Who Will Bell The Cat?!

Have you noticed any of the crazy BULLSHIT happening these days from the multiple killings to misappropriation of public funds, our two-timing philandering politicians playing BED-MATES to strange political bed fellows whilst the citizens are crushed under the tired spring bed on which they lie upon?

As a single mother, my plate is full...with a lot of junk. And I don't mean the yummy kind of junk that helps you forget your problems as you are churning down a giant size of coke with a turkey burger. I mean, the bag of filthy problems I have to endure. I have to worry about paying my house RENT, and all my other domestic responsibilities, like providing food, clothes, house utilities, water, security levy, electricity bill, my maids salary, my son's school FEES and fuel my car? Yeah, that's pretty much like every other CUNT with responsibility. Hahahah...But thanks to the government that gives me absolutely nothing, for paying taxes...I now have the added responsibility of funding their INADEQUACY. How? I have to send my son to a private school costing me an arm and one breast...yes, because apparently there are no good government preschools or kindergarten...actually (lemme cut out the sugar coat) there are NO government schools. PERIOD.

Let me not explain that I have to pay SECURITY levy to my estate and still pay a security man within the house I leave where I frankly still feel verrrry unsecured...so I have to be my own personal-apartment security lady, with PADLOCKS and CHAINS enough to scare even the toughest prison guard (heavens forbid that there should be a fire outbreak or an emergency)...still I can't stop peering out my window at the slightest sound...Shit! I've become a PARANOID SLUT. Yes slut, as its no secret that I've been SLEEPING with FEAR. (what a slut!) hehehe.

Should I complain about the rise in price of food commodity or my incessant angst at how the SARDINE (tuna fish) has practically gone from four fishes to just two with very little oil (though I'm still unable to ascertain what kind of oil it is) as I won't be surprised if its been mixed with water...(Don't say oil and water don't mix...Miracles do happen) despite its increase in prize... (Choi! Two people no fit share one tin of sardine anymore...).

Ha! Biko forget ELECTRICITY in this country... I'm almost certain, the solution is not in my lifetime...Back in the days, when little children used to scream "Up-Nepa" at the glimpse of hope that came in the guise of our electrical power supply... I now have to teach my 3 year old toddler how to scream "UP GENERATOR"...(Abeg no laugh o) Why not, that's the power authority that supplies electricity in our home. My ALTERNATIVE power has become my main power supply...as I've been forced to acquire two generators (one big and small which I have to constantly fuel daily and service regularly) so in other words, I've been TRICKED into generating my own source of power whilst still paying the country its friggin electricity bill. You no see daylight robbery?

I use my small income to buy myself a comfortable car (as I'm not yet able to afford a private jet or a chatter an helicopter to transport me over the hideous lagos traffic) so I have a plan, I might as well fill up my gas tank every week...Yes, a toyota is great with fuel consumption...except...err...when they were designing the cars, they didn't take into cognisance the probability of a nightmare on steroids posing as traffic somewhere downtown in Africa... a.k.a "The Go-Slow"...actually there's another version "The Stand-Still" (have you ever been on one spot for an hour? Ehen! That's the one! So yes...my fuel that should carry on for a week based on my usual routine probably lasts 2-3 days because of the traffic caused mostly by bad roads and limited alternative routes. In the end I'm spending MORE money on fuel and hospital bills (yes, constant high blood pressure from bumper to bumper swerving between multiple lanes, danfo drivers and tricycles (keke napep) caused by traffic of life....(And God help you that you don't get scratched with a broken rear light) hahaha...forget the swollen leg-cramps biko) ice-blocks will solve that one...oh! I forgot, no electricity to make the ice bags. There we go! Lol.

But who do I blame? I blame no one but myself... For sitting still and not caring all these time, which BOMBERCLAD becomes my elected leader. I turned my face the other way like a house wife begging to ignore a cheating husband for the sake of peace. Who are we kidding? Where's the peace in wrong doing? Neither the culprit, nor the accomplice nor the victim will have any peace. At some point SHIT will hit the fan...and whence thy explosion happens, even boko haram will take cover. Lol.

How we let 'the same of the same' and the 'more of the same' kind of leaders cloud our judgments befuddles me...I mean, the political terrain has been long POLLUTED and we all have been sniffing bad smelly air in pure 6-karat silence.

We let our so-called leaders ABUSE our rights, RAPE our democracy, STEAL our votes, and BUY our silence?!...We let them tell us who should lead us instead of we choosing who should SERVE us?!...We act indifferent when there is no guarantee that our tomorrow or the prospects of our children's future have been safe guarded?!

It is very easy for us to think politics is nothing more than a CONSTEST of egos or a domain of special interests. Yes! After all, our silly leaders have done nothing but stick out their DIRTY tongues at us. Taaaaaa! But if you look at the market woman in isale-eko, the trader in onitsha, the okada rider in ibadan, the children who go to public schools without basic amenities, the GRADUATES who are jobless or even the elites who drive their expensive cars on bad roads, you will understand that it is much more than that. It is the TRICKLE down effect of our indifference, decisions or lack there of.

Are we going to have a COUNTRY that is fully controlled by the government and its side kicks or one where its citizens have equal freedom to participate in the political process as well as the governing of the state?!

#1) We all need leaders who will practice a 'Politics of Conscience'.

#2) Leaders who understand that we all share common aspiration- to live in peace and security; to get an education and to work in dignity; to love our families, our communities and our God, despite our ethnicity, religious beliefs and political affiliations.

#3) Leaders who cut across young and old, rich and poor, able and disabled, educated and uneducated, elite, middle class and grass-root.

#4) Leaders who understand that the 'Power of Love' is a far more effective and lasting power, than the 'Love of Power'...(And yes, you know my open obsession with love) but a leader who doesn't love the people will accomplish nothing for them.

#5) Leaders who believe that no matter who you are or where you come from, our country is a place you can make it, if you try.

#6) Leaders who care about QUALITY affordable health care for its citizens, good education and basic social amenities. So that our CHILDREN can dream of a better FUTURE and our businesses can continue to thrive.

There's so much work to be done before every Nigerian who wants a job can find one or before the middle class regain our sense of security that's fast slipping away long before the recession.

Do we want a country where only a FEW people do really well and everyone else STRUGGLES to get by or an economy where everyone gets a fair shot. Everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules.

Do we want a country that's weakened by outsourcing, bad debt and fake profits. Or a country that's built to last on Education, Agriculture, Arts, Sports and Entertainment.

We can not afford to hang on to the old philosophy that brought us here. We need to give ourselves a new lease of life, a breath of fresh air, fresh ideas, fresh vision, fresh direction and ofcourse a fresh crop of leaders. But Mehn, I've got to ask this pertinent question. Who will bell the cat? Hahahah.

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!

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