When A Man Loves A Woman....

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with a SPECIAL friend of mine yesterday....And then he said "Alex don't you know when a man loves a woman?" I went quiet. it seemed more like a condescending STATEMENT than an honest question, knowing how he feels about my INTELLECT. And so I went cold quiet. And he also went quiet for almost 2 minutes.... which is a pretty long time to be silent on a phone conversation, if you know what I mean...Then he broke the silence and said...."Feel free to stay quiet darling. I feel so comfortable even with your silence. it's almost like I can hear your kind heart beating." Hahahah. There goes the BRAIN washing and I burst into WILD laughter. That's a man who knows how to untie the angry knots. I knew what he was doing but I kinda loved it. Not afraid to be expressive, honest and maybe even just a little CUNNING. And yes, I like a man with solid balls. Hehehe.

Okay, I'm not going to claim that CUPID suddenly shot me in the heart .... because to be honest, cupid still has a lot of work to do where I'm concerned. But for those who keep wondering and sending me messages on how to know when a man truly loves a woman....Well, Here are some of the SIGNS exhibited by men who have claimed to feel that way about a woman....

#1) He appreciates the quiet moments with you when there’s nothing to talk about. And it's not because your breath stinks, believe me. 

#2) He steals glances sitting across you at the dining table which doubles up as a work-desk each time you bring work home or while he's driving and you're at the passenger seat or while you hang out together with friends. As long as there's no TV screen behind you with a soccer match on, or his ex girlfriend making a seductive walk past. Then it's all for you.

#3) He's not afraid to be vulnerable, expressive and honest with you irrespective of the outcome. Outcome being you could think he's a weak sissy for caring so much....But hey, isn't that what we want. For David to defeat Goliath and the 6 foot 4 man with 6 packs to crumble on our tiny shoulders like broken salted crackers.

#4) He puts your needs before his....even a blind person can see the sacrifices he makes on your behalf. Babe you're not blind....Why can't you? 

#5) He wants the very best for you....And the best is usually about what will make you happiest. If happiest means him being selfless and you being selfish. Mean girl! Hahahah.

#6) He's not ashamed to let the world know how he feels about you, because he's proud to have you in his life and happy to be in yours. Especially if the soccer star is on your case and your ex is the president's son. Errr.....oh!

#7) He makes you a part of his short term and long term goals. Short term being right now....Long term being a series of right now until you get tired and give him an ultimatum that includes forever. You dig?

#8) He accepts everything about you the way you are.....baggage and all. Whether your issues come in a cheap raffia bag or a Louis vuitton suitcase....even if you are older, much younger, disabled, an orphan, a single parent, divorcee, widow, tax defaulter or even an ex convinct. 

#9) He adores your strength and complements your weaknesses. As long as one of your strengths involves a blow job and 6 hours in the sack....and your weakness isn't his best friend. Please!

#10) He always presents the very best image of you to his family, friends and the rest of the world. Eg....Your perfect double D's and rounded ass. Forget you are the brand manager of a top brand or an accomplished musician. Your ass...sorry, arsenal is his bragging rights.

#11) His love automatically makes him dependable and reliable, because he aims to please you. Ofcourse, he will stop to get you pizza and ice cream  on his way to get some booty from you. You can count on him for sure.

#12) He supports your goals, dreams and vision and contributes to making them successful. Wanna be a movie star? Flips out his camera phone. How about you both record a selfie on the way to his family reunion. There you have it, your own co-star. 

#13) He finds you beautiful even when you’re having a bad hair day or when you don’t feel so lovable because you feel fat and bloated next to your sexy sister, or after he's hinted at the stretch marks and varicose veins creeping their way in, yet says "I love you all the same". Walahi!

#14) He burps with you and laughs about it. And thinks your fart stinks really bad but will rather have that to a bottle of Issey Miyake. Liar! Choi!

#15) He loves your natural sweaty musk and doesn't mind kissing your bad early morning breath or even after you've churned down suya or that onion soup and garlic bread. Oh! Don't forget, He ate the same too. Bad breath begets bad breath. Hehehe. Just Kidding!

#16) He feels thankful and goddamn lucky watching you put on make-up and other aesthetic enhancers before heading to work because it never ceases to amaze him how it’s possible for you to look even more beautiful than you already are even if he can't get over his crush for Kim Kardashian.

#17) He loves your quirky randomness, even finds your temper sexy in a way, just as long as you don't blow up at him in front of his pals.

#18) He puts up with your naughty behaviour not because he's a fool but because he loves you too darn much to lose you to an argument. That's not a fool right? Right!

#19) He's not afraid to make some sort of commitment to you and stand by it. Something like "I love you and I always will...." until he spots the fat ass with rounded boobs and gets truly confused...then realises "he loves you but he's not in love with you".Smart pants!

#20) He celebrates your success because he knows your success is also his success as well. Yes! If he unknowingly knocks you up....and you end up giving birth to the cutest baby. Ofcourse he will take credit for that success, Afterall his sperm is one half of the contribution. Lol.

A Man who truly loves a woman is thankful because he understands your VALUE and appreciates that you are an ESSENTIAL part of his life....my silly pun aside.

If the man in your life shows these characteristics....Then Honey, you've found yourself a real keeper. Build on the foundation of his love and show him what it feels like for a man to have the LOVE of a good woman....Ha! Yes! Start with the wallet please. Heheheh.

Have A Fantastic Friday Lovelies! Kisses! 

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