How These 60 Tips For A Stunning Life, Reinforces Mine...

Happy New Month Lovelies! I know its the fourth day of November. So here are my sincerest apologies that this post is coming a few days later than I intended to share...but attending the COSON Week events, have had me all locked down and I'm having to choose which of my passions have my immediate ATTENTION. (Not an easy call to make) And though...Sometimes, I wonder since I don't have all the money in the world...In fact, I don't have nearly as much as I believe I'm really worth.. Still, If I take into perspective the myriads of domestic challenges that crop up everyday, busy work schedules and an infinite STRUGGLE to reach a life balance. Why does it feel like, somewhere in the midst of all that craziness, I feel so bloody HAPPY? Like I'm spinning in a big lottery cavern. Its like I have entered a place of contentment with 'The Naked Movement'? Or is it the Awareness and Transformation I have experienced from EXPRESSION and gaining a presence of mind? Why does it feel like I'm suddenly living an Enlightened Life? The 'Perfect' life... One with VISION and direction.

Well, I recently received these great tips by ROBIN SHARMA (One of the world's most Celebrated Leadership Coach, International Speaker & Best Selling Author) in an Email Newsletter sent to me by Dr Jitesh Arora (Author of The Self Esteem Guide) and thought to share it with you. This list of tips, reinforces the fundamentals and importance that ensures a successful career and a POSITIVE perspective on life. And It's Amazing how I'm actually living my life based on 90% of this list. Even though it was originally written in 2010 and I only recently saw it for the first time on Friday. This is a current reflection of my LIFE. And reading through this list, I'm proud of my own personal GROWTH.

So do you also want a Stunning Life? One you can be proud of? Well, here are 60 Amazing Tips to Ponder Over...

#1. Exercise Daily. - ( Some years back, I used to teach Pilates at my Mother's gym. Of course I can't hold on to that past glory since the birth of Ray and my crazy busy schedule.  But I remember it being my healthiest sexiest period in time. And I'm getting back in the grind because my body is my tool and it is ultra important to feel and look healthy. It can save your life)

#2. Get serious about Gratitude. - (I have learned how important it is to show gratitude Whether it is for a glass of cold water, An email sent to me by a loyal blog reader, a comment on my facebook photo. someone seeking my expert advice, offers me a gift, friendship or even a compliment. I have learned to show appreciation and gratitude because a gracious attitude is an incredibly attractive one).

#3. See your Work as a Craft. - (I take pride in all the talents I have been blessed with, and the amazing skills I have acquired and mastered over time. I no longer take them for granted because I understand I have a lot to offer the world. Money might be important, but I truly believe that to achieve the great life balance, you need to actually love and master what you do – work included).

#4. Expect the Best and prepare for the Worst. - (I've had arguments with a close friend who thinks I'm pessimistic and another friend who thinks I'm too optimistic...Hahaha. And while trying to argue with them, that there were both WRONG I understand why now...I always want the best and go all the way 100% for it...but I also share a private truth with myself that anything can go wrong. And if you keep an open mind, then you understand the possibilities of things not turning out the way you planned...and you must be ready to accept the things you can't control or change).

#5. Keep a journal. (Check! Check! Check! Viola! Isn't that what this blog is?....An Internet journal)

#6. Read “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”.

#7. Plan a schedule for your week. (Not always on top of it. Used to be the spontaneous type. But now, I always have a sketchy idea of my plans. You can check my events page for my official weekly schedule at my official website).

#8. Know the 5 highest priorities of your Life. ( I do...For me its...God, Ray (My son), Work, Family, and my Vision,

#9. Say no to Distractions. (I cut down on attending events and public functions. Actually I cut it out entirely to guard my mystery and also friends who are distracting to create time and room for accomplishing my goals. Look how much I have achieved so far...).

#10. Drink a lot of water. (My favourite all time drink...People wonder why my skin is 'almost' flawless...And i Say almost...Hahaha....That's my secret beauty tip. I drink gallons).

#11. Improve your work every Single Day. - (People say my writing has improved in folds, my blog keeps looking better, there's always something to tweak and I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to make my brand better.)

