THE NAKED CHALLENGE (2): The Julian Challenge

The first post I ever wrote on this blog (ITS FINALLY HERE) in January, I mentioned how a good friend of mine 'Julian Bassey' challenged me to take my writing to a bigger audience and start my blog, which was something I always wanted to do but never found the time and perhaps even the COURAGE to really start.

In some of the new paper interviews I granted in 2012, I mentioned a few times I was starting my own BLOG but that never really happened until two years later, when Julian actually deleted me from BBM because he was frustrated with my frequent BBM broadcasts and told me to go to a bigger platform, and even said I could earn a lot of money from it. And oh, it will only take me 30 minutes to start on blogger.

Ofcourse, he lied. It didn't take me 30 minutes (well, because my note book had no Internet connection at the time and I fiddled with my mobile phone for almost the entire day, trying to link my Gmail account to blogger and even get a hang of how it even works....and viola! My first post was written. And 184 original posts down, baby.... my blog is getting high like it's smoking some Jamaica weed. Lol. 

I pushed my own boundaries and I eventually configured and DESIGNED my entire blog all by myself using just a BLACKBERRY mobile PHONE and I'm still blogging with it (thanks to another amazing friend of my Biodun, who gifted me the Z10 that does all of the amazing work outside, my brain of course). And now I'm earning some money from my audio's and articles....and even designing SUPER CRAZY ideas to promote the brand and expand what has now become a genuine VISION. How amazing is that? 

But how did I get here? Did I just wake up and find myself in this new crazy world of online publishing and broadcasting? No! (even though I dreamt of it for so long). I finally allowed myself to be challenged and went on further to push beyond the challenge that was set for me and set an even bigger one for myself.

Is there something you've always wanted to achieve? A goal or vision that up until now have seemed very unattainable. A degree? Medical school? Film school? Perhaps you want to lose a certain amount of weight? Get married? Start your own business? Work from home? Cooking classes? Record your album? Volunteer for Charity? Start an NGO? Your Own fashion label or maybe just build a closer relationship with your family and God? Then this one is definitely for you....

It's the THE NAKED CHALLENGE (2)...."The Julian Challenge".

The Julian Challenge: is named after my friend who inspired me to take this new journey I'm embarking. And I DARE you to find the 'courage' to go after a particular GOAL you have always wanted to accomplish. The beauty of setting and sharing your goal HERE with the world alongside a reasonable time line, is to make yourself accountable to people, so they can remind you, encourage and motivate you to keep making PROGRESS.

So here's my own #TheJulianChallenge

ME: A lot of my friends, fans and followers have advised me to write a book and I've always wanted to author one (even though secretly I have been afraid to take that leap). Well, now I've decided to take my own challenge and write one. I'm presently writing my book "THE NAKED EXPERIENCE" is a guide book that will chronicle my journey from the Timid Girl to the Confident Woman i've now  become. And how my experience exposes a vulnerability that has given me the Presence of Mind and Freedom of Expression. And I'm expecting the book to be out in January 2015 to meet up my February Book Tour/Seminar also tagged "The Naked Experience" (see event banner on the side bar and book cover image on my Official Info Website .

Why Am I Telling You All This? 

That's what's great about #TheJulianChallenge. I'm keeping myself accountable to you all, so you can keep enquiring, motivating and encourage me to accomplish this new goal, so that I don't disappoint you and myself.

Now it's your Turn....Are you BOLD enough to take THE JULIAN CHALLENGE and encourage someone else to do the same? 

Share your goals here and I'm sure the ABC family will find ways to keep pushing you to accomplish them.

If You Like Today's Challenge, Don't forget To Share This Post With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot). 

Have A Tantalising Thursday Lovelies! Kisses!

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