My Monday Brags...

Yes Lovelies, I know its coming a tad bit late. Had the post ready yesterday and my Internet decided to act up. Still... Today it's all about the NUMBERS... and the thought to brag was inspired by a post I had read on Rachel Rofe's website. I decided to take the 'challenge' and work it around for myself too. Besides, I'm Boldly Radically Achieving Goals...err...yeah, I've got bragging rights.

So yes, I want to share some ACHIEVEMENTS I made a means to PAT myself on the back for a great job and remind myself how far I have come and still need to go...

I was chatting with a friend about the different social media networks and how difficult it is for me to utilise all of them whilst trying to create CONTENT for my blog, radio, podcast & webinars...and I mentioned Google+ was one of them. So I checked out my page which is a year old. I created it the exact day I started my blog on January 17, 2014 and I found out that my Google+ page has over 700,000 views. Wow! In just one year. And it keeps growing. I don't even engage anyone there. I rarely interact there. All I do is automatically sync my blog posts and radio show there. That's it!

#1) So Cheers to 720,000+ views on Google Plus. And whatever makes me interesting enough to get those clicks. Raising my coffee mug to that (can't drink vodka for another week or so)

#2) My radio show 2 weeks ago with Indian Activist - Jyoti Tiwari had 129,000 Archived listens in just one week from different parts of the world with the most listens from India & USA. Dang! I'm so pumped. I can't believe it. (To think I wasn't too excited about that particular show because I was ill and the two I was excited about, let me down @ 5,500 and 4,800 respectively (the lowest listens ever from two Major Nigerian Celebrities for that matter) Goes to show how important it is for one to promote. No matter who you are, PROMOTE everything that concerns you. Be Involved!

#3) The Show with Michael Kilbey had 68,000 Live listens (the most so far Live) ...and my last show with Stella Dimoko garnered 111 Live Callers (the highest call in ever). With lots of jam and dropped calls. But the point is that 111 times people wanted to contribute to the conversation in real time.

#4) I pulled out my first tooth...but guess what? I didn't miss a show...(that's more than I can say for all my poor excuses in the past) Yaay! I did it.

#5) I mentored about 22 Clarity callers over the weekend. And I'm excited that out of the 12 who were free (first time) clarity callers. The remaining 10 paid for the services... 4 Email Responds... and 6 (30 minute Sessions). I celebrate because I was told, no one would ever pay me to talk about their concerns in Nigeria (4) of them were Nigerians. Well, I stopped listening to the don'ts. I listen to the CANs. My #AskAlex Talk Therapy Coaching is working.

#6) I Finally created my Patreons page and I figured out how to upload my last webinar for sale. It's gaining momentum. A few blog readers are renting to support the ABC Book Club. Have you supported me yet?

#7) I create all my show banners & posters myself. Yes, I'm proud to BRAG about that skill. I went from knowing nothing about graphic designs... to learning a lot.

#8) My email sign up lists has grown from 2,800 to 14,300 sign ups on my blog in the last 4 months. And that means, these number of people are willing to receive emails from me everytime I post a blog. I have watched my readership grow. So if I add that to the content I share to my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+...Let's not add blog visitors who visit via my broadcasts on BBM, WhatsApp. It means I'm reaching an average of 55,000 plus people whenever I share a content.

#9) I finally figured out LinkedIn and set up my profile. My connections are growing. I just got three job offers there. One to script a short film, one to feature in an upcoming movie and I have a speaking engagement as one of the Guest Speakers at A Creative Female Empowerment Event in New York this coming November (I'll share the details later).Plus I finally printed the samples for "The Naked Talk" Memorabilia.

#10) I'm still alive...Never been happier, never been stronger and more focused. For this and everything else God takes the glory.

So why am I Bragging? I am bragging because I remember a time when people abandoned me, when I needed them the most. When they doubted my ability, my drive and my goals... and I was forced to do it all alone. (Sometimes, I even doubted myself). Okay this may not make sense to you yet. But you'll understand in good time. I realise that you can't be too ARROGANT to promote what you have. Even the biggest brands Coca cola still advertise and will continue to. So do Banks, Telecoms, Magazines etc. If you don't belief in anything you do, that you are too ashamed to share it and promote it as often as you need to. Then you are NOT worth much as a brand (Brand Ambassador or not).

It's all about the numbers and my contents are fast becoming a Valuable tool to changing the lives of many, just as I am becoming a REAL influencer with several medium(s) that could add value to your Art | Business| Products | Services | Event...

Believe me, your potential clients are connecting and interacting with me. If you are interested in collaborating and reaching them...Feel free to email me directly: or my contact assistant: for #TalkTherapy Enquiries.

Meanwhile, I've got 2 available spots for Brilliant Interns interested in learning about New Media & Creative Arts.

Feel free to BRAG along with me in the comment box. I would love to hear what you have ACCOMPLISHED recently...and see if we can achieve more holding each others hands.

Your Goal Digger. Xoxo

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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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