EXPRESSION SPOTLIGHT: Filmmaker- John Njamah's Life As A Journey...

As an Advocate for Expression, who was recently spotlighted for 'Consciousness Raiser' by American Author of the Award Winning Book "Once The Storm Is Over" - Nina Bingham. It is important for me to highlight that the Creative Arts is a major tool for EXPRESSION...And that Entertainers/Arts Practitioners around the world are doing a great job of Increasing AWARENESS and transforming the lives of many daily through their Art.

So here in Africa...You can't talk about 'Power-House' Siblings in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry and not mention "The Njamahs". Neither can you talk about the top 100 Influential Nigerian CREATIVES without mentioning the Award Winning Filmmaker - John Njamah, who has cut his teeth as a multi-faceted talent, that started out ACTING and has developed into one of the most sought after technical directors. I've had the fortune of being cast alongside him in the popular Nigerian TV soap opera "Spider" where he played my quirky artistic love interest.

And to cap it off on the immense depth of his artistic abilities, this interesting talented man, is also FAMOUS for his TV Character "Rabiu" in the Comedy series - "Fuji House Of Commotion". I've also had the pleasure of working with him as my director in a couple of movie productions and documentary. He's been a Celebrity Guest Post Author on this blog on February 14, 2014 and shared his abstract words of poetry on love HERE...And John has also been a 'call in guest' a few times on my talk radio show -THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji...Having shared his keen perspective on GROWTH & ACCOMPLISHMENT in a recent live group RADIO chat with 15 other influential guests from around the world, was among those who helped me break the Internet in my First Anniversary Celebration HERE.

Myself & John Njamah's 'Frown-fie' at The 2014 Encomium Magazine's Black & White Ball

Today's "Expression Spotlight" is culled from my sit down "GRILL" with John as an RB Magazine Celebrity Contributor, where he spilled the beans with me...on his thoughts and what he's been up to lately. Enjoy!.....


#1) Apart from movies, What other forms of the art, do you like and why?

JOHN: Over the years I have chased a few areas in the arts especially in regards to creativity and so apart from being a film maker I have equally delved into the art of photography. I love to see my images come to life especially when they carry the expression that is intended. I like to tell stories with my images and if the response of the people is anything to go by, I think I am pretty good at it.

#2) What's the #1 most played song on your playlist?

JOHN: This is a difficult one cos I love music a lot and to pick out one will be difficult... So permit me to pick out two most played songs instead of one.. Even at that it will be difficult but I will try.. I love the track 'beneath your beautiful by Emile Sande and Labrinth. And in the home front my most played song will be dancing in the rain by 2face Idibia.

#3) Speaking of musings and motivation....Can you mention one of your favorite quotes?

JOHN: I like quotes a lot and every now and then I put up a quote on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to inspire not just me but my friends by extension .. One of my favorite quote is "Life is like a camera, FOCUS on what is important, CAPTURE the good times, DEVELOP from the negative, and if things don't work out, take another SHOT".

#4) What part of your body is your favorite body part?

JOHN: Wow!!.. Where did you get these questions from.. Are you sure I won't pass on this? Any how obviously all my body parts work together to make who john is, but to choose one I will choose my EYES because I will like to see the amazing things the rest of my body parts can do and coordinate them yes, my eyes.. Notice I have lovely bulgy eyes...wink wink


#5) If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

JOHN: I seldom do what ifs.. I am a practical person...but I would love to learn to eat my cake and have it..hahaha... Seriously though, if I could learn to do anything it will be to FLY a plane or helicopter.

#6) If you had to work on only one project for the next year what would it be?

JOHN: Common Miss Okoroji!!.. I am a film maker!.. I have to survive!... Coincidentally I have embarked on a series of short films, seven in all... I can't give details about them but they are stories with strong pedagogical values and if all goes well they will be commissioned soon.. So yes that can take me all through the year.

#7) If you could pick anyone as your mentor who would it be and why?

JOHN: As a film maker we thrive on creativity and based on this I read, watch borrow and learn from all sorts in life and imbibe them into what I do.

#8) If you could be any fictional character in a movie, who would you choose?

JOHN: I don't know.... They are all fighting inside my head right now... I will need time to decide who I wanna be.. This is punishment... Do you know how many movies I have seen and loved in this life?... And the television babes I have crushed on growing up?... Nana ah!.. I can't readily pick any fictional character right now...but I like SUPERMAN

#9) If you could change something about yourself or your life what would it be?

JOHN: I am destined to be who and what I want to be and I will always be thankful for that.. Saying I want to be something else is a mild ungratefulness to God.. I will rather be the same person packed with more experience with lesson learned..


#10) Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

JOHN: Sound Sultan the musician. And ..err...Gaetano and Ebuka.. Both from big brother.... I wonder why?

#11) What would you name the autobiography of your life?

JOHN: This life and the life beyond...or life as a Johnny (journey)

#12) If you were to cast yourself in a movie.....Who would you love to cast as your love interest?..

JOHN: Jack sparrow in pirates of the Caribbean or Aladdin. And my love interest w‎ould probably be Meagan Good, Olga Kurkylenko or Keira Knightly to mention a few.

#13) What's the best/worst gift you have ever given and received?

JOHN: Mehn, can't really think of any right now. But I value every gift given to me from the heart.

#14) What has been happening to your career lately?

JOHN: Still acting and directing... Trying to round up a few commissioned projects and make out more time to produce my own project for my company, colorbarmedia.

#15) What medium do you prefer as an Actor....TV, Movies or Theater?

JOHN : All of the above... I have learned to grow and accept the challenges they all bring. As a trained thespian it will be very difficult to choose because I have practiced and performed in all of these media with memorable experiences..

#16) Are you romantically involved with someone presently?

JOHN: Yes I am

#17) Why has it taken you so long to make a commitment and start your family?

JOHN: I have had a few commitments that didn't go down well in the past.. My last one knocked me out really bad but I have since shaken loose, and I'm up on my feet to love again.

#18) Style is a personal thing.....Please define yours.

JOHN: My style is eclectic and yes very personal...I like to do things with a little bit of panache. I am a bit off the regular and yet very contemporary.

#19) I hear you are experimenting a bit with photography. How's that going?

JOHN: I guess you might call it experimenting since I am not a trained photographer.. I am a self taught photographer. If I am not shooting I am taking pictures.. And like I said earlier I love photography I love to see my images come to life especially with the expression intended.. Sometime next year I hope to launch my photography outfit... John.njamah photography. I have a few clients that love what I do with my images and I have been contracted several times for weddings, family portrait etc... So all things being equal.. John Njamah will go big scale, on or before the first quarter of 2016.

#20) What's your take on Nigeria at the moment?

JOHN: We need help... And we need to ask ourselves questions as individuals for the collective, if this is what we hoped for as a country... And maybe then we can begin to re-evaluate ourselves and reason well.. I can't begin to state the obvious. I am just not happy with the sate of my country at the moment.

So Lovelies, what do you think about our conversation? Feel free to EXPRESS your thoughts here. For more 'Expression Spotlight', I look forward to ushering you to 'ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY' VIP Members Lounge in the New Year.
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