Let's Talk About Sex Baby!

It has been said many times that I write about SEX and that's what my blog is majorly about....which I'm usually forced to correct such myopic views (check my header) Love, Inspiration and Life come way before it. Lol....Errr, I do NOT write about sex....okay I  do 'sometimes' (hahaha)....but more often than not, the sweet SENSATION of shaft merged in juicy cunt grinding to its rythym is RARELY my subject....even though the language is sometimes my MEDIUM.... Lol. (I just love the play on words).

And whilst I've adopted a language that may sometimes make a 40 year old WINCE....I can't help but wonder what the hula-bula is all about. Since when did the subject of sex become a TABOO amongst adults? Ehen oh! Biko nu, tell me....because if you are over 23.... I can almost bet my very perky left BREAST that you are rolling in the hay and testing all your sound levels....even if you're not a SCREAMER.

Still for a non-screamer like me, I have been known to start my own one-woman CHOIR, somewhere in between 'grind and climax'....with my "ooh...aah! holy fuck..." topping the chart and getting mixed REVIEWS from busy body neighbours.....(hehehe).... pretending they don't get down and dirty with MUD all over their mouth....Shuo!

Anyway, unless you're a ROBOT living in jupiter....which by the way, my blog isn't meant for your COLD ass. Hehehe. I shall use this fabulous opportunity to invite all red-blooded humans PEEKING through this post hoping to spot something that remotely resembles an ERECT nipple, to open their interesting minds....so that we can mentally SCREW each other senseless.

Why is this DREADED phenomenon  such a huge taboo in the African society? Why are my people tip-toeing NAKED, yet hoping... people are too blind to notice? Why can't we openly ENGAGE each other in an intellectual conversation about SEX and for once DEMYSTIFY it ....break it all into pieces and chew the crumbs (No spitting).

Isn't it little wonder why there are too many PERVERTS, pedophiles and sexual predators hanging loosely around our coy cloud of ignorance ....maybe even more FRIGID men and women in UNHAPPY relationships who keep avoiding to tell IT like it is... because we have refused to EDUCATE ourselves about sex or even permit our minds to RATIONALISE the many issues bordering around it without appearing like a sex ADDICT on crack.

Who's fault is it that Mama Bisi lays like a LOG of mahogany wood whilst her husband is plying through her dry patched PUSSY? Don't smirk...you think this is dirty? Well, true sex lovers, know there's nothing clean about GRITTY sex. Is it when your partner mistakenly leaks a FART in the middle of action or she spills a little breast MILK as you mildly grasp her nursing nipples...or he BAPTISES you with slimy PRE-CUM juice...as he wipes your entire butt crack with his SALIVA...and eats your hairy SNATCH like he's breaking a fast and your CLIT is chicken wings. Eewww....stop making a DISGUSTING face....You closet freak! You like it! Hahahah.

Well...my people are set in their ways. They don't like to TALK about issues that challenge societal norms or alleviate ignorance. We'll rather PRETEND certain things never happen....like if we turned off the radios, videos, cleared the streets off hoes...there'll be no more 'hanky-panky' on a down-low. (As in....). Little wonder why sex is one of the FUNDAMENTAL reasons why couples break up...(either one party isn't getting ENOUGH, not getting GOOD enough or the other is getting way too MUCH elsewhere ). Yet, NOBODY wants to talk about how it was or how it could be...or how it is and how it really should be. 

Now, our MOTHERS never said a thing about this. They never taught us women  to EMBRACE our sexuality...In fact we are not supposed to feel physical PLEASURE (Ha! You spoilt brat. I see your future) ...cut...cut..cut...CIRCUMSIZED cut...We are just a tool....Remember? Don't blame us, if we lay down like stark of WOODS...We are not TRAINED to wiggle our waists....and we were never taught  to take your fat COCK in our mouth and SUCKLE for dear life...without leaving evidence of our TEETH tracks burrowing your veins. Hehehe...

We know nothing about the G-spot, A-spot....Abeg, this one no be SPORT.  How many rounds please? Did FATHER teach you a little about foreplay?....My Guess is NO! You learned on your own how to score your GOALS.

"Pussy, Cock....Mercy, Fuck"....This is not FRENCH. Let's play a riddle and wipe the whole STENCH. Duh! 

Why not educate our little ones and help them UNDERSTAND their bodies as we stylishly curb their curiosity to EXPERIMENT? Why not teach them how to manage their desires and protect their bodies from UNWANTED predators? Why smirk every time we see a GRAPHIC description of sex and turn up our noses in foul disdain? Hian!

Maybe it's because we are all bloody HYPOCRITES who are too fucking scared to rise above the poor STANDARDS we've created, hence we PRETEND simple 'talking' permits us to be 'sexually reckless'... so much that we allow the silly FEAR hinder us from the POSITIVITY that may arise in being VOCAL. 

Well, if you're not one of them messed up hypocrites....then you know all things addressed are CONQUERED.  I say how about we shuffle to the classic melody of SALT-N- PEPA "Let's TALK about sex..."...I still find that song culturally relevant even today. Hehehe.

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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses! 

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