What About Your Friend?

So I've been CONFINED to bed rest (Doctor's orders), being that I have STRESSED myself these past 3 months barely sleeping more than 2 hours a NIGHT. 

Anyway I see a FLASH back of  one of my favourite TLC's music video "WHAT ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS?". Dang, it still sounds as fresh as a new baby's BUTTOCKS. Hahahah.  

Forget I'm UNDER the weather. Abeg, I can't help but do the sick bed-shuffle (Yes! I love music that much)....so I'm MIMING along with my SORE tonsils, but who cares....Don't know when next BET will bless me with some more 90's classic...."What about your friends...will they stand their grounds....will they let you down....Yea! Ooooh! What about your......will they ever be around....."

So here I am singing along and the LYRICS hit me. There are many people surrounded by faces, we give so much CREDIT and call them our 'FRIENDS'. Those who present themselves like they will ALWAYS be around but BOLT at the slightest CHANCE they get. 

The ones who love to FLATTER you with big words and evidence of their ACHIEVEMENTS (show offs), yet have been of no VALUE to you, are always suspiciously MUTE, too BUSY, in the middle of their OWN issues or constantly PROCASTINATING to help. 

The ones who own a BAKERY but will still take away your only SLICE of bread if you let them.

The "IT IS WELL" kind of friend, who LISTENS to you but NEVER does anything to help except give you false proclamation of HOPE.... " It is well".  

The ones who THINK they need to become 'billionaires' before they can SOW a tiny seed of KINDNESS in your life.

The ones who don't REALISE a quick phone call, a warm hug, a #500 note or #10,000 in the ENVELOPE, could save a life. 

The ones who think your ADVERSITY are the MEASURING stick for how much better they are than you.

The ones who ASK you how you are, but don't really want to HEAR the answer. 

The ones who don't UNDERSTAND that the basis of friendship is 'selfless' LOVE.

These past months, I have come to understand DEEPLY the meaning of the phrase "A friend in need, is a friend indeed"....Let me explain;

1) Those SPECIAL few, you don't really have to ask for their support but they are GENEROUS with it. Every single time you need them, they come to your RESCUE and throw you a life line.

2) The ones irrespective of how FLAWED you are, still see the good in you, and VALUE you.

3) The ones who don't mind SHARING the little they have, because they understand what it feels like to experience 'LACK'.

4) The ones who GO out of their WAY and even face difficulties on your BEHALF with genuine pride.

5) Those ones who's main GOAL are to see you GROW, even if all they can offer you is TIME, COMFORT, AFFECTION or KNOWLEDGE.

I have always said that the RIGHT person doesn't always have to be a LOVER. Sometimes, when you least expect it, a good FRIEND who will always be there for you, is all you really NEED. 

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!

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