Stripping All The Limiting Beliefs You Have

I made a recent discovery about LIMITATIONS...My epiphany may come across like I'm bragging but I'm not. So pay attention. You see, today February 9th, I'm guest on ITunes Noteworthy "BlissHacker Radio" with host - SURESH THAKOOR to inspire his listeners with life hacking tips for self re-invention. This weekend on February 13th, I'm also guest on the popular "Creative Magic Unchained Podcast" with host FREDERIC BYE all the way in Ontario, Canada to discuss my journey as a Creative Artiste/ Creative Entrepreneur.

After that I'm scheduled to be on the live TV Broadcast "Real Perspective" with LETONYA MOORE" in Atlanta on Blab, February 27th to discuss my Thoughts on Love & Relationships & of course my New Book - THE NAKED TRUTH. I'm also scheduled to be interviewed on America's Popular AME Radio on AMFM24/7 and IHeartRadio with host, Jason Dowg on February 15th to discuss my work as a media personality and I will also be featured in AME Magazine. I have been booked to be on the Round Table Conversation on The Segilola Salami Show in the UK on March 11 with Two other Amazing Best Selling Authors - FELICE COHEN & LING ZHANG...and we'll be discussing books, our author journey & amazing tips to help you with self publishing.

I have radio shows scheduled in Hawaii, Philippines and three (3) more in America. I have a speaking engagement... all these between February & March and it is only just the beginning. I am also looking forward to my FEATURE in an upcoming Broadway Musical in the summer (I can't give out too much details about this yet but it will be a pivotal landmark in my career as an Actor) to be connecting globally with people who never knew me before now but are excited to have my thoughts, opinions and expertise on their prestigious platforms & projects is so AMAZING. (But a lot of hard-work, sacrifice and time).

Why am I telling you all these? Why is it such a big deal for a woman like me who is used to being spotlighted or mentioned in the press? Well, it is...because I get a chance to share my insights with a new audience outside my natural confines. You see, I have learned not to get STUCK in my celebrity status and appreciate the value of having one extra person who didn't know about me yesterday, learn something about ME today...and be grateful about it. For so long, I limited myself to the borders on the Nigerian Map. I cared about people's impression of me and the BOUNDARIES they set for me. How many times did a two bit director tell me I wasn't light skinned enough or skinny enough for a part? How many times did I audition for a part get it and then have it given to someone else on the day of shoot because I didn't belong to a clique? But it didn't stop me from wanting to grow...from quietly reading up books on how to be a better ACTOR, a better person.

I felt since I wasn't the average socialite showing up at every friggin' party or public event, taking photo ops with my colleagues & desperately trying to be part of the in crowd (because truth is I don't have the time to faff around), I may not FULFILL that burning desire to influence the world. You see my biggest desire has always been to influence the world, not just my country Nigeria, not just Africa, my continent...but the entire WORLD using not one, but all of my talents, still how would I achieve that if I don't step out of my comfort zone & push my self beyond my limit?

I had to get real and STRIP all the popular falsehoods, I had been fed about making it to the top. I had to stop thinking I needed some mysterious READY MADE connections (And oh! Connections are great if you have them, but what if you don' do you move forward?). The only way it made sense, was for me to reach out and create those CONNECTIONS myself. I haven't left my house to go to any fancy meeting. I've done my meetings over the internet. I didn't get on a plane or leave the shores of Nigeria to set up of any of these guest shows. I've only had to share snippets of my EXPERTISE and my story. I'm not sleeping with anyone or any shot caller to create the opportunities. I don't have a Manager. a PR representative, a Tech guru or a fancy assistant. (At least not yet...I'm still in talks with some amazing people...and Yes, we all need HELP but not having them, is not an EXCUSE not to make progress).

I know the VALUE they bring...But for now, I do it all myself, making the connections, promoting myself, designing all of my websites & building my brand and harnessing my global follower-ship. And I am not ashamed to ADMIT it. And let's be honest...I love it. I love the skills I have earned from trying to do things myself. I had to learn, that to take that first leap of FAITH...I am ENOUGH & I didn't have to wait for anyone to push me first.

What good is it really if you have a team of Managers, PR reps, Stylists & Assistants...if all they have are limiting beliefs about themselves, about you & how far they think you both can go? What can they help you achieve, if they are too afraid themselves, to do the IMPOSSIBLE or aren't even willing to open their minds, to look outside the box & break the norms? What use is it having friends or CLIENTS who limit you, discourage you, or do nothing to motivate you to FLY. My life isn't perfect... but everyday, I use my challenges to push myself further.

And as a Self-help mentor, I tell you TODAY... that you too can do the same for yourself. Forget whatever you've been told. Forget what they say you are...The problem is not your ability, the problem is your MIND...Your thinking. We all create our REALITY. It's time to get INTENTIONAL about your desires. Tell yourself what you want, conquer your limiting beliefs & go after it. It's time to get NAKED and live your authentic best. I'll be here to motivate you to keep trying.

So what do you think Lovelies? Feel free to leave me a comment or drop me a VOICE MESSAGE using the pink button on the right corner of this blog..I want to HEAR your thoughts about your own limiting beliefs and how you are working to conquer it!

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