PODCAST: Nigerian Actor, Media Personality & Politician -Richard Mofe Damijo Strips His Journey As A Mentor...

So I'm gushing after the sheer EARGASMS he gave last night...in form of Cerebral Stimulation. Don't tell me you missed Nigerian Actor, Media Personality & Politician - RMD's first Internet Radio Experience...Dang! You mean, you missed all that Meaningful Conversation we had? Even the unexpected part where my own mother called in to the show to confess her admiration for him. Hahahah. (That was weird)... Well, we talked about so much....Including the price he had to pay to become a LAWYER. Do you know who this MENTOR considers to have impacted his own success or the several young people he truly admires for their great achievements? Did you know he admired the grounds on which the legendary FELA walked? ... And oh, there's so much more.

He is debonair, good looking, accomplished and all sorts of yummy. With lots of young people aspiring to either be like him or be associated with him. But few bonds are more INFLUENTIAL than one between an older more experienced person and a younger one. We would know this as many of us have had a supervisor, a BOSS or coach who has made a POSITIVE difference in our lives. These people wore many hats. They acted as, delegators, role models, cheerleaders, policy enforcers, advocates, friends as they also explored our values, interests and goals.

And i personally do not know that many people who have a sincere desire to be involved with young people, has RESPECT for them...is an empathetic listener who sees solutions and creates opportunities for them to SOAR, like my guest on the show today. He has had more SUCCESSFUL mentees fly under his cool wings, than you will find flies in a flea market...some who have become major top brands within the entertainment industry and outside it.

Listen to him share his SECRET for surviving in an Industry that many are still struggling to THRIVE... He revealed WISDOM for days. In fact TALK RADIO has never felt so good. Believe me, the highly respected former Commissioner for Arts & Culture- RICHARD MOFE DAMIJO was not ashamed to 'strip' his thoughts and his journey as a mentor on THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji. You can catch all that good talk...and of course share your thoughts about our thought PROVOKING conversation.

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