#12. Get a Mentor. (Every single person has someone they admire. There's nothing wrong in mastering and following the path of someone you admire, just as long as you remember to leave your own footprint).

#13. Hire a Coach. (People especially Africans are yet to understand the importance of financially investing in yourself by actually hiring a coach for their expert advice and guidance. No one knows it all. And there's nothing wrong in getting direction from someone who has been there, done that and knows it better than you, for a FEE...because you are worth the investment and what you pay for, you tend to value more).

#14. Get up at 5 am each day. (Well that's me. I sleep late and wake up early. Show me one successful person who doesn't. Its the best time of the day to get your thoughts together and visualize your goals or mission for the day).

#15. Eat less Food.

#16. Find more Heroes.

#17. Be a Hero to Someone. (I'm happy when I feel like I have saved a soul, whether its with my blog articles, podcast or webinars. The thought that someone considers my contributions to them, as life saving...That gives me Joy because I am a Hero).

#18. Smile at Strangers. (I long stopped being the ice queen....I smile as often as I need to and guess what? People love my smile).

#19. Be the most Ethical Person you Know. (Oh well, this is self explanatory I have never showed up somewhere unannounced. I never call before or after a certain time of the day unless its an emergency...and lets just say i never sit unless I'm invited to. Some don't like it. But that's how i have being raised. I won't go into your kitchen or bathroom unless you permit me to...and I will never touch something that doesn't belong to me, unless my intuition directs me otherwise).

#20. Don’t settle for anything less than Excellence. (Check! Check! Check! I don't strive for perfection doesn't exist. but I do live for EXCELLENCE).

#21. Savor life’s simplest pleasures. (Yes, I am learning to)

#22. Save 10% of your income each Month. (This is an area of new wisdom. I have learned the hard way...)

#23. Spend time at art Galleries.

#24. Walk in the Woods.

#25. Write thank you notes or email to those who’ve helped you. ( Once in a while, I like to let people know how I feel about them and thank them for helping me, If they have... Writing to them is a great medium of communication, because it is their proof of your sincere gratitude and appreciation).

#26. Forgive those who’ve wronged you. (For this I have 'A' record in forgiving others. I bear no grudges. As difficult as it might seem...My spirit is free. And so I have learned to let go of any emotional baggage weighing me down).

#27. Remember that leadership is about influence and impact, not title and accolades. (Yup! I have never cared whether people remember me as an Actress or refer to me as Author or their favourite Blogger or Voice Artiste...I don't even care about being a founder with 20 million staff or 10 Executive PA's or an Award winning this, a Best selling that...A Mrs Nobody or a Miss Somebody...I only care about being Alex Okoroji the one who influences lives positively using every medium at her disposal).

#28. Create unforgettable moments with those you love. (I have a lot of those moments with my son, Ray..and I'm starting to create them with the rest of my family).

#29. Have 5 great Friends. (I don't keep that many close friends despite being surrounded by lots of acquaintances and well wishers. But I do have a few good people who will continue to remain my best buddies for Life)

#30. Become stunningly Polite.

#31. Unplug your TV. (Geez! This is a must for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Content/ idea creators. I'm a TV Gal. But I have to admit that watching Television is a huge DISTRACTION. Since I turned off mine. I stopped getting carried away by my favorite soap opera or reality TV. I have more time to create more content and build my brand...and yes, the results are evident. I only watch a few hours during the weekend. And those moments when I'm somewhere I have no control over the TV there, Let's be honest...The moment I steal a few minutes watching...I practically stay glued...and end up achieving nothing for the rest of my time there.).

#32. Sell your TV. (Hahaha...well I didn't need to sell my mine. I just grew accustomed to living with it turned off in my bedroom and work space).

#33. Read Daily. (Check! Check! Check! I can't reiterate how much  developing a reading habit will save your life. It has saved mine. In fact that is the biggest secret of my transformation).

#34. Avoid the News. (Too much negative news, half of which is gossip... influences and dampens the spirit. How will you feel motivated with so much sad or gory news coming from the media? You don't want to walk around with all that negativity. It isn't productive).

#35. Be content with what you have. (That I have embraced...And I am thankful)

#36. Pursue your Dreams. (Check! Check! Check! All the wayyyyyyyy!!).

