FEATURE: TONY OKOROJI - Three Million Man Match For Jonathan?

I begged my father to let me post this on my BLOG yesterday, as I was privileged to read this ARTICLE before it was sent to print.....hahahah. But I knew I had to wait for it to be printed first, for it to make it to my saturday's FEATURE. Have you all been following, the conversations, claims, counter-claims and commentary(s) going on about our beloved country? Well, you need to read today's interesting feature, from Chief Tony Okoroji's newspaper Column "LOCOMOTION" in today's Saturday Independent. Here it is.....Enjoy!


"The conversations in Nigeria have been revealing since the school girls of Chibok were kidnapped by the Boko Haram sect and #BringBackOurGirls went super viral. Like never before, the attention of the world has been focused on Nigeria. I have watched in dismay as people whom you were sure could see have gone blind and people you thought could hear have gone stone deaf.

While the entire world is debating how to return these girls of history to their families, there are those who are falling over themselves to show the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that they love him more than the rest of us. They have been everywhere standing reason on its head and twisting logic in all directions. I have followed arguments on social media where otherwise valued people had insisted that no girl was kidnapped at Chibok! To some, it is the political opposition in Nigeria that wrote the crazy script, directed and shot this blockbuster Nollywood movie that has gripped the attention of the world.

I have even seen some argue on television that because nobody had seen the photographs of the girls and the parents of the girls had not paraded themselves on TV, that was conclusive evidence that no girl was kidnapped. I actually followed a hot discussion on facebook following the posting by a well-known Nigerian Nollywood director in which he insisted that no girl was kidnapped in Chibok. The gentleman asked how anyone could have moved hundreds of girls in the middle of the night without a big jetliner. His conclusion? The Chibok affair is a badly written script.
If this drama does not have to with the lives and future of innocent Nigerian girls trying to improve themselves, it would be hilarious. You can see the struggle to be more Jonathan than Jonathan. The theme is very clear: If you are a true friend of President Jonathan, you have a duty to go out in public and argue forcefully that no girls were abducted in Chibok. Their logic appears to be that by so arguing, the Boko Haram problem will vamoose and the world will forget that the girls were indeed abducted!

I know some of these people reasonably well. Most of them are almost always hanging around Abuja waiting for any crumbs that might fall off the table of Mr President. These people are not protecting President Jonathan. They have their own agenda and are creating huge international embarrassment for our country. If these are the real friends of my President, then I am afraid that the President of my dear country has no friend.

Now, CNN has arrived with its cameras. Its reporters do not have time for the politics of PDP nor that of APC and will go wherever the news takes them. The world has seen the kidnapped girls, seen and heard from the girls who escaped the kidnapping and how they escaped. The world has seen and heard from the parents of the girls, seen the burnt-out buildings of Government Secondary School, Chibok. I will not be surprised if these self-appointed defenders of the president start a war of words with CNN and AFP and Reuters and Aljazeera and the rest of the world media and accuse them of working for APC. How else do they explain the earlier incomprehensible dribble out of their mouths? I will not be surprised that some people have sent proposals to the government with all kinds of scheme to profit from this tragedy that has befallen innocent Nigerian families and made our nation the talk of the world for the wrong reasons. Some fast thinking person may even have proposed a three million man march in support of Jonathan as counterweight to the Bring Back Our Girls demonstrations across the world. It is in the character of jobbers. In any case, elections are around the corner and man must wack!

We have been here before. Has anyone forgotten a certain Daniel Kanu and his Youths Earnestly Ask for Abacha (YEAA) and the two million man march for Abacha? For a long time, I suffered a private humiliation from the significant stain and injury done to the reputation of an organization I had worked so hard to build. I did not take part in the march and did not collect a penny from anyone but I got tarred along with those who did. To add insult to injury, those of us who raised our voices in protest of the infamy had our names sent to Aso Rock as enemies of the government. In Nigeria, you know what that means.

The Abacha Two Million Man March was a key chapter in the fall and fall of PMAN, a once very respected organization which was cheaply deployed to market a sordid idea.
I was sure that Nigeria would never experience that sad chapter any more. With what I have seen recently of those who purport to love Nigeria more than the rest of us, I am not sure anymore."

By Tony Okoroji

Phew! Which way Nigeria? Guess we need to ask ourselves some pertinent questions....and perhaps tell ourselves the hard truth.

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!

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