FEATURE : TONY OKOROJI - Finally, The World Is Cooking For Boko Haram!

I'm sure this is a SUBJECT of every kitchen table conversation in almost every home. And it's no different in my family house....as I'm here spending a few weeks with my family and following up the most important issues to happen to this COUNTRY in my lifetime....even as I'm trying to RACK up my mind and finish the screenplay I'm writing for a movie. Oh yea! I must have gotten some of that talent from my father....hahahah....Oh well, it's not always that a daughter loves to read something written by her father, but being that I enjoy his mind....and as a point in case...We share the same passion for creativity and the same zeal for excellence. So whilst I'm being a little LAZY today (and unapologetically so....considering how hard I've worked these past months) Lol. I thought to share with you all this interesting article written by Chief Tony Okoroji in his weekly paper column "LOCOMOTION" in Saturday Independent. Here it is......Enjoy!


"Where I come from, there is a saying that when an individual cooks for the community, the community will eat all the food; the people will lick their fingers and ask for more. On the other hand, when the community cooks for an individual, you can imagine; where does the individual begin?

Nigeria was for a long time seen as the ‘Giant of Africa’. Even without a rebased economy, Nigeria was feared across Africa. Love Nigeria or not, which country in the continent had enough madness to blatantly challenge Nigeria to a fight? When Liberians went after each other in a war of attrition, it was the Nigerian assembled ECOMOG that went over there and when the crazy young men intoxicated with cheap liquor and ‘grass’ saw a power far beyond their ragtag army, their madness cleared. They had to stop the nonsense. It was not much different in Sierra Leone. In fact, wherever military force has been required in Africa and around the world, Nigerian military muscle has almost always been flexed.

And then the smiling Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from the Southern minority became President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Suddenly, a previously unknown bunch of Islamic radicals called Boko Haram decided that it was time to strip Nigeria naked and expose the powerlessness of the ‘Giant of Africa’. At first, the reaction was that Boko Haram could not be anything that Nigeria had not dealt with before. Has anyone forgotten what happened to the Maitatsine religious zealots that once tried to make parts of Northern Nigeria un-governable?

If the Jonathan government thought that Boko Haram was simply another Maitatsine, it was hugely mistaken. When reports of the reckless abduction and killing by Boko Haram in some parts of North East Nigeria began to spread, the government may have been in denial. Boko Haram was treated not as a major security challenge but as a political or public relations irritation. One day, Boko Haram arrived Abuja and there were huge explosions near the Eagle Square in the heart of the federal power in the city. Suddenly, life changed in Nigeria’s once peaceful show city built with billions of dollars of oil money in the bowels of the enchanting rocks in the centre of the nation. When Boko Haram bombed the Police Headquarters in Abuja, the United Nations Building and some churches, there was no longer any way this could simply be treated as a public relations question. Boko Haram had openly challenged the Nigerian government to a fight. Innocence died.

A state of emergency declared in three northern states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe did not change much. Tough talk and show boating took over and several times on TV, the law enforcement agents were ordered to flush out and eliminate the Boko Haram sect. Now and again, a few fringe members of the sect were shown to Nigerians on TV as having been captured. Nothing changed except that half of the roads in Abuja have been blocked to traffic and there is security check everywhere. The business of security has spiked in Abuja as the fear of Boko Haram became the beginning of wisdom.

The leaders of Boko Haram have clearly enjoyed the fight with Nigeria. They have been miles ahead of the Giant of Africa with our big army, thousands of police officers and myriad security agencies. Boko Haram has stripped Nigeria naked and exposed our powerlessness. It is now clear that despite the posturing of the nation’s leadership, no one is sure of the structure of the group and how to truly fight it.

The day of reckoning however comes for everyone no matter how tough you may think you are. Just ask yourself: Where is Osama Bin Laden? Where is Sadam Hussein? Where is Muamma Gaddafi?

Boko Haram has clearly enjoyed the huge publicity around the world and may have begun to think that it is unassailable. When the sect went to Government Secondary School, Chibok in the dead of night and abducted the hundreds of innocent schoolgirls trying to write their exams, they crossed the line and galvanized world outrage. As the social media caught fire with #BringBackOurGirls and demonstrations spread around the world, what for several years was a Nigerian problem has now become a universal challenge. British Prime Minister, David Cameron has described the Boko Haram action in Chibok as ‘an act of pure evil’. American President Barak Obama has publicly expressed outrage at the action of this Islamic sect and dispatched American security experts to Nigeria to take on Boko Haram. The French Leadership is aghast and has offered help. China is supplying satellite surveillance equipment. If Vladimir Putin was not engrossed with his dangerous games in Ukraine, Russia would also be on the case. Finally, the world is cooking for Boko Haram.

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp and multi-channel live television, the world has truly become a global village. What happens in any part of the world affects everyone. Pakistani teenager, Malala Yousafzai, who herself escaped assassination in the hands of Islamic extremists, because of her commitment to education, has described the abducted girls of Chibok as her sisters. Superstar actress, Angelina Jolie says that she is sickened by what Boko Haram has done and insists that the men must be brought to justice. American congresswoman, Marcia Fudge wants a special place in hell for the self-confessed leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau. Kofi Anan says, ‘it is abominable’. Even American First Lady, Michelle Obama is spreading #BringBackOurGirls. Everyone knows that if Boko Haram gets away with the evil in Nigeria, the madness will spread to every part of the world and no one will be safe, hence the worldwide outcry. When the Nigerian government thought that the world would be focused on the World Economic Forum hosted by Nigeria, the world is focused on the girls of Chibok.

But what Boko Haram may have thought as their biggest success may turn out to be their death sentence. Can they eat all the food being cooked for them by the whole world? I doubt it."

By Tony Okoroji

Hmmm....So what do you think Lovelies? Do you think the Boko Haram Terrorists are ready for what's about to befall them? Feel free to share your thoughts as always....and don't forget to join ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY and follow me on Twitter: @AlexOkoroji.

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!

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