FEATURE: The Slum Invasion Project

I didn't exactly come from a POOR background or lack much while growing up thanks to the Grace of God....Still I know what it feels like to be in need or lack certain things as an adult, because we all STRUGGLE everyday to meet up our daily needs. 

I still remember what it felt like to become HOMELESS for some months, after we lost our family house and properties to the most violent fire outbreak I had ever seen in 2005. It was the benevolence of people and their never ending CHARITY and Love that helped us back on our feet, and kept us away from the streets. Nobody believes in sowing seeds of kindness in others like I do, because I realised we had benefited from the goodwill my parents had sowed in others. It is that incidence that changed my principle and my values....And how I view my life and my purpose to mankind. 

When people hear about Charity Projects or Community Service, they are always scared about giving because, they think it's always about money. Even though, yes money helps to go a long way in giving the less privileged a better life....Still I know that one can add value to the lives of others through SERVICE and SKILLS, if money isn't readily available. I've always considered Money to be my servant, not my master because I give more SERVICE value than I receive in CASH value.. And Every of those sort of  transaction, creates for a more meaningful life for those who receive it. Which is why I am once again lending my voice and support to the organisers of #SlumInvasion Project 2014....And you too can. So many people have been asking me, what is "Slum Invasion" about. Well here's all you need to know....


Slum invasion is a concept put together by Jegede Paul Foundation and Qtaby Events. The objective of the project is to visit slums, inspire hope for a better life in the minds of the slum dwellers, give them opportunities to train and acquire different skills and provide food for children in these slums while giving them an opportunity to spend time with celebrities that they ordinarily do not have access to. We use these celebrities to inspire the people of these slums through their life stories to kindle hope for great aspirations in the minds of these people. Our major objective is to improve society through the lives of these people. Each year, the project is given a theme which explains its' main focus for that year.

The first edition of this event took place at Isale Iwaya on January 5th 2013, featuring artists like Timi Dakolo, Infinity, Tega e.t.c and had media representation from several print media, TVs and radio stations. 
We donated food and drinks to the community, children participated in a spelling competition and won several gifts including mobile phones, learning utensils; scholarships were also awarded.

This year, we have broadened the scope of the project as we have not only taken the children into consideration but the teenagers will also be catered for. We are partnering with several well-meaning organisations and philanthropists to ensure that we have adequate food supply and clothes for families. Scholarships will be awarded to deserving children and most importantly opportunities will be given to members of this community to acquire skills that can help them make a living. We believe that these people should be able to earn a living for themselves as this is the best route to a better life, becoming responsible and useful to their society. 

The event will feature artistes like Harrysong, Infinity, DJ Humility, Femi Brainard, Alex Okoroji, Femi Branch, Kalu Ikeagwu, Grace Ama, Comedians and many more... skill acquisition opportunities in the following fields: Catering, Driving, Dancing, Auto Engineering, Hair Dressing and Barbing, Acting, Singing and DJing.

Partners are the #4NL Foundation, Pretty Dreams Catering, Kdove Beauty House, Ronabel Architecture and more
Date: November 2nd, 2014
Time: 1pm to 4pm

You can learn more and participate by visiting SLUM INVASION

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Don't Forget, There Is Real Love In Giving....Kisses! 

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