Bullet Proof Love On The Cards!

My cousin was complaining about his RELATIONSHIP with his girlfriend (the main squeeze) hehehe...and as far as he is concerned....WOMEN are complicated and he could never understand them.  To him, she keeps harping that she isn't getting what she NEEDS....despite him showering her with gifts and his time...whenever he can (Oh! Let's not add the other 2 side chicks whom I presume she already suspects are in the picture).

Still regardless of a man's shortcomings....A Woman who CARES will tolerate, support and appreciate her man... if and only if he deals her the right cards by giving her the kind of love she needs. (Note: I said 'need'.... not 'want'). 

She needs the 'BULLET PROOF' kind of love... Devoid of many doubts, confusion and insecurities.

The kind that recognises that LOVE is a full time job, and sees obstacles as opportunity to drive itself.

The kind that shows you are willing to fight for her and BRAVE enough to win the battle.

The kind that says you are not AFRAID to make her yours and stand by that commitment no matter what...

The kind that shows you've GROWN up to become a man who has 'mastered' his own mind.

The kind that compromises on preference and SACRIFICES some interests.

The kind that knows if he CHEATS her, he is only cheating himself off something precious...

The kind that is SOLID as rock, FLUID as ocean, PRECIOUS as diamonds, soft as wool and FIRM to boots.

The kind that is DECISIVE and will stand the many tests of time.

The kind that will choose her, again and again...and again. The one that NEEDS her only.

EVERY 'self-respecting' man should give a woman that kind of 'bullet proof' love. The kind that RE-ASSURES  her that no matter what happens....she is completely SAFE under his wings!

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! And Feel Free To Share. Kisses!

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