge, are you really applying to all these virtues? Are you spinning the same old tired wheels and hoping it will get you to your final destination? Are you stuck applying the same ole information you've been taught since you were in your diapers? Eish!

For me, the secret to success is actually LEARNING! It's investing in your learning process. Not letting a day go by without learning something new. Ah! I'm notorious for finding even the smallest lessons. My six year old son - Ray, is one of my many teachers. I'm learning to see the world through his eyes. In fact, I've become more adventurous and more open to trying out risque ideas, and making new discoveries just from my interaction with him. Things, I would otherwise never had done. Now, they are lessons, for I am always learning.

So for you to GROW, you have to be willing to Learn, Un-learn, Re-learn. You have to take advantage of every opportunity you get, to squeeze in something brand new, or a new version of what you thought you already knew, that you can APPLY to your vision, goals or dreams.

And READING is the basic foundation of learning. I recently asked a man who is interested in me, if he likes to read and he said NO! (such a complete turn off for me). He watches documentaries. Not bad! But, I believe there are far more articles & books than there are documentaries on any given subject.

To be honest, saying I watch documentaries, is like saying "I learn from National Geography Channel". In my opinion, that's really not enough. Nooooo! C'mon!

In fact most successful entrepreneurs/geniuses will tell you they all traded in their TELEVISION. Yeaaaaa, TV is a major distraction - when you have big goals to achieve buddy.

I myself, haven't watched much of it, in two years, except for one hour every three days, to get my news or catch a particular series. And the sacrifice has been rewarding. I'm no longer a couch potato stuck to my remote control. I have achieved so much more with my time. In fact I prefer to read my news these days.

Yes, I like documentaries too, podcasts, video tutorials, webinars... (There are so many learning tools, materials and opportunities out there, you can take advantage of). But I could never trade the big gun - an opportunity to READ, even if it's the leaflet for my prescription medicine. Hahahah. (I'm weird I know, but I love it).

I'm always fazed when people say they don't have the time to read. Shuucks! Its like saying you don't have the time to GROW...And yet, you want to be successful? (Hahahah! Pour me a bloody scotch, Dammit!) How? Please tell me how you intend to pull it off. I am so eager to learn your tips and tricks.

Ah! Seriously, You hate to read? Uh Oh! I'm sorry to say this, Hunnie. But you've got a long way to go, trying to figure it ALL by yourself.

Remember "Learning is from Birth to Death". No one will live long enough to EXPERIENCE everything themselves. Learn from those who already have the experience you need. And stop wasting your precious time, guessing your way through life.

Happy New Week Truth-Seekers! Go Conquer!

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Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!


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