PODCAST 044: Overcoming Negative Curves With Prolific American Novelist - Suzie Carr

She's a bi-sexual author who writes best-selling LESBIAN FICTION novels and has been happily married for 20 years to her soulmate, a man, and got bullied with hate mails from some of her lesbian fans in the LGBT community for being honest about her sexual preference and relationship status. Now she has finally found the COURAGE to come out after years of holding back, to openly address her FEARS on the show.

Listen to American Novelist strip herself completely NAKED in an honest raw conversation about her journey... Talk radio doesn't get any more enlightening than this.

She's a Contemporary Novelist, Philanthropist, Avid Blogger & Advocate for LGBT Equality & Animals, who writes about the BEAUTY of love and life, and has garnered raving reviews from her fans, followers and fellow authors, with Nine (9) Lesbian Fiction Bestsellers in her Kitty. She's passionate about POSITIVE living, community awareness and taking action. In this RADIO conversation, You'll also learn so many life lessons about "Overcoming Negative Curves...." and great tips for writing your own book, with my guest- SUZIE CARR

Five Small Details I Learned About Suzie...

1) She has a downright Infectious Laughter. We all need a good hearty laugh to be able to overcome the negative curves in life.

2) She didn't let people tell her she can't be a writer. She took her destiny into her own hands, by investing in her future, and starting her self publishing company. With 10 books to her credit and a massive fan base, she's well on her way to living her dreams.

3) She has a special writing technique that helps her build an intimate relationship with all her Characters. Yes, and we can't wait to meet "Brooke" in her upcoming book "The Dance" due for release in February 2016.

4) She's bi-sexual, and she genuinely loves the beauty of women falling in love with each other, but she's happily married to her soul mate - a good supportive man. (Seems rather complicated? but it's not. Really, its not).

5) You can follow her on Twitter: @Girl_Novelist or at her website and read more of her amazing blog/books at www.CurvesWelcome.com


1) "Don't" by Scott Krokoff
2) "Inside Out"  by Peter Kelly

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So what do you think about our conversation, Truth-Seekers? Feel free to EXPRESS your thoughts. I Love You For Listening. Xx

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