So I'm Not Perfect, Deal With It....

Last week, some JOURNALIST skewed a totally professional interview that was done 5 months ago, by mischievously SNEAKING in a few personal questions he never even asked me and making up his own answer to them on my behalf, there by 'misleading' the general public and ofcourse making me look DUMB like I don't even know how to answer simple questions....Why? I don't know....But, his answers didn't match the questions printed and oh, forget how SHALLOW it made me look, even I was repulsed and turned off, as I read the mysterious answers that were attached to my name....Chineke!!! Bia!!! That's not even the way I talk. At least, if there is anything people know about me, its that I have no issues communicating or at best ARTICULATING my thoughts. So reading about this confused dull-brained woman running all over the place with her scattered answers, PARADING to be me didn't sit right with me at all....Especially since it was an interview printed in a supposed reputable newspaper. Jeeeezzzzz!!!

Fast forward and a few days ago.... I get a ping from a friend who alerted me that I was TRENDING on the front page of a massive online forum and I kept wondering what I could have done this time, to warrant such unnecessary ATTENTION. (Now you know why I don't even go out to events) I stay quietly where I am and I end up courting the damned press....Chei!!! Well, I Google up myself and there it is "WHY MY MARRIAGE CRASHED - Alex Okoroji (Daughter of Chief Tony Okoroji, Ex Musician and Former PMAN President)". Ehen? Hian!!!!! Wait o! You would think after 8 years of trying to build my own name from SCRATCH in the Industry, without ever asking 'Daddy Dearest' to connect me to his associates or contacts, I would have earned my own IDENTITY without constantly living in my father's SHADOWS....Not that I hate being attached to a successful brand like him....But what's the point of struggling to find my own identity and do it all on my own, if every time I SNEEZE, I'm reported to be sneezing through his nostrils....Hahahah. (Anyway, this is subject for another day). Lol. 

So after receiving several calls and MESSAGES and me finally checking out some of these online forums, some of which house the biggest online BULLIES you can find and I couldn't help CRACKING up at some of the hilarious comments and criticism. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what people really want from me....actually from us, like celebrities aren't real human beings with real problems. I mean I am not PERFECT and I have quietly accepted that I failed somewhat in the marriage department (even though, if I hadn't failed, I wouldn't even be the woman I am today). So I decided to keep it real and share a post on facebook yesterday. I just realised now that it will be a big DISSERVICE to myself and to my NAKED journey, if I don't share it HERE, in the one place I feel comfortable baring my thoughts and airing my sometimes DIRTY Laundry (if you know what I mean).... So to kill 2 two birds with a stone. Please read my Rant and Rave post/ facebook post below....
"Okay, I'm not usually the one to make comments about stories or media reports about me....But just for the sake of those who've been calling and sending me private messages here, on BBM and Whatsapp telling me I'm trending. I'm grateful to the journalist who tried to trend me on blog forums all over the internet

1) First things first....I never granted such silly interview, neither did I imply that crap anywhere. 

2) I would never compare a failed/broken marriage to the engine of a tokunbo car....Hahahah. My sense of humour isn't that slapstick and I'm certainly not that shallow minded. (Besides I own a tokunbo, so save the insults).

3) I didn't just get separated, so I do not understand what the hula-bula is all about....Infact 3 days ago was my ex husband's one year wedding anniversary and he's expecting a baby with his new wife (Here's me sending my best wishes to them). What does it tell you all? We've both moved on....And I'm gleefully grateful. (So don't feel sorry for me).

4) I never once complained about a temper (that's not even a good reason to leave a marriage....i have one too) So please spare me all the lectures . I know patience is a virtue. I even have my own personalised #AlexDailyBoost quote on that.

5) If I am a divorcee. Its certainly not because 'Celebrities' can't keep their marriages or because I don't have personal values or I'm lazy (My parents have been together for 39 years, married for 31 years, I'm a big product of that balance and I need not prove how well cultured I am....trying to insinuate I'm not is an insult to them and I won't tolerate that. Besides i am big on commitment) so save passing silly judgements about people you know nothing about their private lives. The institution of marriage is way more complex than any of our brilliant minds can fathom. Do I poke my nose in your own business? No! 

6) So do I wanna throw punches? No! Am I bitter about this? No...I actually found it comical for a while until the out pour of #concernednigerians... and I really don't want to dwell on the lazy journalist who's aim to draw blog traffic is to tag real people with 'distorted illusions'.

7) Maybe I don't pray enough, maybe I'm not spiritual enough....Well, how do you know that? Are you my God? Exactly?!!! If I'm still alive and healthy, then obviously, God's grace is sufficient for me. (So save the preaching about divorce and hell) My romance with God is between him and I and beyond your understanding. If you knew anything, you'll be thanking him for lifting me from where I 'was' to where I 'am'.

8) I have spent the last year and half on a self discovery. And I have grown from my experiences, both good and bad. I have no regrets, only lessons. So Whatever you thought you knew about me is irrelevant right now.....I was who I was....And now, I am who I am....And Believe me, between this two people, I am so comfortable with them both. I'm presently concentrating on building myself, my brand and adding real tangible value to the lives of others with my talent. 

If what you have to share with me today, won't add value to my life tomorrow. I make no apologies for cutting you off right now because my attention span for bullshit is fast waning.

If you feel the need to celebrate me, then by all means....feel free to celebrate all of the amazing creative contributions I've been making. 

Have A Sweet Saturday Lovelies! Xoxo. Muaaah!!!"

And there you have it! Sometimes we need to take the GOSSIP we read with a pinch of salt....and if we choose to buy it, then at least cut the people some slack. We ALL have our baggages.  And there's no fun in mischievously MAGNIFYING someone's personal issues just to ENTERTAIN the insatiable appetite of rumour lovers. So I beg those of you celebrating trash news I did not endorse, Yes, I am not perfect, I know that.... I have accepted that FACT and I'm cool with that failure, but it's time for you, Now to deal with it...Hehehe....Or what do you all think Lovelies? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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Have A Soulful Sunday Lovelies! Kisses!!!

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