10 Success Principles For Creatives

Have you noticed something peculiar about the way - I like to do things or project my personal brand as a creative? Whether it is my thoughts, website, articles, products, banners or just my ideas. Well, I know that being a SUCCESS takes the #1 spot on our daily thoughts - for many who crave it. And I've been itching to share some Success PRINCIPLES for CREATIVE people. Yup! Principles, I've been applying daily. And I hope this boost helps you move to the next level..

#1. When an apple falls down from a tree, be CURIOUS to find out why it came down instead of going up! There's got to be some lesson in there. Even if the reasons are negative. Tap into something called 'negative inspiration'. It's an example of something you shouldn't be doing or NEVER do to avoid certain negative results.

#2. ENGAGE in constructive curiosity. Question the ‘‘why’’ and ‘‘why not’’ of things. I talk a lot ...Dang! I ask too many question...Whew! Sorrrrrry it bothers you - But the experts will tell you, there's nothing like over communicating in this business. Isn't that why I'm the Queen of Talk? He he he... *tongue out (Here my radio show - THE NAKED TALK gives me the opportunity to explore constructive curiosity with my guests). I can tell you that I've been blessed learning so much from the different on-air conversations.

#3. Creatively OPPOSE the status quo. Curiosity is the mother of invention. You may not realise this, but most of your new creations, will come from having to question the trend.

Like the time my father and I made coconut rice with boiled peanuts, or when I painted each of the 7 walls in my old living room, a different set of color stripes and pattern. Eclectic? Yea! Maybe...But beautiful!!

Yes, I am constantly challenging the norm.

Who says I must have white walls or even plain walls? Who says I must cook fried rice with Liver, wait, why can't I use POMO instead? Or that our local moi-moi or bean-cake can't be wrapped in one giant polythene bag? Or that a global conference has to be physical, why can't it be virtual? Who says your audience has to only be in Nigeria or the US? Why can't it be Global?) . My point is that the general rule of law or action that is now the status quo, were created by humans, just like you. And boi! they don't have two heads - Yup! It can be CHALLENGED. It can be broken. You only need to apply your mind to productive use.

#4. Sometimes it’s good to think in the OPPOSITE direction. Ah! Hear the word #NAKED and start running far far away...Ha ha hah...now while I could easily have used the word "AUTHENTIC" to project my brand - The Authentic Talk - The Authentic Challenge - Alexandra N' Her Authentic Thoughts! Hahaha...I mean, it's sounds a little more positive. A little more straight forward. The obvious path. Rather, I went in the opposite direction, choosing something risqué instead of following the crowd and doing the obvious. My NAKED brands stand out. I dare say it gets as much attention as it is provokes people to think about its deeper meaning.

#5. You can fly. It’s just that you don’t BELIEVE you have wings. Believe in yourself. Geez! I have been flying all over the world with my ideas, strategically reaching influencers around the globe...I didn't even need to jump on an air plane to make it happen. (I don't even want to think of the amount of stress or how much it will cost me heath-wise or even financially, if I had to travel to different locations a day just to spend 1 hour in Australia, chatting with a Monique Hohnberg or Keli Lenfield and the next hour in India, chatting up a Rohit Girdhar or Jyoti Tiwari and next to Canada, every minute I want to pick Coach, Frankie Picasso's brain or talk to my friend Maxwell Ivey, Nina Bingham or Singer, Scott Krokoff in the USA.

Note that this isn't about travelling, its about FLYING. Many people travel around the world but aren't flying with their ideas, hopes and dreams. They aren't connecting or using the opportunities to build themselves, their visions or their brands. And there are those who also think GROWTH will only come from physically migrating. Well. I'm too much of a patriot, a home buddy. So I  personally chose to migrate my mind instead.

Everyday, I connect with at least, one new super important person around the globe, who is of value to the world and my long term goals. Don't wait for your wings - Believe that you can fly with your ideas and reach people wherever they are, from wherever you are...Oh yes, you can!

