FEATURE: Is Tiwa Savage Wanted By Hypocrites?

Alright, I'm going to start this post by saying that Tiwa Savage and her Hubby Tee-Billz need to thank Charles Novia and all the other nay-sayers not in support of her supposed racy WANTED video for getting it more HITS and making someone like me who rarely has the PATIENCE to wait for any online video to stream even if it's mine (Yep) I'm that bad.....

Now I'm a mother, sister, daughter, I've been a wife....hehehe. but most importantly as an ARTIST, I absolutely get what that video is about and the song is not bad at all.  Now anyone who says its not ART is just being downright MEAN. Point blank!

One of my guiles reading Charles Novia's comments and article about it, is not the fact that he has EXPRESSED an opinion. (his opinion). Its actually the ARROGANCE with which he expresses his opinions whilst assuming that he speaks for a vast majority and his thoughts are quite SUPERIOR to others who oppose his views. Hahahah.

Alright, I'm yet to clarify who appointed him judge and jury to come out as an Art CREATOR himself to openly RIDICULE another person's work of art, whether he appreciates it for what they call it or not. Is it his place as a self acclaimed critique whom by the way, if ever he reads the comments following some of his many write ups on blogosphere....Its usually the case of "Thanks.... but no thanks, Mr Novia." Hahahah

I happened to read the jibe, Ayo Shonaiya threw him on a forum for even saying it's tart and honestly Charles didn't handle that critic well. And whilst some of us may not have agreed completely with all of Ayo's views.....A point was clearly made. Charles MAY be known for simply dishing what he can't take and that is true about a lot of us, hypocrites. 

I remember attending the premiere of his movie ALAN POZA which fell on my birthday last year and whilst I was seated next to a friend of mine who is not only a celebrity but a first class AUTHORITY in filmmaking (I will withold his name so I don't start another civil war) who kept running a commentary on the shots, focus, sound, continuity et all. I remembered chiding him "Are you here to support Charles or to dig holes in his work? Stop it you're ruining this for me". To be honest, those MISTAKES however evident didn't ruin for me, what was obviously an art created with blood and sweat. I don't remember leaving the cinema hall with any special message from it.....but at least I was deeply ENTERTAINED.

I personally agree that 'sometimes' Tiwa as an Artist confuses me. I also agree that the WANTED video lacks originality but then again, aren't we all RECYCLING ideas as no one has the monopoly to ideas. I could easily say some scenes like the end bit on top of the armoured tanker was UNNECESSARY or the floor TWERKING that looked like a stubborn RAT convulsing from 'ota-pia-pia' could easily have been taken out during edit. Hehehe.

I can say that I personally would have loved some more STORY, perhaps see an array of chizzeled BARE-CHEST men in military bottoms chase down this SEXY wanted DIVA-convict. Hahahah. And I wouldn't have minded Charles play a cameo (her leading male perhaps).....Abeg oh! Don't shoot me down. Lol. I also would have preferred not to see all that bad grimace on her face from the unending forced GRINDING. 

But to compare her to Maheeda? C'mon Charles, even you know that was hitting it right at the Coochie and aiming straight for an ORGASM. It IRKS me that when someone makes some form of progress, it alludes to them copying or wanting ATTENTION. We say this is Nigeria not America. Okay, let's go back to the days of NO mobile phones and Internet. Let's scrap DSTV and all other paying satellite TV providers. Why do we even bother with Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram....Why are we blogging? Why do we go to fancy restaurants and eat foreign food? Why do we wear clothes? Didn't our great ANCESTORS in the village walk around bare-chest naked with nipples all over the place? Why do we want a place at the OSCARS? Aren't we content with our AMAA? Mschewww 

Infact, Why get educated? Oh!Thank you, Boko Haram for letting us know WESTERN education is bad. Some people have obviously been listening to you. So why are we taking so much from the bloody western culture? Hian! Bloody Hypocrites! We keep talking about Africa and Culture....And speaking of culture Tiwa has been in the forefront of those using their art to coin lingos and promote their indigenous culture. 

