Truth From The Grape Vine

Hey Sweetkins, There are some of us who are so AFRAID to hear the truth. WE run away from it. Avoid it whenever we can and even twist it for our benefit, if we are allowed. But the AMAZING thing about serving the BOOST is that I know that these are daily TRUTHS from the we can pluck them, squeeze them...ponder... INTERNALISE and infuse them...until they become an integral part of our LIVES. Here are my NAKED TRUTH for today. Hope they inspire you as always...

1) I have learned that just because someone DESIRES you... doesn't mean that they VALUE you. Know the difference. Think!

2) You are in the wrong relationship if it is a SECRET. There is a difference between being 'private' and keeping a bloody secret.

3) Go for someone who is not only PROUD to have you, but who will take every RISK and EFFORT just to be with you. Yup!

4) Have you thought that instead of JUDGING people by their past, you can actually stand with them....STAND by them and help them repair their FUTURE?

5) People run away from their PROBLEMS, forgetting that it is more 'important' to do what is RIGHT...than to do what is EASY!

6) Obstacles can't stop you. People can't stop you. Only YOU and your many EXCUSES can stop you. Don't let FEAR keep you from succeeding your goals.

7) I realise that when you carry yourself in the right way like you're 'somebody', Ha! People are less likely to TREAT you like you're nobody! Who are you?

8) 'Communication' isn't solely about whether or not the message was sent or received... but errr...also whether or not the message was UNDERSTOOD.

9) Know that PAIN doesn't just show up in our lives for no reason. It is a SIGN that something in our lives desperately needs to CHANGE.

10) "Helping" someone isn't about what you do. It's about the IMPACT you've made on the person you did it for.

11) Maybe the thing you are most SCARED of, is exactly what you should do... You must learn to somehow CONQUER your fears.

12) Never apologize for OUTGROWING someone. It's really not your fault, that they somehow refused to GROW with you!

13) If you want to know who your real friends are....just 'ASK' for help. Your friends will make it happen. The others....Ha! They will make excuses! Lol.

14) Some people are so used to being 'single and selfish', that they can never ADJUST to being a 'couple and selfless'.

15) Don't allow your 'loneliness' to lead you into a FALSE sense of security. Not every man/woman who comes into your life, actually wants to STAY....or even needs to stay.

16) Surrounding yourself with the RIGHT people will most times require you to 'get' away from the WRONG people.

17) I know it is better to FIGHT for something than to live for nothing. Trust me... Moral COURAGE is a much higher and rarer 'virtue' than physical courage.

18) Be careful who's leadership you follow. A 'MOTIVATOR' will look back to see how 'close' you are...But a 'motive-hater' will look to see how 'far' you are. You dig?

19) Not everyone will appreciate your ideas, creativity or your honesty. Some people will even hate you for it. Still it pays to KNOW your audience!

20) A relationship will sometimes call for you to be 'uncomfortable' so that your partner can be more comfortable. I think its actually called COMPROMISE.

21) My biggest lesson: Stop building relationships with people you care nothing about. The first step to a happy, healthy relationship is building it on the foundation of genuine LOVE!

'Knowledge' is POWER! Remember, there will be people who will withhold information just to prevent you from having that power! Stop fighting yourself and start fighting for yourself. Its time to take back that 'cerebral' power...Or what do you think lovelies? Share your thoughts!

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Enjoy The Rest Of Your Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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