PODCAST: South African Clinical Sexologist & Author, Dr Eve Strips Down Cyber Infidelity

Are you Sexting a friend, Flirting Online with Strangers, Watching Porn, Exchanging nudes or Sexual Fantasies, Visiting Dating Sites, Having Phone Sex, Building Intimacy with someone else you fancy, SECRETLY or even just emailing an EX on a regular?

Well, today the Internet is changing the way people interact and it is having an impact on committed relationships. People are chatting, flirting, and even cheating online. The internet permits many to live out their FANTASIES. They can do and say what they cannot in real face-to-face encounters. This sort of behaviour can have major impact on relationships. To some, an online AFFAIR is just as harmful as an offline one because many see it as an EMOTIONAL affair even if they never meet face to face which could include online SEXUAL activity that involves various activities, such as viewing explicit sexual materials, participating in an exchange of ideas about sex, exchanging sexual messages, and online interactions with at least one other person with the intention of becoming sexually AROUSED. For others, they see nothing wrong with this sort of bonding and don't consider it to be cheating.

So, did you catch my interesting conversation with World influencer, 'Dr Eve' LIVE all the way from South Africa on my show? Well you need to LISTEN to our straight talk about CYBER INFIDELITY on THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji

Seven Interesting Things To Know About Dr Eve...

#1) Her Birth name is Dr Marlene Wasserman but she considered it too long and clumsy for radio. She enters her 21st year as a singularly brave bold and respected radio talk show host. She is the recipient of the South African MTN Radio Award for the Best Night Time Radio Show. She is in demand for her cutting edge TV guest appearances.

#2) She owns an Online Adult Sex Shop @ www.DrEveShop.co.za

#3) She has written 3 best seller books on woman’s sexuality, sexuality education for youth, and ageing. Dr Eve is a sought after local and international columnist and blogger for both South African and international magazines, newspapers & web sites and is an award winning author.

#4) As an internationally renowned academic, Dr Wasserman teaches Sexual Medicine at the University of Cape Town Medical School, and is a well considered reviewer who is widely published in academic journals.

#5) As an International Sexual Rights Activist, Marlene is the Regional Secretary for Africa for the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS). In addition, she has served as board and committee member on a number of highly respected international scientific sexual medicine, sexual health and rights organizations . Proudly Dr Wasserman is a Temporary Advisor to the WHO (World Health Organization).

#6) She loves Music, Movies and Magical words...and has been dancing the Nia Technique for 12 years.

#7) Her current professional and personal 24/7 fascination is social media and Her new book “CYBER INFIDELITY: The New Seduction” begins her new career - in sextech... and can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle or at www.DrEve.co.za

#8) You can connect with her on Twitter www.twitter.com/Dr_Eve or www.twitter.com/DrWasserman on visit www.MarleneWasserman.com and www.DrEve.coza.

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I Love You For Listening. Xoxo

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