12 Things I Learned From Losing In Love

As I spent a good part of my day listening to a good friend talk about his BROKEN heart. Imagine finding his fiancĂ©e and his cousin in bed, three (3) weeks to their wedding. I very well know that feeling of wondering, what you could have done to change the outcome of things... or even REGRET why you met this VILLAIN in your sad love story. Why they couldn't spare you the pain or why you never suspected your happiness will one day be cut short. I know that feeling of wanting to sleep and not get up... somehow hoping some good sleep will solve the problems and mend your heart but you wake up and that throbbing pain is still there...Still they say it's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. And being that I would know a lot about what it 'feels' like to have lost LOVE in the past.. I also know that I learn whatever lessons I can from any given EXPERIENCE, good or bad....

So Here Are 12 Things I Learned From Losing In Love....

#1) If the person you want is making you feel 'unwanted' then its time to MOVE on. Love makes you feel 'welcome'...only LUST makes you feel 'used and drained'.

#2) Stop waiting around for people who don't want you. If they wanted you they would still be in a relationship with you...because they wouldn't have tried to jeopardise your heart and your love.

#3) Just like drugs, you can be 'addicted' to someone who is bad for you. Take control of your EMOTIONS and stop allowing them to hurt you by constantly going back.

#4) If you have to BEG a person to be with you. You'll have to keep begging them to stay with you. It's not worth IT. Have some self respect.

#5) You have to be HONEST with yourself. Do you really want love or just someone, so you won't feel so bloody lonely? Know the difference.

#6) People are not really SORRY until they change their actions. Until they actually CHANGE their actions, the apologies are merely a sign of them, going through their emotions.

#7) Love focuses on the BENEFIT of another person, so if their choices are CONSTANTLY focusing on them and not YOU and how it influences your GROWTH. Its not love hunnie.

#8) If they won't change to GET you...Ha! Forget it, they won't change to KEEP you.

#9) Don't let the good SEX confuse you. What's the point in keeping someone who THRILLS your body but KILLS your spirit. Good love is way beyond good sex . Are they loving you right?

10) You'll NEVER have to question a person's love, if they do love you. For their ACTIONS will always 'prove' it.

#11) There's no such thing as "I feel like I don't love you anymore". Love is not a feeling to begin with. Love is a COMMITMENT to the choice you make.

#12) The love you SEEK from others, can never ever exceed or substitute for the love you should have for yourself. If you are desperate for someone to love. Stare into the mirror. Once you've really learned how to love yourself right, no one can love you wrong.

Or what do you think Lovelies? Feel free to share your thoughts.....

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Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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