#37. Be Authentic. (Be Real... Be You...need I say more?)

#38. Be Passionate. (Is that me or what? Check! Check! Check! Yup! I am a friggin' Passionista!)

339. Apologise when you know you should. (I have learned that the hard way too.I am not ashamed to say, I'm sorry when I should. it takes nothing away from you. Nothing!)

#40. Never miss a moment to celebrate another. (What do you think the idea behind my Talk Radio Show is?...I'm constantly celebrating people and their experiences. Check! #wink).

#41. Have a vision for your life. (Oh Yes, I do...A big Fat Massive Vision)

#42. Know your strengths. (Check! Check! Check! And I'm no longer afraid to let my strength SHINE through)

#43. Focus your mind on the good versus the lack. (Oh yes, if you spend your time thinking about the things you don't have, you'll never have enough, neither will you ever be happy.The trick is that I FOCUS on everything good that I have...that I am.)

#44. Be Patient. (I'm not the most patient person...but having a child and starting a business teaches you patience. I learned the hard way).

#45. Don’t give up. (A lot of people commend me all the time for my tenacity, drive and commitment to my passion. Well I have been known to never give up...Instead, I give in...I give in everything I have...100% all of my best).

#46. Clean up your messes. (If I mess up...I know I have to figure a way to take care of it. I don't allow a string of unattended issues, I try to address them and make up, where I need to. Its that simple...because no matter how long or how far you run, that shit isn't going anywhere...your crap will be waiting patiently for you).

#47. Use impeccable words.

#48. Travel more. (I'm trying to see the world from other peoples eyes.And if you can't afford to travel a lot. Then read books and journals...Let your mind travel.The world is now a global village. You can have a deep perspective of different cultures, countries or its people... by reading and networking with different people of different races...either on social media or the internet. And you can learn a lot from these interactions).

#49. Read “As You Think”. (Working on this...looking to buy the EBook version)

#50. Honor your Parents. (I am the quintessential Daddy's girl...Yes I am proud...and I'm Mom's best friend too...Hahaha. Honor and value your parents. I value mine exponentially).

#51. Tip taxi drivers Well. (Yes, you should.. Mr Chris can testify to this. I'm generous on my lazy days when I don't feel like driving..)

#52. Be a great Teammate. (Once you understand that 'individually' you are just a drop of water....Together, you are an'll appreciate the value of what you can achieve if you collaborate easily with others, to achieve a goal).

#53. Give no energy to Critics. (Love yourself...Know yourself. Once you do...What others think of you will have no impact on your mission to succeed).

#54. Spend time in the Mountains. (Err...eem...This must somehow be connected to experiencing solitude and nature...I'll work on this)

#55. Know your top 5 Values. (Check! Check! Check! I value Creativity, Honesty, Commitment, Integrity and Hardwork).

#56. Shift from being busy to achieving results. (That's me alright! I spent so many years...BUSY doing nothing.Oh! And that's a lot of people out there too. Pretending to be busy whilst Faking it to make it. But in the last 2 years, I have shifted my focus from being ACTIVE to actually achieving RESULTS. You should rent or buy my webinar tutorial video - THE NAKED CHALLENGE 101: From Idealist to Realist at my Creator Store)

#57. Innovate and iterate. (Check! Check! Check! I am a basket of Ideas...and I keep innovating content and products...And I'll never stop).

#58. Speak less. Listen more. (Strangely, people never believed I used to listen. Until I'm quiet...then they think something is amiss. A lot of people get this confused all the time. The fact that someone hears you doesn't mean they are listening...or that they are quiet, doesn't mean they aren't tuning you out. I think this tip isn't saying be quiet. Don't have a voice. Its actually saying speak less of what you know...and listen out for what you don't... For its important to PAY more ATTENTION to the things others have to say or don't say. You'll learn a lot when you are at the receiving end).

#59. Be the best person you know. (That's my ultimate goal....)

#60. Make your life matter. (Absolutely!)

So which of these are you currently incorporating into your life? Which of these are you yet to embrace. Feel free to share your thoughts with me...I'd love to know.

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