Suddenly I'm A Naughty Girl

I woke up this morning and all of a sudden my PHONE was blowing off the hook. I'm getting Facebook messages, Whatsapp messages and a torrent of followers on Twitter...Chei! I'm scratching my HEAD wondering what the hell was happening. I mean it was the pace at which it was happening co-currently. So I open up facebook messenger and I see phone numbers flying about my VIRTUAL space, email addresses, home addresses and several promises to put a smile on my BEAUTIFUL face. Ha!!! Kilode???

I'm wondering....SHIT! Have I missed something. it's like I quietly recorded a SONG a week ago...Went to bed, woke up and it suddenly became a monster HIT. Or maybe someone finally released a SEX tape of I didn't FILM, or didn't know was being filmed. Then again, That's how I felt. Like there was some secret everyone knew, that I didn't know. So in my CONFUSED state. I figured I would just read through the many love PROPOSALS...I mean I'm always so freaking busy I hardly have the time to chat or respond to messages. I try...but I still SUCK at it. I cant even lie.

Still I decided I could STEAL a few minutes to respond to some of the messages and get back to my work for the day. Many complained that Facebook refused to allow them send me a friend's REQUEST. I nicely explained that I had long since reached my Maximum Friend's limit and they could still FOLLOW me on Facebook if they wanted...Okay, I still wasn't catching on what was happening. Maybe I somehow made it to the cover of VOGUE magazine. Thanks my delicious Talk-Bug @ Donkeke for sending that lovely photo in form of a wish...or what else explains these sudden FIXATION on same ole me. The guys are clearly at the market today shopping and they came totally equipped.

Then suddenly I received a message on Whatsapp. Someone I didn't know.... I ran over there quickly. We exchanged pleasantries...

Guy: Hi Alex

Me: Hi

Guy: Nice Interview

Me: What interview Please?

Guy: On Punch

Me: Oh oh! I haven't seen it

Guy: Its on Today's Punch. Ok....That you are done with your sex break and ready for a new relationship.

Me: Ha!!!!

Guy: So I'm here to summit my application please.

Me: Hmmm....I see...

So I dash off again...straight to mobile browser and searched myself on Google. Aha! There it is on page 1- "I'M DONE WITH MY SEX BREAK, OPEN TO DATING NOW" - Actress, Alex Okoroji.... Holy Moses! Whaaat???? I broke up in laughter. Nigerian Journalists just know how to create the most SENSATIONAL headlines, don't they? I mean if I wasn't selling, I would be buying me, right now... Yeeeaaa!! Like, if you scream the word SEX even the deaf will hear...E remain for people to ask me "Alex, How Market?" "Tell me, how much sef?" like I'm advertising myself or what! Whadehell!!!

As in see comments o. "All these Nollywood Actresses sef..." "Can she even cook?" "Yet, Another Kim Kardashian..." "Didn't you see Nigerian Man before you followed Ghanaian..." "That's how these actresses rush in and rush out..." Err, what has she acted before? I don't know her o...." I cracked up. I wasn't even sure whether to be pissed or HURT...or just be sorry for the bloody lot. I mean I remember this interview. It wasn't even much of that.

I got a call about a blog post I wrote commiserating with Media Personality, Toke Makinwa (TOKE MAKINWA...WHERE IS YOUR HEART HUNNIE) and the journalist wanted my comments being I pretty much understood her pain, my OPINION on that which I actually gave....Ofcourse trust them to squeeze out more juice. I knew it was coming...Yes, I played. but I didn't think the headlines were going to be all out screaming in your FACE. Now, I don't even smell the farce from where it all began....nothing anywhere mentions what this initially was about. I guess.. Toke's gist is old NEWS now....Abeg she handled it too well. go there...let's just lay Alex down on the bed, she and her naked self, and wait for bloody hell. They don't even know me well...that I'm an Igbo girl. And I go use them SELL. Yes ke!!!

So while some blog commentators where fighting on my behalf, defending me (I really thank them o), some were pouring out their hateful MYOPIC thoughts....But Why? Why should I worry about being a Tokunbo, Ehn! when I'm not a spare part...Jezuuus!!! Lol. even if I were, I work better than a tear rubber if they check me out... and now would be a good time for anyone to read this post (IF BEING SECOND HAND IS A CRIME...I'M GUILTY) I have long since accepted that the problem with the world is that too many, people care too bloody much about hearing their own voices....even if it sounds like CHALK on board, like they are rusty somewhat. Why should I care about VALIDATION from others whose lives are in no way better than mine.... when we all have our slimy greasy parts...All of us, and somehow through the MUD, I've spent so much time working on building my own Self-Love?

How in the world, should any thinking adult in this day and age, possibly decide a woman loses her chance to find a good man because she's a mother. STUPID!!!...and has been married before? Duh!!!.. Like clearly they are not in touch with the way of the world. Like anyone whose ever FAILED before wants to keep on failing. Forgetting a man stands a better chance winning with a woman whose been down that road before. Someone who clearly knows what she now WANTS....and is not about to take another bad FALL. Even my mother has a hell of a chance, finding a man at her age, if my father messes things up.... So bloody what?!. There are no limitations in my mind or shortage of men in sight....just me clearly holding on tight so I only do things RIGHT this time. So what if I said I was ready to DATE, does it mean I'm advertising and putting myself back in the market PLACE?

Okay, let me POKE some nerves....I never even said I was done with any sex break, because honestly speaking I never consciously went on one in the first place or even claimed to be CELIBATE. I see them lining up to clear my sweepstake...take out the cobwebs and eat my juicy steak. Hahahah. Or do you think my 'Raw and Unfiltered' posts here are made up figments of my CRAZY imagination? Bia!!! I pride myself on being honest and unfiltered....Don't put sand sand in my GARRI...just to STRIP that. Imagine Tiger, Pony or even Kisses believing that... Hey now....whats all the lie about, Miss Truth? We done poked this... even you know that it's true. Yea, these men probably read the blogs and they know I keep it REAL....Abeg! I'm a grown woman...I don't APOLOGISE for my truth.

What's done is done. What's gone is GONE. Tell me what's even there in a marriage to mourn....I don't deny that I love the ATTENTION I sometimes get, feels good to be making all these men SWEAT....but let's not even get it twisted...I'm still the same woman with a firm head, even if, I can be NAUGHTY and MISCHIEVOUS in the same breath. But If I suddenly wanted a man to scratch me down there....I know where I can find him all by 'myself'. So pretty please.. SCREW the Newspaper GIST, all of a sudden... they want you to believe I turned the 'naughty girl' in a heartbeat.... Hehehe.

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