The Valentine Boosts

Sweetkins, I know I haven't been very consistent sharing my thoughts here on a daily, what with having to split myself creatively between the Radio show, the Podcasts, The Video Broadcasts, Putting finishing touches to the BOOK and my social work with #4NL. Its been a crazy roller coaster that's doing my head in. And I can't help but notice the proverbial VALENTINE celebration is a few days away....It's pretty much looking like my 'Alleluyah Whisper' isn't getting an upgrade this year. Remember my Valentines video for last year? And how I was supposed to upgrade from getting C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E-S to a R-A-N-G-E r-o-v-e-r....Ahem!!! Don't laugh at my dreams. I need a rental BF soonest. Any ideas? Well I've always thought people should treat and remember those they love, everyday and not just on special occasions. Especially when it comes to treating WOMEN and bagging the woman of your dreams. So here's my Valentine BOOST for all year round.....

1) Don't expect her to take you seriously if you come around and show her that you love her only HALF the time. If you are CONSISTENT, you will 'get' her.....If you are PERSISTENT, you will 'keep' her.

2) No woman of substance wants to be a part-time lover. Either you're with her, or you're not.

3) If you want a woman to leave, give her DOUBTS....If you want her to stay, then by all means give her HOPE.

4) Don't call her "baby" if you're calling 4,764,801,966 other women that same shit. How is she supposed to feel special? EXACTLY!

5) A half truth is a whole lie. And a lie is the fastest way to LOSE her interest. Don't be silly, women can always tell when you are lying...its a natural gift.

6) Don't ever get too comfortable, there's always room for improvement or REPLACEMENT...Be complacent and you will get replaced.

7) Remember, a woman that's worth it.. will never be easy to get, and a real man will always be PATIENT.

8) If you can't afford to pay your woman some ATTENTION, be sure, you'll end up losing her to someone who can.

9) Every woman wants a man who is content with the pursuit and presence of her and her ONLY.

10) You can say "sorry" and "I love you" as much as you want, but if you can't prove it to her, your words will always lack meaning.

11) Women are great with numbers, no matter how she feels, she will always end up picking the one man who gives her the highest numbers in values. whether financially or emotionally. Just know 100% love will win over 40%, 60% or 80%. You better be willing to give it your all. If you hold back, you lose.

P.s: (My motto) "If it doesn't serve a practical purpose it serves no purpose." This does... So work at it, work on it, work through it, work for it, as long as she's worth it, never walk away from it. 

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Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses!

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