PODCAST: British Singer Romeo Crow Strips His Journey On The Naked Talk

I must CONFESS, there was a time I wanted to call it off and drop my head in SHAME....I was almost losing my mind....After all the effort and planning for yesterday's show, everything that could go wrong on THE NAKED TALK did go wrong....and I was so freakin' worried that I had totally embarrassed myself and my brand LIVE before my British Guest- ROMEO CROW, his massive fans and all my listeners globally.

Yesterday was a practical course in CHALLENGE and I was stripped NAKED for the entire world to hear despite the comfort, knowing my guest was patient, generous and messages from the die-hard (loyal) listeners who gladly persevered with us.

If there is anything you should listen to....This is IT!!!

LISTEN to how we somehow made it through the THUNDER STORM in London, the 4th of July downtime in New-York and the heavy RAIN in Lagos.

His style of music not only breaths LIFE....but his words will also inspire you to do great things in your own way.

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#1) Only Your Pride To Blame by Romeo Crow
#2) Living Like You Do by Romeo Crow
#3) Shoes by Romeo Crow
#4) Save This City by Romeo Crow

Quick Facts About My Guest- Romeo Crow:

He is 35 this year, lives in London, is married, has a child and is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, filmmaker, author and family man!

Family - He has an Italian wife and they have a two year old daughter. Spending time with them, playing and chatting is the most important thing in his life!

Music - He plays the guitar, vocals, bass, drums a little piano and record and mix his music at home, in his lounge, among his daughter's toys :)

Film - He makes short films of his songs as a way to improve his experience, skills and creativity, and help other artists in making basic music videos for them. He's also done some videos for corporate clients.

Writing - He loves writing fiction and blogging. For the fiction he has a book of four short stories on Amazon and a few novels in the pipeline. For the blogging; he writes an "inspirational" blog post weekly, designed to help people pursue their passions in life.

Communicating - He loves chatting with his fans! He is very active on social media and replies to around 500 messages per day, which is AWESOME that so many people care what he's up to, though he's not sure how sustainable it is as things grow!

Martial Arts - Romeo and his wife have both been training in the same school of traditional Chinese martial arts for a number of years now. Though he previously trained in various arts all his life, his wife had not, so they started with Tai Chi and now also train Wing Chun and Shoalin. It is a very disciplined and hard-working school which really challenges both the body and the mind - they get a LOT out of it!

Travelling - He loves to travel! They go back to Italy a lot to see his in-laws (which also happens to be his favourite country) but recently (now their daughter's old enough) have been taking and planning more adventurous trips.

Future - He helps some clients on their marketing and digital strategy and have been asked if he wants to do some talks on it. He certainly wants to help people succeed in their passions (which is what his Sunday blog posts are about) but, more than that, he wants to look at ways he can do a lot more to help people - not just those in safe, secure, developed places but further afield. This is something he hopes to look into and develop a lot more as time goes by. Outside of this he is working on his fifth music EP, some full length novels, a unique children's story concept, some more videos and possibly a screenplay. And changing nappies, lots of nappies :) Hehehe.

So what do you think about his music and the show for this week Lovelies? Feel free to share your thoughts. If you want to check out Romeo....You can visit and connect with him @ his official site www.RomeoCrow.com

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Have A Sweet Saturday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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