FEATURE: Oh Zara....Death Is A Bitch!

Its very strange that I've been thinking about DEATH for the last 2 days or so, in what seems to be a re-occuring mental TORTURE...Hold up, I'm not planning to commit suicide or anything silly like that...its just that after reading my friend Kalu Ikeagwu's hilarious guest post (here) and seeing funeral pictures of the Late Zara Gretti posted on Linda Ikeji's blog (here)...I couldn't help feeling like death is nothing but a BITCH.

I remember when I first saw the 'BREAAAKING NEWS' of Zara's death...Notice my exaggeration on the words 'breaking news'...a term, Nigerian bloggers have fallen crazy in love with. Eg. "BREAKING NEWS...Actress, Genevieve falls asleep"...hehehe... "BREAKING NEWS...Musician, Flavour reveals six-packs" hahahaha... Honestly, at some point...one tends to just TUNE out the distortant melody of the gossip troupes. I did! Until I saw lovely pictures of this pretty young bubbly lady displayed on several of my friends/colleagues Blackberry Messenger and Twitter pages .

I wasn't sure I knew who she was even though she seemed VAGUELY familiar...and I didn't want to embarrass myself by asking, as if I live under a rock...Lol. So I googled her up and found the "Abokoku" music video...and alas I remembered her...No Death! Not her! Why her? Oh mehn...my heart tore in pieces. I'm still yet to get over the shock even though I didn't know her personally and never inter-acted with her...but I remember seeing that video on television and thinking "Now that's how you do music..." I loved it...and even after watching the video once again 3 days ago, the song is still on the tip of my tongue. But na wa o, DEATH is really a bitch.

Anyway, was scanning through the funeral pictures and hoping to see a multitude of her colleagues from the MUSIC industry that showed up to give her a befitting goodbye after a long battle with 'multiple sclerosis'...And to my DISAPPOINTMENT... it was just a hand full of them Emma Nyra, Nikki Laoye, Spaceship boy, Noble Igwe, Yemi Alade, Vina and a few other close friends and family.

It kinda makes you want to ask...

#1) What happened to the other Celebrities crying on Twitter and Instagram? Where they just patronising the dead or is it that they don't consider her an 'A-list' worthy of their attendance. Perhaps they forgot to set their alarms and overslept?! (Hmm...Just wondering)

#2) No matter what happened between her/9ice's coded tunes and her former manager Toni Payne. One would expect that since they introduced her to the music scene they would put the past behind and at least pay the dead some last respect. (Hmm...just saying)

#3) What about all the 24,500 plus followers on twitter? Where did they all go? Imagine her stressfully trying to raise 1 million naira yet with so many people who claim to love her...with no success. What a shame!

It really does make one ponder on the dynamics of life and relationships...And who truly matters? I just got off her twitter, reading her tweets and you could see a lady who was in so much pain, yet desperately wanted to live. If all her followers had donated at least 100 naira each, she would have had more than enough to sustain her medical treatments instead of taking the rumoured 'agbo' (local herbs) fed, before her death. Ignorance may have played a role as some people said...but from reading her tweets, I didn't get the impression that Zara was an ignorant bimbo or a paled wall flower. She simply needed MONEY...not words, not hugs and yes, not prayers of false hope ("it is well...you are healed..." ) there's a proverb that says "heaven helps those, who help themselves"...and she was trying to help herself but did ENOUGH people rally to help her?.

I'm almost starting to believe that a LACK of funds forced her to take what was readily available and cheap enough for those around her to afford, hoping for some inter-mediate MIRACLE (I may be wrong though)...But damn, Death is such a bitch!

And times like this, call for sober reflection....

#1) How many of your so called Celebrity friends and acquaintance are of real value to you?

#2) How many of your Twitter/instagram followers and facebook friends are really true friends? How many of them will be there when you need them?

#3) How many people can you vouch will stay by your side come what may...or clean out the mess on your sick bed?

#4) How many will be too busy to attend your funeral when it finally happens...simply because your death is of no value to them?

We spend so much time on social network interacting and connecting with people who in real time don't give a hoot about us, and creating false relationships with no real value. Retweets, Mentions, Follow-Backs and Red carpet Photo Ops aren't guarantee that you have a community of people who genuinely love you and will be there when you need them. Because death is a DEBT we all owe... And that BITCH will come like a thief at night, when we do not expect, just so she can get PAID...For Tomorrow is never promised...so don't forget to make TODAY count!

P.S: RIP Zara Gretti...You were too young to die. But God knows best!

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!

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