12 Things I'm Thankful I Accomplished in 2015

When I first started this year, I knew I wanted it to be better than the previous year and I also knew there were a number of things I wanted to ACCOMPLISH on my path to greatness...even though in all honesty, I never really knew for sure, how I would accomplish them. Still as each day passed, I fine tuned my goals and carried around a MAP I held in my head... So now that we are fast reaching the final weeks of December, I decided to make a list of some of the things I am truly THANKFUL I achieved in 2015.

#1) I'm thankful for all the amazing people I have connected with this year, collaborated and aligned with. My NETWORK has clearly expanded beyond different Mediums (Radio, Blog, Television, Books, Movies...etc), Industries, Social media networks, Countries and Ideologies...For that I'm very thankful and I don't take it for granted, because these relationships are deeply important to me. They have become my network, as well as my real NET worth.

#2) Despite my crazy schedule, I'm happy I still get to EXPRESS myself in front of the camera as An Actor. I managed to squeeze in three (3) Movies this year (thanks to a few dear colleagues who remind producers I haven't quit acting) and despite my very tight schedule with the radio show and everything else. Hoping to feature in more quality FILMS next year. Keeping my fingers crossed for their release.

#3) I challenged myself to write a screenplay for a major Hollywood/ Nollywood collaboration in the speed of light (Thanks to my Buddy- The Multi-Talented Nigerian Actor, YEMI BLAQ who recommended me). I'm glad I finished it in 5 days and met the deadline. Crazy? Yeah, I know. I was even more surprised when International Award Filmmaker - JETA AMATA mentioned it during our Radio Chat HERE.

#4) Yeah yeah, I have become a Wizkid of sort....Configured my own Android Mobile App in just 18 hours... and published it at the Google Play Store. (I only recently pulled down the App, a few days ago, because I found out over 20 different App Stores were distributing my free app...some for even a price).

#5) I'm thankful that despite a crazy busy schedule, I still found the time to write this BLOG. It wasn't always regular and on time (and yeah, it dropped a 50% in output compared to 2014 when I initially started blogging but the numbers of visit continue to grow) And I'm glad I have continued to flourish it with more empowering content nonetheless. I hope to be more consistent next year.

#6) I may soon become the African Queen of Digital Media. I created more digital content this year and even made them AVAILABLE for sale (more income you'll say) Yup! ....A Motivational Podcast Series, Webinar Videos, E-books, Live Radio Podcasts. #AskAlex Online Talk Therapy.

#7) I officially became a Published Author - Having Nursed the dream to write my own book and Impact the lives of others. I finally made it happen. I wrote THE NAKED TRUTH: Lies Stripped, became an Independent Publisher and now my Self Help book is available worldwide at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, IBooks, Gumroad, Smashwords, Lulu, Payhip, Okada Books and Select Libraries and gaining great reviews. It's even available at the Scribd Library and Overdrive Libraries in 40 Countries, as well as at my Official Website

#8) My Radio Show Hit a Milestone....2.4 Million Listens, The numbers keeps increasing, despite Internet network CHALLENGES and losing my technical assistant. I'm glad I didn't let the challenges deter me. I taught myself how to manage the virtual studio, design GRAPHICS and banners and edit audios + produce my own jingles. And most of all, I'm excited to have had such enlightening conversations with some of the boldest and brightest MINDS on radio.

#9) I pushed my creative boundaries. Came up with some of the most Brilliant ideas and Strategy for my brand like when I threw the On-Air 50th Birthday Special for Iconic Nigerian Actor - SEGUN ARINZE...or hosted a Virtual Round Table Conversation for Women's Month. Remember all my 'Raw and Unfiltered' Posts on this blog? Of course, you would...(And there's more coming for next year for VIP Members of this blog). I took several creative risks...And they worked.

#10) I discovered new apps, new online resources....Visited so many websites managed to read 52 Books this year, listened to other podcasts, attended WEBINARS, hosted mine. More than anything else I feel like I enriched my mind, as well the minds of others.

#11) I'm not a rookie when it comes to being Interviewed, Featured or Mentioned by Nigerian Publications, Press or Gossips blogs as a public figure (this year I saturated the media). That being said, I have come to appreciate my re-invention and the great REVIEWS and Accolades I have received for my passion with THE NAKED MOVEMENT. This year I got featured for my Writing by a Prestigious Journal - Reading Bridges ( RB MAGAZINE ) as ' RB Blogger of The Month'. Was a Guest on 'Living Enlightened Show with American Author, Nina Bingham' on Charlotte View Radio and spoke about the "Power of Positivity". I was guest twice this year on The Saturday Morning Talk Radio Show "Whispers" with Host, Biodun Stephens on Rainbow FM, I was cover star for the weekly Hair'volution Magazine Hair Forum in June. I was also a Virtual Speaker at the "Chase Your Purpose Global Summit" in Florida and was recently a guest on Eric Su's - 'Healthy Living Podcast' where I talked about the Naked Movement and my strategy on how to get Naked for a Healthy mind and a Transformational Lifestyle.

#12) I'm thankful I'm celebrating 10 years in the Entertainment Industry since my debut on The AMBO Reality TV in 2005 which initiated my foray in to the acting world. I haven't given up nor have I quit. I'm even more thankful for continuous GROWTH, for embracing the TRUTH, speaking up and representing EXPRESSION like I've done. I'm thankful that I never gave up on challenging myself. I am thankful that I still have family and friends who love me the way I am...NAKED...And thankful for the many people I have EMPOWERED this year to be more conscious and aware.

So while you are thinking of making your own list...

I have 4 Questions to Ask You...

1) What exactly are you doing with your life?
2) How is it adding VALUE to others?
3) Did you accomplish your GOALS for 2015?
4) Have you already mapped out your plans for 2016?

If you are honestly satisfied with the answers to these questions. Great Job Champ! If you aren't...It's okay to accept the NAKED Truth about where things stand with your goals. Nothing is lost, how about we collaborate and let's see what we can together, accomplish for 2016. I know I can add definitely add some VALUE to your vision.

What Say You?!

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Happy Thankful Thursday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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