PODCAST 051: The Art of Finding Happiness w/ Transformative Speaker & Author- Maura Sweeney

Think of how HAPPY or unhappy you are with the circumstances in your life, right now...Then try to imagine how little Miss Waterworks grew up to become UNESCO's Ambassador of Happiness. And how she gave up a lifetime of boring work in Corporate America to become an Influential Global Icon, transforming lives. She is a quirky fun woman with so many hilarious EXPERIENCES, who gave up living a boring fearful life and was not afraid to step out of her 'comfort zone' to chase her dreams at 50.

Though many people are in the constant pursuit of Happiness with no clue on how to find it...She is popularly known as the "Ambassador of Happiness" and is an expert in happiness empowerment, curating and conveying transformational ideas that INSPIRE a happy lifestyle, promoting purpose and helping others find their passion. She's respected globally as a podcaster, International keynote speaker, Huffington Post contributor and author of the book "The Art of Happiness" in which she continues to show people how to find their own happiness.

Evidently, it's never too late to stir the wheels to your DESTINY...because the happier we get, the brighter we shine. If you are dissatisfied with fragments of your life or career, Then this is the show you should listen to help you find out what you need to give up...I was very excited to chat live with this awesome Transformative Speaker, Author & Thought Leader - MAURA SWEENEY who shared amazing wisdom on THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji that will help you find your path to HAPPINESS and staying happy.

You can CONNECT with Maura Sweeney at her Website: www.Maura4u.com | Twitter:@Maura4u or Google+: +Maura Sweeney


1) Tailwind (Its a Beautiful Day) by - Peter Kelly

2) Don't - Scott Krokoff

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