16 Ways To Mentally Start Living Your Authentic Best

Hey Truth-Seekers. So all week I have been thinking about how being NAKED is really about you living your AUTHENTIC best. And how cool it would be if I shared some BOOSTS to finger your mind a little...So yeah, I've been wanting to do this all week. By this I mean, FINGER you. Hahaha. Hope these thoughts stir you up and MOTIVATE you to think your best into action!

1) I have realised that for many, It’s a lot easier to admit you're ANGRY, than to admit you're hurt.... But admitting you're hurt takes a lot more COURAGE than anger is capable of mustering.

2) Ever wondered why relationships end? (No, its not because she flashed him her big round boobs) Perhaps its because once the person has you, they STOP doing all the amazing things, it took to GET you.

3) Want to reverse the past? Hahaha... Good luck with that. But know that you cannot REVERSE the past, even if your life is cooler than the newest ferari...you can only LEARN from it.

4) Loyalty is very rare, many are only loyal to themselves and their INTEREST. Want someone to become LOYAL to you, Its pretty easy...Take a cue from the most successful business gurus...simply tie in a person's interest to your goals. Believe me, If they sabotage you, they sabotage their interests. Think!

5) Isn't it better you got a flat NO, than something that seems like a MAYBE but in fact really isn't? Well, a clear rejection is always better than a hidden promise. Don't wallow in the pain of rejection, at least you know not to waste your precious time.

6) Being pre-occupied with a GOOD thing does not necessarily mean being pre-occupied with the RIGHT thing. There is a profound difference. Same way being a good partner doesn't make them the 'right' partner. I learned the hard way!

7) It looks great but it feels so damned awful...Why? Perhaps its time to FOCUS on creating a life that FEELS good on the inside and not one, that only looks good on the outside. Perhaps you should learn to live for you and not for the opinion of others.

8) The perfect relationship is one where BOTH are afraid to 'lose' each other...and both are willing to do anything, to make sure they KEEP each other.

9) Afraid of chopping off the ghosts in your life. Don't be! The only people you really need in your life are the ones that really NEED you in theirs...Remember 'need' is intertwined with 'value'. They are inseparable!

10) Many people want to WIN your heart, oh they do... but in the end not all of them really know how to TREASURE it. Focus on giving your time to those who make the right effort to treasure you.

11) Can you find someone who's WORTH waking up to every morning...because picking someone worth going to bed with every night is pretty much the EASY part.

12) Are you one of those unsolicited chief JUDGES in the court of opinions? You should know by now, not to MOCK a pain you haven't endured,  because it is not everyone going through TOUGH times that actually did something they are guilty of...

13) Sometimes you have to learn to separate your thoughts from your feelings. They can BOTH be right...but they could also both be leading towards different paths. You just have to decide which one is the CAPTAIN of the ship.

14) Don't falter when you lose...Remember that nothing truly meaningful is achieved on the first attempt. Sometimes you LOSE to win again.

15) True LOVE means: I will stand by you, support you, and VALUE you no matter what distance or circumstance lies between us. Ask yourself, Can your love honestly stand this test?

16) Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts you, stay STRONG. Remember: strong walls shake, maybe even CRACK but never collapse.

So what do you think Lovelies? Feel free to leave me a comment or drop me a VOICE MESSAGE using the pink button on the right corner of this blog..I want to HEAR your suggestions on thoughts that can help you live your best!

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