THE NAKED CHALLENGE 101: From Idealist To Reality

A few years ago I used to DREAM of working at a place like Soundcity. I didn't....But you know what? I now dream of OWNING an enterprise like 'Soundcity'. A few years ago, I wanted to be in every movie or television project that would come by....but now I dream of telling my own stories, collaborating and producing my own QUALITY work of ART. That's right, I'm a dreamer...That completely unrepentant Mistress with VIVID imagination and a picturesque mind. And it was most times, my biggest undoing.
I used to dream of the perfect life with the perfect career, flanked by a set of perfect children.... living in the perfect house, loved by the perfect man with the perfect billions to spend....until I realised that PERFECTION was really an idealistic expectation of the mind.... And my reality was world's apart. It took frolicking with the TRUTH to understand that perfection doesn't exist because we are all flawed and by extension, our choices and actions, most times become PRODUCTS of the imperfections we represent.

So, are you waiting for the perfect moment, when your stars will SHINE, your luck will happen and your dreams will MAGICALLY become a reality? Are you waiting for a Knight in shinning armour to push you up the success ladder or a Fairy Tale Princess to wave a mystical wand and make your dreams come true? Then you need to stop day dreaming and SMELL the coffee.

Its time to wake up and realize that to GET what you want, it will require you to stretch; out of your COMFORT zone, out of your regular routine, out of your CRAZY job, out of your destructive relationships, out of your family DRAMA, out of your poor excuses, out of your phony habits, out of your EGO and definitely out of your idealistic mind.

So, let’s suppose you have an inkling that what I’m saying might be true...

Is it only true for other people? You know, those who you SECRETLY think have a little more going on than you do?

Two truths for you:

1) If you think you are ONE in a million, then do the maths... There are six thousand people just like you in the UNIVERSE. And they all want it too....So get moving.

2) If there is a BATTLE that needs to be WON....This is where you will #win the battle - in the playhouse of your MIND.

And I bet the biggest challenge we face everyday is first CONQUERING ourselves... and overcoming the mental obstacles that stifle our growth. When we can channel our thoughts to focus more on the VISION and challenge our minds to turn those dreamy ideas into palpable RESULTS.

It's time to set off the trigger that will help you ACCOMPLISH the goals that have remained stuck in your dreams....and push them into REALITY.

I know too well, what it feels like to be stuck in one's head and remain stagnant. As I literally began re-building my brand from scratch, all by my self..So Join me on Saturday, 4, July 2015 at 11am GMT, I'm hosting a Free Live Online Video Conference/Webinar called, THE NAKED CHALLENGE 101: "From Idealist to Realist..." It's all about stripping open our CHALLENGES to achieve balance in life using TBT(The Basic Truth) techniques. I'll also be sharing nuggets on how I finally moved past my "Dreamy Stage", conquered myself, challenged my mind, and began pushing my vision into reality. My stories will inspire you and the tools/tips will help you get started. There's so much to learn. I'd love to "see" you there!

P.S: There are only 250 slots available. To become one of the Privileged Attendees. Please register for free HERE

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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies. Kisses!!!

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