If You Can Get Naked, You Can Grow...

I have long stopped bothering to string heavy fancy words to get your ATTENTION. My goal as a Self-Help MENTOR is no longer to be admired for just being a word smith, whose readers spend quality time trying to decipher master-fully crafted words shielded with complex meanings and no real heart. But to keep it real and 'communicate' my message to the world as easily and accurately as a PENIS usually finds a wet Vagina. (Hahahah).

And it must have been something that struck me, as I stumbled on PDesmond Adam's recent  MENTAL MASTERY MONDAY Podcast that re-affirmed everything that I already know to be true and poignant. And I have completely represented these past years as I journeyed into self discovery.

Knowing that it is okay to go straight for the goal without hiding one's IMPERFECTIONS, and understanding that whether it be physical or emotional, hiding keeps you from dealing with the reality of your circumstances. So why are you hiding? Take off the covers and STRIP Baby! Maybe, it's time to get NAKED and HONEST about yourself and your CHOICES.

Let down your GUARD and find improvement in your life. You are not PERFECT, you will never be...And oh, there's no perfect person with the perfect life out there either. I have learned that LIFE only becomes truly beautiful, when we understand that beauty is a combination of flaws...and accept your life for what it really is, no embellishments and no pity parties. Just an acceptance of the TRUTH as it is.

And with that I have always thought "To get something DONE is way more important than to strive for the excuses PERFECTION serves us"... because that's what holds us back from actually finishing what we have started- The unspoken FEAR of being the most mediocre one out there.

I know this, because it took me two (2) years before I found the courage to start my blog...and three (3) years to start my radio show, months to finally earn my RESPECT as a talk show host...and many more years to find the BRAVITY to be something more than just an actor trying to fit in.

Sometimes, the network is excellent and sometimes it's bad. Sometimes my guests are exciting and sometimes they bore me to death. Sometimes I'm irritated and tired...and other times I'm not. Sometimes my posts are too long, other times, it's just right. All the same, I'm not stopping because an assistant refused to keep their own end of the agreement OR because I don't know if this article is funny enough...or my podcast is yet to hit 10 million downloads or that I have a nagging tooth ache or a writers block. What matters is that everyday I pull it off, it gets better... And I get better.

So thinking if you present yourself  as perfect and 'all that'...that as long as people like you for being superficial, they won't HURT you? Hahahah...News flash! You'll still be attacked for seemingly being perfect as well...Unfortunately, that's the way of the world. There's no pleasing people. And to beat society to its rules and gain your FREEDOM, you must understand that GROWING will require you to completely STRIP yourself down, to find those FLAWS and weaknesses that people are so bloody ashamed to SEE... because it very well reminds them deeply, of their own weaknesses and shortcomings. For somewhere inside those rough edges lies the lessons, that you will need to address, so you can attain genuine substantial SUCCESS.

Look around you, the most talked about successful ACHIEVERS in the world...all have their stories and struggles out there for the world to see and learn. The didn't become GREAT HEROES by covering up their mistakes and shielding themselves from the TRUTH.

If you haven't understood yet, why I have committed myself to helping people become naked and expressive....You need to somehow start getting REAL OR you'll continue to live out someone else's lie.

Until you actually Get Raw, Honest & Naked About Yourself and accept your truths as well as those around you. You are hindering your own growth or what do you think?.

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Enjoy Your Super Soul Sunday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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