A Woman Can Be Everything....

I recently walked off a MOVIE set, after being held back "Five (5) days longer" than our original agreement. I had UNATTENDED commitments... Meetings, Emails to respond, a Blog to manage, a Radio Show to produce and host, Podcasts to record, Clarity callers to take, Promotional banners to make and a Son to tend to. And while a few of my cast mates appealed to me to stay back and FINISH the remaining two scenes...I DECLINED, not only because the director was extremely RUDE and I already had enough of his insolence...DAMMIT...Isn't it a 'symbiotic' relationship between an actor and a production crew? So why does the average 'director' feel so ARROGANT like they are God's gift to an Actors career? Forgetting they'll be nothing 'spectacular' without Actors to actually direct...as Actors will be without them also.

But then he was presumptuous in assuming that just because I wasn't initially throwing a DIVA TANTRUM like some other Actresses, I didn't know what was right... especially when I remember time wasted, four days in a row that I sat on set fully made up, dressed for my scenes and didn't shoot a wink. That's right!!! Now what they didn't understand, was that my decision to walk away and attend an important meeting, was based on PRINCIPLE as a professional. I already had a commitment that I wasn't going to let another commitment BREAK, besides I gave the production 5 EXTRA days of my very precious time to prove that I am a team player and I wanted the production to succeed...even at the DETRIMENT of my other responsibilities as a PARENT and as Creative Entrepreneur....but there's a LIMIT to foolishness. And I don't care what lies may have been said behind my back once I left?!

In that meeting, I made five hundred percent (500%) times the money I was paid pre-advance, than I was paid to stay locked up on that set (A job I would have missed if I didn't listen to that stubborn 'intuitive' voice inside of me, telling me to get the hell up and move) A voice I have recently learned to TRUST in business. And let's be honest, always playing the sweet nice Alex isn't going to put food in my son's belly or pay my rent. And I am a GROWN woman who makes her own rules...I decide what I have to sacrifice, because I am the boss lady in charge of my own VISION.

I have been told severally that I'm too bold, too strong, too tough a woman...and I sometimes wondered if that was a terrible thing especially since I also know that I am KIND, LOVING, GENEROUS and Beautiful in my own way.

Maybe it's the strength in which I handle my disappointments, the way I TACKLE my challenges, the PASSION in which I present my opinions, the unfiltered HONESTY in which I share my thoughts, the weird CHOICES I make or the fact that I rarely waiver from my deep CONVICTIONS. A strategy that has so far helped me survive this world we live in.

But those who have permitted themselves to UNDERSTAND who I am, know that these traits are complimentary to my other 'softer' virtues (I'm extremely TOLERANT, open minded, always grateful and small kind gestures make me emotional)...still these have been quite an enormous VALUE in making me, an ACHIEVER in the truest of ways.

So don't let anyone tell you that a woman isn't meant to be BOLD or strong...or that you lose your SEX appeal if you are Intelligent. That KIND people, aren't tough or principled. Or that you can't be an Actress anymore because you are now a Blogger, that Stay-at-Home Mothers are not supposed to be ATTRACTIVE or because you aren't a shrewd woman, you won't make a great BUSINESS mind, that you can't have flesh on your tummy and still be downright SEXY or that you need a relationship to even feel complete. Do not let society bend you to conform to their mediocre standards or expectations . STAND OUT Gracefully. And pay attention to these beautiful words by Alicia Keys....

You are allowed to be Smart
You are allowed to be Beautiful
You are allowed to be Radical and have 'strong thoughts' that others might not AGREE with
You are allowed to be Tough
You are allowed to be Sexy
You are allowed to be Bold
You are allowed to be Shapely
You are allowed to be Kind
You are allowed to be YOURSELF"

You can be all of these AMAZING things and more...ALL at the same time. One doesn't have to be ABSENT for the others to be PRESENT. Even though you aren't PERFECT. Know that a woman can BE everything she wants...For as long as she remembers to be herself.

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Have A Sweet Saturday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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