PODCAST: The Pregnancy Fetish...

Hey My Delicious Talk-Bugs! Did you miss the Talk Wednesday #LIVE show on THE NAKED TALK? Or did you have problems connecting?

#TNT 015: I talked about the erotic fantasy some men have about random pregnant women (MAIESIOPHILIA) and their sexual love for a woman's protruding belly in cases of ALVINOLAGNIA (Belly Fetish) and EROTIC LACTATION.

Some Men have what some might call a weird FETISH. They are mostly sexually attracted to their wives/partners during pregnancy....or turned on by random women who look or appear pregnant....while some other men are a little repelled by the mere thought of sexual contact with a pregnant woman.

#1) Do you find PREGNANT women sexually attractive or repugnant?
#2) What are your thoughts about men who don't sleep with their pregnant wives/partners or men who actually FANTASIZE about random pregnant women?
#3) How do women feel themselves about sex during pregnancy and how do they feel about being an object of desire for their man or even random men?

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