Campari, Temptation....And The Visit!

Forget that my friends accuse me of drinking and never getting TIPSY...its not like I'm a fish or something....I just like to think of myself as quite the CONNOISSEUR if I may say so myself. Always curious about wine tasting and learning new things about LIQUOR.... Believe me  I know my drinks like I know my BRA cup size....Hahaha....

So a few weeks ago, I spent an entire week working down-town in some VILLA away from Port-Harcourt and what I drank most of the time was CAMPARI, or what they call the Campari SENATOR mix, which the delectable songstress Mor, stylishly pitched to me, as a rather HEALTHY indigenous yet alternative mix....Imagine, the combination of Campari and Beer....Whaaat! Mo da rán lé ni...(in my weirdest yoruba I can muster), I figured I could stay up for this challenge.

Soon after, the other actors joined us and went straight for a beer and in what seemed like an obvious secret ROMANCE unveiled before my very eyes, they each poured some Campari into their glasses....Wow! No be only me waka come o!!!  

So here we are sipping our SENATORS ....hehehe....and chatting about all manners of profanity....(Okay not a good look for the guys if you know what I mean). But trust artistes to be rather EXPRESSIVE in all manners of subjects, from politics, to our entertainment industry, including the dreaded three letter word xxx.....Lol. And, Lord have mercy, had we gone on into the night like our usual hang out, there's no telling what may have happened.

Well, it wasn't too long, I got back home to Lagos, the land of all activities when I got a call from my good friend/ super brand, the royal Weirdness as I like to call her, the very TALENTED and outspoken musician - 'Weird MC' about a courtesy VISIT to the Brian Munro Ltd, aka Campari Nigeria....And I was super excited to visit the home of my new FAVORITE Aperitif. So amidst a warm reception, a healthy business DISCUSSION and me faced with all those different bottles of alcohol boldly WINKING at me and trying to put me in trouble.

Ha! Jeezus....see TEMPTATION, it's only 1pm....Thank goodness I'm not the daughter of a palm wine tapper....Only God knows under what BRIDGE I shall lay sprawled after a quick loving session with any of these bottles of alcohol fighting for my attention...

Now here I was secretly binding and casting that WILD TURKEY and SKYY VODKA starring at me as I humbly sipped my black coffee, no cream and trying to FOCUS on the bane of Mr Yomi's statements.

Dang, this was harder than I thought....Anyway, trying to sound very intelligent and hide my internal STRUGGLE (okay, I'm not an alcoholic dammit....stop looking at me like that). I could just hear my friend and soon to be manager- Victoria Nkong's voice screeching down my membrane "No Alex, you can't drink. Remember you are still trying to lose some pounds for the Lé Braided Fashion shoot...." Err....If only I could have heard that voice when they were force feeding me with Fisherman soup and Eba the size of actor, Kalu Ikeagwu's head, I wouldn't be strolling back and forth the size 12 corner of that shop....Hahahah. (And please don't say I'm an African woman) Bia! Don't you think I know that? Mstcheww... Lol.

So I kept my focus on the conversation going on as the marketing manager and social media executives trade IDEAS....

Just then the Magnanimous Yomi Ajao decides to give us souvenirs....Chineke!!! You guessed right. A bottle of Campari Aperitif and Coffee Liqueur each, of which I nicely CUDDLED my 100cl dark ELEGANT stallion, the ILLYQUORE.

Think of love at first sight, as the butterflies in my stomach, kept doing the dirty dance....Dang! These babies are freaky happy. Hahahah. So while my voice of reasoning was SECRETLY wishing I had picked the Campari instead, for healthy reasons of course, I couldn't pass off a chance to try out something new....I just couldn't especially since I already knew the good ole taste of campari.

So here's what I think about the ILLYQUORE other than it's gorgeous bottle. it's Coffee Liqueur at its finest, and it tastes really damn good (almost like a combination of irish coffee n whisky).....Yep! 100% Arabica. Aha!

So here I am chanting.... "Campari, Illyquore.... Campari, Illyquore.... Which do I really prefer? After all the temptation, I say CHEERS to my liquor affairs." Hehehe.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! And Oh, Drink Responsibly....Muaaah!!!

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