Brunch And A Movie Date....

Hey Lovelies! Hope you are having a good wednesday so far? Well, I've been so overwhelmed lately with work and prep for a movie shoot, the JB Hounyovi - Lé Braided Celebrity Photo shoot, gathering exclusives for my Celebrity Column in RB Magazine and planning the #4NL campaign with the rest of the Think-Tank. So much so that I haven't done much socialising lately and Alex needs to get her groove back, right? 

So it's time for a giveaway and I'm thinking of taking a day off, for a good play date this catch up at the box office....

Well, if you will like to spend an entire day with me....How about we meet up for BRUNCH at the Fabulous "Dé - Santos" (and by the way, their cuisine menu is exquisite) after that, we can head out to see a good MOVIE at the cinema.

But of course, you will need to answer a few questions to qualify for this special giveaway.

1) What is the name of the second article I ever posted on this blog?

a) Finally It is Here.
b) Sheer Ignorance Or Pure Mockery.
c) Penny Wise, Relationship Foolish.
d) Finally Ignorance is Relationship Foolish.

2) On my birthday in March, I did a hilarious review of the movie POMPEII starring a certain British Nigerian Actor. Who is it?

a) Chet Bashari Anekwe
b) Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje
c) Kalu Ikeagwu 
d) Chiwetel Ejiofor

3) Which of these Actors author their own personal blog and was a Celebrity Guest Post Author on ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS? 

a) Stella Damasus
b) Kalu Ikeagwu
c) Ashionye Raccah
e) Femi Branch

4) I have severally mentioned in some of. my blog posts that Rice is one of my favourite staple foods. Which one of these types of rice, do I love the most?

a) Jasmine Rice
b) Indian Basmati Rice
c) Thai Rice
d) Brown Rice 

5) In one of my last week's post "NOT FASHIONABLY LATE..." I spent most of my day in a meeting with the CEO of Qtaby Concepts....?

a) Victoria Kimani
b) Victoria Nkong
c) Victoria Beckham 
d) Victoria Okereke

If you know the answers to these questions, feel free to drop them in the COMMENT box with the number, letter option and answer indicating eg. 1) C- Nelson Mandela 2) A - Ikeja  3) B - Pepper soup. etc.

I can't wait to find out, which of my ABC readers have been judiciously following my blog posts.... And is looking forward to get together with me, this Sunday. I'll make the final selection on Friday. Yaaay! Don't forget to use the opportunity to become a free registered user of A(lex's) B(log) C(ommunity) Shoutbox. 

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses!

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