15 Truths To Open Your Inner Person Of Purpose

Hey Lovelies, hope you are having an AMAZING weekend so far? Its been a rather hectic period for me shuttling between all of my creative endeavours...And sometimes, I ask myself what the hell I was thinking to put myself through all of these sleepless nights... but then I remember the GOAL ahead. Today, I reconnected with a good old friend Freddy and while we were chatting on WhatsApp, he said... "Alex, If all men can be like you...you should know I equate you to MEN. Your STRENGTH and CHARACTER are hard to find amongst women. You are tough and purposeful." and so I replied him..."Oh Freddy Fred, Equating me to men..." and then he said "Come to think of it...How many men even have your kind of strength?...". And we laughed, talked about work and future projects. And after that I couldn't stop thinking about the ultimate COMPLIMENT he paid me...And no, its not the comparison to strong men but the fact that like a lot of people, he was able to identify me as a 'Woman of Purpose'... Someone who has a clear direction on how I intend to succeed in life and impact the life of others. And that has given me some PUSH to go through all the crazy tasks I have ahead of me this week...But you know I never feel complete until I spread the LOVE and INSPIRE you, so let me share some BOOSTS.

I hope these 'Truth' lubricate your mind....

#1) Be HONEST enough to admit what you're truly feeling. EXPRESSION is a sign of strength...and be STRONG enough to fight against it, if its necessary. That's the real challenge.

#2) I have learned that saving a 'worthy' relationship is way EASIER than trying to start a new one because a good one takes time...and let's be honest, there are no GUARANTEES in life.

#3) The key with feeling really AUTHENTIC is in being authentic with EVERYONE, not just a few people, and not just yourself.

#4) If people didn't care enough to help you during your times of need, believe me they have lost the right to JUDGE you for what you did to SURVIVE. Forget about their judgement and focus on making it through the day.

#5) I hear a woman with a beautiful BODY is good for the night alright, and a woman with a beautiful MIND is good for a lifetime. That's right! What about the beautiful body with a beautiful mind that gets treated really bad every time? Well, It only takes a 'worthy' man getting his ACT right to really know how to TREAT the perfect woman RIGHT.

#6) Too many broken people holding out on genuine love. Never let the person that HURT you have so much POWER, that they make you miss out on someone who truly wants to LOVE you and MEND you.

#7)  Curiosity will conquer FEAR even more than bravery will. Its okay to Seek... Ask...Discover...Learn...Know... Sometimes that's all the 'Bravery' we really need .

#8) GIVE but don't allow yourself to be USED... LOVE but don't allow your heart to be ABUSED...Stay in control of your emotional bank. You are kind, you are loving...but you are no FOOL. Don't go emotionally bankrupt or you'll have nothing left to even give.

#9) Walking ALONE with a map in hand is far better than moving with a CROWD in the WRONG direction. Don't be AFRAID to set out on your own, Even a crowd can get lost.

#10) In my struggle to find direction, I have realised that any PATH that lacks HEART, is never one you should take. Trust me!

#11) If you don’t even have the time to do things RIGHT, when will you have the time to do it OVER? Aha! Slow down and THINK!

#12) HELP is a very EXPENSIVE gift…You really shouldn't expect it from everyone... Because very few people are RICH at heart...Are You?

#13) I find that we as people are far more 'accepting' of the things that we are USED to, even if all they do is DESTROY us. But CHANGE isn't such a draw back. How about we learn to accept that?!

#14) True love is about 'committing' to another person over time, through the happy moments as well as the tough times. That's why love is a COMMITMENT and not a TEMPORARY rush of feelings.

#15) Sometimes there are no 'next time', no 'time-outs', no 'second chances'... Sometimes, for you to WIN it's either NOW or NEVER... And you have to be ready for the moment or you'll lose.

Here's me wishing you a HAPPY NEW WEEK ahead. Allow life to take you places...don't stay stuck with all your NEGATIVE excuses. Be a happy  'Person of Purpose' who makes the best of what life dishes. As always, feel free to let me know what you think about today's boost. I'm itching to hear from you.

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Enjoy A Very Soulful Sunday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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