Actress, Stella Damasus ...And That Passionate Message...

When you listen to a VOICE message as passionate and emotional as the one sent to my father on his birthday, three days ago by Nigerian Actress & Singer - Stella Damasus - Despite trying to blink back that stubborn tear lurking around my eyes...One can not be filled with anything, other than PRIDE...both for him and for her. I know how much my father adores Stella. I hear it over and over again about how much of a great person, manager, TALENT she is...In fact sometimes, he dares to ask me if I know whether she's happy. Ha! Not once, not twice. The truth is that I roll my eyes sometimes. I mean, How could I possibly know if she's happy. After all, I'm here in Nigeria...And she's all the way in Atlanta. I'm not invested in what's going on in her life And It's not like we are best friends or anything like that.

Still if there's anything I have learned from the rather heart warming message she sent. It's that, no matter who we are, where we are, what we do or whatever we are going through. We could all do with a bit of COMPASSION from a few trusted people who stand for us, believe us and support us, even when the world is against us. Those who know us and show us that beaming light of compassion, even when they can choose to run with the CROWD...still they understand that the TRUTH will not become a lie, even if no one believes it...and a LIE will not become the truth, even if the whole world believes it. Whatever the outcome,they are willing to take a chance with us, perhaps even BET on us  And that's why I have always thought that LOYALTY not blood, is what makes one family. And if Stella considers my father to be like a father to her. It is because he has been loyal to her. Standing with her, not judging her, neither changing his attitude towards her, nor abandoning her like the rest of the world. And we all could THRIVE with a few people like these in our circle, as our support system even beyond Christmas or any Festive season.

Now, I'm certain you are wondering why is it such a big deal... if my father, Chief Tony Okoroji cares deeply about her and perhaps even others...Why should that even be your business...Well, those who know him and have worked with him, can testify that he is a man of PRINCIPLE and exemplary advocate of compassion and TRUTH, one who doesn't fear to thread where others are 'afraid' to go. Not a crowd pleaser who feels the need to be validated by the court of public OPINION, but by what he believes to be right. And in all honesty, I'm that way too. I couldn't care less about being one of the majority. So yes, I've heard and read so many things about Stella Damasus...and had I not been a part of this industry and a victim of SENSATIONAL journalism myself, I may even believe the crap out there and hate her too. But thankfully, I've got a brain and a keen head on my shoulder...And I can 'think' for myself. After all they say that GREATNESS will always attract 'controversy' and that's not me justifying whatever the issues are, or even pretending to have the facts or know the truth, but it is me accepting to RESPECT the lives, choices and decisions she and those in her life we all in our own lives are FLAWED too, and day in, day out...make some terrible choices ourselves and are in no better place to JUDGE others...unless, we claim we are PERFECT, now that would be a lie, the most NAKED lie from the pores of delusion.

It is my call to action, that people realise the utmost power in expression...that words whether written or spoken have the immense ability to influence, motivate, attract, build, change, instigate, depress or even destroy whoever it is directed at...that though EXPRESSION is a gift. It is not a tool for MOCKERY, bullying or abuse....but a medium we all can use to promote awareness about relevant issues that affect us all, and build transformation. So when I find people who are not ashamed to be open, vulnerable and transparent about their feelings, the way she did...I admire them completely, because that part of being NAKED is the most AUTHENTIC yet exhilarating moment, anyone can ever experience or share with others. I'll also be lying if I say I do not admire what she has accomplished for herself, and how much she has GROWN as an artiste, as a woman, as a person...and the many lives she influences daily, fighting and representing those who don't have a VOICE.

That's what I choose to FOCUS's how I have recently learned to see people, simply find the good in them...And it's how I implore others to see people starting from this Christmas, because that's what this season and the life beyond, is really about. It's about LOVE and GIVING...and these two only come from a place of immense compassion, sort of like the kind we show our loved ones, the help we extend to someone who's ill, or even that little child who has made a big mistake,very similar to the kind she herself gives when she speaks about social ills, or on behalf of the women who are being abused, victimised and can not speak. And though the 6 years age gap between us, may not be much of an astounding age difference, Still, looking in... from the sidelines, stumbling on either an instagram post or a video blog she shares, I am deeply motivated to tap from her immense desire to be of VALUE to others, the formidable willpower she exudes, even in a world filled with so much HATE, simply for being who she is and for living the life she DESIRES...Well, I imagine that it certainly does help, to have a good loving companion on one's arm, to be able to withstand it all.

So if my INTUITION is correct about the current state of all the hula-bula that has gone back and forth online, especially about her preference in men, Hahaha...then I'll just say this "Relax people, didn't someone say that third time's a charm". Yup! So it is with great pleasure that I am counting down and excited at the very opportunity to sit down LIVE with her and her man together, on RADIO... for the first time, Live all the way from Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, 1 January 2016. Yeaaah! You got that right...I extended an Invitation and I am honoured to have Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademonikan as my very first guests for 2016 on THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji. And if you read my last 'Love And Reality' post - "A WOMAN WITH A VISION FOR THE MAN WITH A DREAM", then I believe this conversation will be a great opportunity to empower our minds, as well as catch up with the power couple on some REAL unrehearsed, unscripted conversation about their relationship, thoughts, upcoming projects and how they are together chasing their dreams and building a formidable dynasty. So don't miss the LIVE show and make sure to call in with contributions.

I wish I could share the very EMOTIONAL private voice note she sent my father...And Dang! I am so tempted to... Wheww! Still the text from instagram is just as touching. So, if you missed seeing it....Here it is.

A Screen Shot Of Stella Damasus Birthday Message To Chief Tony Okoroji
"Happy birthday to my daddy, my uncle, my supporter, my mentor, my adviser and my backbone, Mr Tony Okoroji. I cannot begin to tell you how much you and your family mean to me. The love and support you have shown me through the years is simply out of this world. You stood by me even when no one wanted to look at me, you asked me how I was doing even when no one wanted to speak to me, you called me talented and hard-working when people called me horrible names, you trusted me and believed me. I could go on and on but God sees my heart. I celebrate you sir. Happy Birthday and many more wonderful years to come."

So Lovelies, what would it take for you to show others a bit of compassion today,‎ and the days ahead in 2016? Feel free to EXPRESS your thoughts!

I wish All Ye Truth Seekers, A Merry Awesome Christmas...And, I look forward to ushering you to the Prestigious'ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY' VIP Members Lounge in the New Year.
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Have A Fantastic Christmas Friday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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