#6. Always revisit the SUCCESS formula, ‘‘Think it! Believe it! Demonstrate it! and Have it!’’. I'm always frustrated with people who tell me their one million ideas that don't go anywhere. I've even gotten tired of asking..."Hey, how is it going, Buddy...?". And don't say it's because I think I'm NOW achieving goals. Ha! You really should hear my story of struggle - THE UNCUT VERSION. You'll put up a freaking monument for me. He he he.

See! People always stop at "think it and believe it"....Noooo!!! Noooo!!!! Darling, that's not enough. Many of us truly believe we CAN, but how many of us who do, really go ahead to prove it? You have to go on to DEMONSTRATE it.

I stopped telling people all the beautiful amazing things I believe I can do...Really, it's pointless! They are rolling their eyes, screwing up their nose, laughing at you and waiting for you to falter, dammit! I don't wait for anybody. I just go ahead and DO it. Besides, nobody believes a damn thing you say anyway, until they can SEE it. And truly, it's only until you demonstrate it, that you can actually have it. It's after then, it now becomes a part of your success story.

#7. Embrace UNLIMITED thinking. You lose nothing when you have positive mentality. I keep repeating the word "limiting beliefs"...Geez! I wish I could coin my own "shakra" for exorcising these limiting ghosts. "Huummm....Goooooo....." (Don't laugh! I'm serious).

Honestly, I can't reiterate enough, how important it is to STRIP these negative thoughts about yourself and your vision... Because you can never rise higher than your expectations of yourself. Expect the best, get the best. Expect less - Get less. So you see why its necessary to embrace unlimited thinking? The belief that you are CAPABLE of anything, and you will let nothing get in the way, of making your desires/dreams happen.

In my case, I like challenges. I dare you. Just tell me, I CAN'T do something and WATCH me humiliate you. Why? Because no one has seen the best of me. I'm unlimitable. He he he.

#8. The sky is not your limit. You and your THOUGHTS are. Clap! Clap! Whoosh!! As a thought leader. I won't even waste your time on this one. Do you always THINK that you can't? Then you NEVER will. All I will say is that your MIND is your POWER HOUSE. Everything starts right there. Your mind is the very foundation for success. Build it! Keep buildinnnnggg it. Don't ever stop!

#9. Inventors are extraordinary people, get UNUSUAL! Be different... Have you ever been to any of my websites? See how crazy colorful they are... I configured/designed them ALL myself, including this blog. (Yeah, yeah, I grab any opportunity I get to BRAG). So many people tell me how attractive and eye catching it is. But also filled with personality and warmth.

I could easily have created a bland basic professional design that fades or just blends with the crowd. But I've always loved to STAND out and do my things differently. For Pete sake, I'm an Artiste - A Creative, not a lawyer or a banker or real estate manager. Why should my website or marketing materials reflect otherwise? You should never be afraid to STAND out of the crowd in your niche, do the unusual and inject personality to your ideas or projects. You are an INVENTOR - a creator. Create something others aren't.

#10. When you think outside the box and it doesn’t work, BREAK the freaking box! When I first started my radio show - I'll be honest, it wasn't really working. Was I doing it so people could just listen to me talk and talk for two hours about my own views (I already have this blog for that, don't I?) or should I bring around guests that could impact lives? Should the guests be local or should they be international? Should it be topical or should it be personality based? How would I even find them? How will I deal with the constant epileptic internet connections here in Nigeria? Eish! After a few episodes, I knew I had to change my strategy and goals for the show to make the kind of impact that will align with my vision.

I decided to start connecting with world influencers and make the show UNSCRIPTED & UNCUT. If I have technical issues LIVE on air - Its Africa, Baby - C'mon! - We'll have a damn good laugh about it. I'm not about to let something I have no control over, ruin my chances to be GREAT. If being NAKED means no cover ups, keeping it real and being authentic. Then the show will represent it in every way including any technical mishaps or mistakes. Of course, I want each show to be perfect, but since I can't control that 100% of the time, I have found a way to strategically take that pressure off my chest. With over 4 Million Listens and counting...A passive income and a constantly booked guest list. I know that strategy is working just fine.

So Yes! If it's NOT fitting in? If it's NOT working? What the hell, are you waiting for, get out of your COMFORT zone, take out the damn box and change your strategy. Don't give it up. Just break the box - That itself is a major change in STRATEGY, or what do you think?

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