How I Miss Those Days....

I don't know what's WRONG with me today....but I guess that little trip the gorgeous talented HUNK and a half, Joseph Benjamin took us, text serenading the BBM group with popular TV commercials from yester years took me back 15 years....but Dang! I really miss those days...I miss the days of hot PANTS, open back tops, micro minis, platforms and my TINTED red hair...

I miss the days of wearing ANITA BAKER, Evelyn King and Mama-mayowa sticking my head between her thighs with the familiar STENCH of her private regions masking my juvenile face as she WEAVES my hair for school. Yikes! Oh how I miss the days of kwili-kwili, samco and go-go (oh don't laugh) and hey I was the very best at ten-ten...and "Catch Her"....oh sorry that's what you all call "Hide and Seek". Hehehe.

I miss the days when I had three best friends, an under ground MUSIC group and lots of male CRUSHES. Oh how I miss those days... The days I wanted to be Beyonce Knowles of 'Destiny's child', a member of the '702' group or even the lead song writer of the 'All Saints' Band...

I miss the days of dancing 'Atilogu', 'Ati-ero', 'Igbo cultural', 'Yoruba cultural dance' and traditional groups that involved borrowing my mothers FISH EYE wrappers. I must have worn them out from all these DANCE troupes I worked so hard to fit in...Hahahah.

I miss the days I was PRINCESS of pink house, CAPTAIN of blue house,  CUP BEARER of green house and finally QUEEN of the green house during inter house sport competitions.... The days when I won 'Most Attractive Girl', or when I finally got the 'Most Beautiful Girl' Award and those silly wonkers missed the correct spelling of 'beautiful' on my award plaque...Hahahah and yet  I was dancing for joy cos there were many others just as beautiful in my high school, if not more.

The days of EXPRESSION and FREEDOM...days when I was the only junior in MUSIC club, DRAMA club and PRESS club. Oh how I miss those days, days no matter which school I was... I danced for LIFE and sang for JOY. Days when I mimed to Janet Jackson's "I Get So Lonely" or Ginuwines 'pony'.... The Days when Keith Sweat "Nobody" had me wondering about LOVE  and curious about SEX. The days when I thought 'Pink' first album was the ish... .And LAURYN HILL was the second coming of Jesus...Sweet jesus, that woman could sing, act and rap for universe.

I miss the days when I used to SNEAK my dad's CD copy of Billy ocean, Stevie Wonder, Al Green and Donna Hataway to school... The Days when I could sing every song word for word and re-enact every MOVIE scene line for line...Oh! Those were the days.

The Days when 'School Fathers' wanted to be boyfriends, 'Boyfriends' wanted to be 'Lovers' and love was a picture of only one young man I imagined I would love for the rest of my life. (Hahahah) What a silly tease.

The Days when I thought I wanted to be a DOCTOR and my ARTISTRY was just a hobby...Days when I passed 'Physics' and hated it....but failed 'French' and I loved it (sorta....the male French teacher was just too cute). The days when "Adaeze" was easier to pronounce than "Alexandra" for some ... And when Daddy and I solved further maths or cooked coconut Rice with peanuts in them. Yeah! Those are the days I miss!

I miss the days I was BOLD enough to walk up to another FEMALE and innocently say "Hey I like you, Can we be friends..." Nthenya, do you remember? That's how met....And days I could easily say "No! I don't want you to be my boyfriend" Sorry Omoruyi... That's right! I remember saying that as well. Days it was okay to date for a full year without SEX...and being a VIRGIN was such a big deal. Lol.

The days when Mama Junior was my neighbour, Aunty Meg, my favourite God mother and Coca-cola never made me FAT. Lol. I miss the days I used to trade in my morning BREAD in exchange for SUNDAY rice, pleated skirts were SEXY and school boys were Brad Pitt. I miss them days.

Days when everyone loved to read my little amature NOVELS, debate was a fun past time and 'English' was my favourite subject after BIOLOGY of course...(Who didn't? The Male Reproductive Organ) I miss those days. (Ha! Mr Lawal where are you oh).

The days when Festac was 'Newyork', Akure was 'Liberia' and 'Okija' seemed like 'Iraq' to me. Lol. The days when managing my Mother's business was a major part of my life and Fashion designing was a SECRET talent. And I wasn't afraid to MANAGE a business with 22 staffs all older than me...Those were the days.

The days when I thought I would be Happily Married at 21 with 4 kids and the Perfect husband...and a perfect family. ( Hahahah, a Decade after, what a trip) those really were the days.

The days when RESPONSIBILITY was keeping an eye on my younger ones and freedom was an evening stroll on 'Unity Drive'... The days when writing 'Poetry' was easy peas and writing songs felt as easy as me breathing...The days Acting on STAGE was another world but a world that embraced me completely. I miss those days...

The days when 'one million braids' were so cool and I didn't give a hoot about buying human hair cos I had my own real "20 inches" tucked underneath. (oh chai!)...the days I was an extra small with the perfect C cup and nice rounded hips to balance...oh! Those days!

The days I could drink raw eggs, eat four noodles, a bowl of ice cream and my stomach will still be flat as an ironing board...Chai! Na wa!...I miss those days we didn't have BBM, mobile phones or even internet...Yet I never missed a friend.

I miss the days I was young, innocent and yet so free. Free from PAIN, responsibilities, challenges and STRESS. Today I really miss the days of my youth...the YOUTH we take for granted because we assume we will always have it...So many years have passed and I have evolved a lot from the person, who had all these many talents, DREAMS and desire to conquer it all...but its okay to remind myself that I once lived...and I can LIVE again.

P.S: Take your own trip down MEMORY lane...and remind yourself that you too can live again. 

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!

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