Who Gave Me The Authority?

Who even gave me the bloody authority to Counsel and Mentor people on how to get out of their heads and chase their purpose or dreams?

Well, I gave myself that AUTHORITY!

As a SELF-HELP Mentor....My biggest tools are the wisdom I acquire from consistently being "Present in Mind" and my daily struggle for EXCELLENCE. My goal is to show you how to START the process all by yourself...because, well.... I did so too.

Did you know this time 2 years ago I was a 'dying brand' whose career was almost none existent....Plus I was Technologically Ignorant and Naive? I knew very little about the online world or even computers, except the basics I learned back in junior high school. And I ran all over town seeking how to raise funds to shoot my own films. Start a TV talk show and a network radio show on terrestrial radio, all with little or no luck. Because I wasn't laying on my back to cut deals....And I was doing things the IDEALIST way and not the 'realistic' way.

FAST FORWARD: I gave myself the real talk...and somehow I stepped into my REALITY and challenged myself to do more.

In one year, I have created and designed three (3) of my websites all by myself (My Official Site, This Blog and My Online Store). I also configured and published my Android Mobile App, Started A Radio show, Wrote My 'Soon-To-Be' Released Book, Created a Podcast Album, Designed Memorabilias, Broadcast Live Videos (Thanks to Victor)....I'm in the process of writing a new E-Book and I'm collaborating to start my Own 24 Hour "Global Talk Radio Network". Yipeee....(seems crazy right? Well, I'm gonna need your support soon)

I have also gone on to create several other online avenues to utilise my other skills, talents, promote my brand, build my online CREDIBILITY and create a new stream of INCOME globally. Its still growing...and there still so much to learn, to achieve...but I have never been happier and wiser. (And oh I still get to feature in a few movies, record voice overs and PSA's for brands, write movie screenplays, author my blog, record podcasts et all. And I'm re-writing an 80's epic telecast into screenplay for a movie I'm co-producing soon). I don't have a team of 'creatives' slaving on my behalf. I do it all myself...So tell me, Who says you can't do it all?!

I'm always proud to say my Blog was configured and designed using my mobile phone....A Blackberry Z10....a gift that came from my sweet friend Biodun...at a period when my writing was simply therapy to get over so much EMOTIONAL pain... at a time when I couldn't even afford to fix my HP Compaq Notebook or buy a brand new laptop. Yes, early last year was that bad. (But I somehow earned myself bragging rights). Hehehe.

It may probably shock you to note that I use the exact same blog host and template as the most POPULAR blogger in Nigeria....So why does mine look quite DIFFERENT from hers? Is it money? Is it taste? Is it class? Well...maybe a little combination of it....but EFFORT and CREATIVITY definitely tops that list. And guess what I did it myself, no special tutorials or certificates in web designing. I'm 'self taught...' just my CURIOSITY to learn...an innate desire to EXCEL. Something, I believe we all NEED to do...To take out time and experiment on how we can do things better in our own special way.

There's so much I've been doing underground to connect myself with THOUGHT LEADERS globally and share my amazing gift and empowering thoughts with the world....despite the many challenges...I have no intention to slow down on going for GOALS.

Yes, I WAS A BROKE and BROKEN Single Mother....(No longer broken...still broke from time to time) Hahahah. But look at the little I have achieved by simply being self sufficient and DEDICATED .

So what is your excuse????

Its time to get out of your own head and stop being a regular fish in a big pond. When you can be the GOLD FISH in the Aquarium... And if you need help, don't be ashamed to ask for IDEAS or support. I am HERE for you.

If you are interested in gaining insight on doing same for yourself....Feel free to connect with me or drop me a VOICE MESSAGE & don't forget to REGISTER NOW for my free Webinar - THE NAKED CHALLENGE 101: "From Idealist To Realist..."

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Meanwhile, its one day to go and only 50 Spots Left....Have You Registered For My Free Live Video Conference/Webinar on Monday July 6, 2015 tagged THE NAKED CHALLENGE 101; From Idealist to Realist..." (It only takes 2 minutes to sign up). To participate and become one of the privileged attendees to receive my TBT techniques/The Naked Challenge Electronic Workbook on how I found my purpose and started re-building my personal BRAND from scratch. My Webinar will empower you to shake up your brand and chase your purpose in truth. I would love to see you there.

You can REGISTER for free @ my Official Site HERE

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Have A Soulful Sunday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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