I Am The Typical Pisces... Do You Know Me?

I was granting a newspaper interview recently and the JOURNALIST asked me to describe myself. He wanted me to describe my personality and the easiest definition I could give considering my somewhat COMPLEX nature is that I'm typical PISCES...Err...The Positive Pisces actually, if I may add. Hahahah.

I know so many people who don't care too much for Zodiac signs....they think it's SUPERSTITIOUS and some even think there's some twisted spiritual undertone....But hey, it doesn't hurt to know the behavioural PATTERN of people born around a particular period....believe me, I care about it.... because it sort of gets me to UNDERSTAND people and their nature better. I also figured out the people I get on better with and the kinds that I just don't click with. For example, I never understood why I just couldn't SUSTAIN a real relationship with a LEO man. Well, despite having to constantly battle EGO trips....What does a Lion and a Fish have in common? Ehen o, I mean how can the FIRE sign (Leo) and the WATER sign (Pisces) blend? When water puts out fire....You see...but I did notice I get on fantastic with other water signs and even earth signs.....Yes, water and earth mix very well. Imagine a combination of water and sand/dust. Yup!!!

So do you have a piscean in your life? Me or someone rather close, born between Feb 19 - Mar 20. Well in my honest summary about my STAR sign.... Pisceans are Empathetic, Romantic, Openhearted, Mysterious, Passionate, Spiritual and very Intuitive people. And if you know me well enough, you can TESTIFY to all of these....Still when it comes to the Fish, it always pays to know which one you're getting, since there are often two (in one) and they can become confusing. Want to know a little bit more about me? Let's speed DATE with help from my friends @ pisces/are/us.

#1) Dont get upset if your Pisces date act like they love everyone. It's not true in a sexual way, it's just their nature to love everything.

#2) Pisces are wired to do multiple crafts. They don't believe in limitations.

#3) Pisces may not like something but they always adapt well.

#4) Pisces love people and attention (like Leo)

#5) Pisces can be passive and stubborn (like Taurus)

#6) Pisces are honest and loyal to a fault.

#7) In most situations pisces dont really care what happened, they care why it happened.

#8) Pisces sexuality is one that is fantasy-driven, spiritual and emotional.

#9) Pisces want mutual love, time-less love.

#10) Pisces can become great artists and storytellers. They also have the ability to grasp various details of something that people ordinarily tend to miss.

#11) Pisces can be a bit reactive.

#12) Pisces will identify your shortcomings but still love you for who you are.

#13) When in a relationship, don’t try to make a Pisces jealous, you won’t incite them, you will only disappoint them.

#14) Although Pisces may seem uninterested or unfocussed, they are great listeners. They not only hear what you say but also what you mean.

#15) Pisces can't do the opposite of what their hearts tell them to, even if they try.

#16) Wherever Pisces sees suffering, they want to help alleviate that suffering.

#17) Many dont like to admit, but too many Pisces are in love with alcohol or some drug or both. They get easily addicted.

#18) Pisces are able to make others feel better about themselves

#19) Pisces have a powerful intuition when it comes to a lot of things especially when attracting a partner.

#20) Pisces will fight for who/what they LOVE...

#21) Pisces have different trust levels with different people.

#22) Pisces have the best creativity of the zodiacs. They always end up in the arts either in fashion, film, music or as painters, sculptors, writers or as teachers, nurses or anywhere their creativity/caregiving is of value.

#23) You might be surprise but when a Pisces female falls in love they become quite shy.

#24) Pisces are uniguely fascinating and mysterious. Now the trick is in keeping them interested.

#25) Pisces favorite sex position? They are all about oral satisfaction.

#26) When in a bad mood Pisces can be a bit stand-offish to others.

#27) Pisces let themselves be chosen and if you want one, you will have to make atleast half the move.

#28) If you make a Pisces feel like they are taken for granted, they will disappear like thin air from you.

#29) Pisces have a terrible fear of rejection.

#30) Pisces hardly share their memories of deepest love or deepest pain.

#31) Pisces understand their partner's emotional needs and responds to it with tender love.

#32) Pisces are sexually fluid and are willing to try anything once. More often if they liked it.

#33) Pisces Negative Side: Escapist and somewhat Idealistic, Secretive and Vague, and Easily discouraged.

#34) Pisces always keep a tight circle...they are never interested in temporary friendships.

#35) Pisces have the ability to embrace all of humanity with compassion.

#36) Pisces are very forgiving.

#37) In bed a Pisces pleasure comes from fulfilling their partners desire.

#38) Pisces can dump you in a heartbeat but they will never cheat on you. They honor and value the essence that is a relationship.

#39) Pisces have no problem taking a real bullet for a loved one. But they dont stick around for the emotional pain.

#40) Pisces appreciates true art, beauty and the finer things in life. But unlike other signs they aren't driven by them.

Oh well, Did you learn something new about your piscean buddy? Is there something here that totally rings true or is there something you actually disagree with?....Feel free to chip it in the comment box. I'm CURIOUS!!!

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