PODCAST 042: American Citizen Advocate, Joan Treppa Leads Others To Raise Their Voice Of Innocence On Wrongful Convictions...

Do you know someone who has been wrongfully convicted for a CRIME and incarcerated for something they actually didn't do? Well, the numbers of victims are increasing daily globally, which was why the whole world was listening to us yesterday. Because Joan TREPPA-DATION came back on THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji...And this time she pulled out the big guns for some REAL Talk about Wrongful Convictions. Yaaay! I was Very EXCITED to have MARK SAXENMEYER - The CEO of The Reporters Inc, join our LIVE round table conversation on "Raising That Voice of Innocence" spear headed by the Citizen Advocate herself, who picked up her flag for JUSTICE after reading and learning about the six men convicted for the murder of Thomas Monfils, a case that occurred in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Outraged about the questionable integrity of the investigation and the plight of the five still incarcerated in prison, JOAN TREPPA – now often referred to as Joan “Treppa-dation” by the media - has become a force to be reckoned with as The Voice of Innocence, as she joined me -The Nigerian Queen of Talk LIVE on Talk Wednesday, with other guests, JOAN VAN HOUTEN, founder of Voice of Innocence and step daughter to one of the wrongfully convicted shared her experience, as well as American Author & Life Coach, NINA BINGHAM who brought a clinical psychological perspective to the conversation, MARK SAXENMEYER shared his views from a media perspective and JOHNNY JOHNSON also shared his views from the position of a law enforcement agent, as we beamed the SPOTLIGHT on the truth and realities of wrongful convictions.

To find out more details about the upcoming documentary "The Innocent Convicts" being produced by Mark Saxenmeyer, Please visit www.TheReporters.org

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