Good or Bad: The Overflow That Won't Stop Flowing...

My son had developed a bad cold and whooping cough...and there I was, telling my mother yesterday at the family house... that it doesn't POURS...Not long after, I received an SMS at 12 midnight from my neighbour saying, water was gushing out of my apartment...that I needed to come turn off a tap in my bathroom because it was flowing into his own apartment downstairs...Dang! I was MORTIFIED and completely worried...How was it possible that I or my housekeeper left a tap running?...I mean, I had double checked before leaving the house prior to COSON week...In fact, I was over at the house on Tuesday to PICK up some documents and more clothes for myself and Ray...No sign of any loose tap or water running anywhere. Is this a PRANK? Are we in April. Strangely wondering if the joke was on my mind kept racing, though I couldn't see any good reason for why Mr Daniel would want to prank me, we aren't even that close.

So we rushed over the next morning... And there it was all 3 bedrooms, bathrooms and living room... the entire apartment completely FLOODED...covered wall to wall in a massive pool of water...And guess what? I had only recently pulled down all the flats screens in every bedroom and living room, and I had clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry...everything else you can imagine packed into boxes, suitcases and rafia bags because I'm in the process of moving houses (and you know how TEDIOUS these sort of planning takes, especially if you are as meticulous as I am.

So suffice to say that my entire belongings were soaked including the 4 big screen TV's for each room, DVD player's...My cable decoders... let me go numb on the rest, so as not to sound like a totally VAIN woman who worships material assets...but just imagine a tastefully furnished apartment completely RIPPED apart and swimming in water, including my gorgeous washing machine right before my eyes, doing a back stroke coughing out fluid from its electrical nostrils in the shocking POOL, that had formed from the mammoth of water gushing out from the water closet in my bathroom, which suddenly malfunctioned in my ABSENCE, and won't stop pumping water into the WC.

So there I was CONFUSED, not sure whether to cry, hit my head on the bloody wall, jump in for a SWIM, dial a PLUMBER or save the rest of my already damaged belongings. Here in my own apartment, I suddenly have my own RIVER. If I hadn't experienced a fire outbreak that gutted my family house 10 years ago, one that wiped out our history... and I wasn't so PAINED, at the thought that I couldn't find anyone to PIN the blame on...Yikes! for the first time it isn't Chinwe's FAULT, as I was almost 90% sure, if a tap was left running it would have come from her own bathroom and that usual absent mindedness I have so many times chided her for displaying ...but, it wasn't Chinwe's doing.

This time, it came straight from my own bathroom and no it wasn't my fault fact, I found it rather STRANGE that this same toilet that refused to fill up it's water closet with even a tiny drop, for the last two months, (one of the many tiny reasons I wanted to move out) was now overflowing with water non-stop, on its own...Just like that...Hahahah...MAGICAL! And had I not been overwhelmed by anger, I could have found the sight of my own little TSUNAMI a tad hilarious.

Not sure where to START...clean out the water or try to save my things?...Err, so I did the first thing that came to mind....I start picking up what I could...of course, my clothes were soaked, a few even had their colours running into other colours...Oh John, I'm sorry (your white shirt got ruined somewhat...even Ray's baby clothes...I had intended to give to Victoria Nkong, the administrator of Life Fountain Orphanage for the past #SYC charity auction... My note pads...yes I still scribble traditionally from time to time...Show notes and invitations for my never ending list of VISION pyramid...All soaked...Cover Magazine Features...soaked... my under garments...and the seven bloody hours, it took us to MOP the entire apartment DRY,  my body ached...sweat poring out of pores like a reptile....Had to switch off the entire electricity in the apartment... of course I had to throw away so many things too. And launder the ones I managed to save...Phewww! The good part of these is that I found a lot of things I forgot I was hoarding. And was finally able to let go.

One of the PRECIOUS lessons I learned 10 years ago from the fire incidence, was simply that all the material things we strive hard to acquire is all VANITY and can be gone in a flash...So while looking at all the things, I have lost...I may have lost property but I certainly haven't lost my MIND or my grace. It could have been worse...some people have had it worse.  But I realise the devil has a nice way of playing tricks with your mind...Testing your faith and selling you undiluted FEAR but I refuse to let him make a mockery of my transformation.

I know I have a CHOICE to see this setback as a flood that's about to DROWN me, but having negative thoughts are way too easy... instead I have decided to see this downpour as an ironic SHOWER of blessings, wetting the floor for my arrival, WASHING away my obstacles, fertilising my OPPORTUNITIES and Growing my GRACE. Yes, Just like the Water Closet, a faith that all bad fortunes trying to stop me from functioning, will surprisingly MALFUNCTION and turn into a good fortune that will OVERFLOW non-stop to everyone's amazement. That positive overflow that won't stop flowing. And I also wish the same for you too, yes you... who took the time to read this post. Is this a Monday prayer? You BETCHA! Happy New Week Sweetkin...And oh! feel free to share your thoughts on how you channel negative thoughts from bad circumstances. I'll love to hear from you!

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