That, one video doesn't tow the line of her norm, doesn't suddenly make her a bad REPRESENTATION of this generation. Hang on! Onyeka Owenu may have sang "One love" and several other hits....But I still remember seeing her record jackets all over my family house with hands cupping her bare breasts seductively....and oh! Those sexy mono-straps....or is it the original bad boy Daniel Wilson, Alex O, Alex Zitto, late Mustapha Amego or Charly Boy....who were really SEX symbols. Or should I mention FELA and his band or the sexy gyration of Yeni Kuti and Femi Kuti's dancers. Why is all these suddenly linked to Tiwa's GENERATION? 

Was Tiwa's video more RAUNCHY than all the videos of our Nigerian male artists with all sorts of video VIXENS in bikini's or very little shading their bare pokered ASS? I dare say that the rumoured obscenity of this video was grossly EXAGGERATED. As an Artiste myself, I know that most artistes have a persona or ALTER-EGO in which they channel to express their artistry. It doesn't mean it's who they are in their everyday life. The Beyonce's and Ciara's of this world regardless of how they grind or what they wear in the music videos or on stage. Don't go around dressed or acting like that. Same goes for Tiwa. She has always presented herself in the public domain with RESPECTABLE finery. 

Even I, who write my unfiltered thoughts with a lot of graphic literary OBSCENITY know that, I simply channel an alter-ego who isn't my everyday personality. Do I swear or curse when I talk?  Noooooo! But I'm allowed to, when I write..... regardless of how difficult it is for the hypocrites to swallow. Yes! That's one part of my Art! And I will be damned, if I let anyone put sand-sand inside my Garri ojare.... because I know it doesn't and will never take away from me as a good woman or as a great mother. And just like everything classified. Its not for my son to read now until he's of the age, he can understand and APPRECIATE my art.

And honestly, we have too many people who just love to hear the sound of their VOICE even when it's cracked. We are impulsive in giving advice and picking sides without clearly analysing the INTENT or import of someone's action or the repercussion of our opinions and how we COMMUNICATE them. 

Has it occurred to anyone that Tiwa was a SEX symbol who's fan base are mostly MEN....Some of who jerk off to her videos and pictures....And some who day-dream they will either SHAG her for millions or marry her for free. And she dashed their hopes by getting MARRIED to her lover. Trust me I have been there.... and I know what it feels to LOSE the ATTENTION you seemingly get at the snap of a finger simply because you're no longer on the market. She now has to WORK  twice as hard to keep that FAN base and let them know just because she's married, doesn't mean they still can't fantasize about her. Its SHOW-BUSINESS baby, and anyone who believes people attain STARDOM simply on the MERIT of their talent is DELUDED. Leave auto-tune and air brush alone. Its simply about brand positioning. 

I agree that the good-girl-gone-bad image might be a little DRASTIC and a bit of effective PR might have warmed people up for what was to come. Still, I believe it's just the SHOCK talking. Take a look at the video again and listen to the song. Forget the usual club bangers. I HEARD less auto-tune and I think it's a FIERCE song even a Beyonce or a Rihanna can appreciate. 

I personally have quite a hidden FONDNESS for Charles Novia and I'm all for people expressing their thoughts and criticism....but please do it with LOVE. Do it in a way that its intent is HEALTHY and it doesn't appear malicious and OBNOXIOUS. I know the POWER of words and how it can either make or break a person. He should know better than anyone, that in this new ERA of social media, those tweets had the power to ruin her career and the hard work she has put into building her BRAND whether we like her or not. Thank goodness, we are mostly curious cats and she's a way stronger brand.

Still, If you like it... all well and good. If it's not your cup of tea, dump it with IGNOMINY and move on. We have more serious issues to tend to in this country. Let's all stop being HYPOCRITES. What another man allows his wife to do is, simply no business of ours. Kindly, MIND the BUSINESS that belongs to you and stop the friggin CYBER bullying. 

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses! 

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