If you thought the NIGERIAN creative industry is filled with semi-talented artistes with a penchant for attention and a lack of cerebral assertion... Then hopefully, my 'CELEBRITY GUEST POST' page has been able to prove you wrong. I'm pretty excited to share with ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY (ABC), this EXCLUSIVE guest post by my friend and colleague, the Multi-talented Actress, Writer, Singer and Entrepreneur, the Beautiful BAYRAY MCNWIZU...Here's her guest post below;


"I am on the SET of a very influential movie maker, a woman I've waited over 8years to work you can imagine my "SUPRISE" and a moment of almost parking in the middle of  the lane on Third Mainland Bridge amidst honking when I got a call from her studios.

And for all them, who are about to turn up their cute noses and say "Aha, there you go, Celebrities are not above the Law"...Honest to God, it was a hands free call...the type you may have seen on the Kardashians. Hahahah. Lie!
But truly...I fear Fashola!

So.... Here I am nervous as hell writing this , can you tell?...cuz we all know how amazing Alex's brain is, something I've repeatedly begged her to loan me and she politely declined, breaking my heart, but i'll live, i promise.

But its amazing, how nervous I was to get that call from AMAKA IGWE's STUDIOS (AIS), couldn't SLEEP the whole night and the next day i'm at the studios, viola! Today,we are creating a 'Grey's Anatomy' thingy and almost done now and with all the nouveau gone I can't wait to loosen these BRAIDS I once loved.
Funny, but that is not the point.

Every lady and man on that set has a kid or two .Single, never married... And seriously not searching. Except for my amazing friend Omotu with her lithe legs and wasp waist...hmm...when will Omotu...? Story for another day. Yes, these are my colleagues. Cast and crew. The guys are ambitious, hard working, funny, easy to be with, smell very nice and well to do. I know you might say..."" And truly "yeah so" ?. Hahaha. But that is the point right there.

You might be the open minded type that understands...but the majority are a bit otherwise. Everyone leaving in glass houses, THROWING stones at each other and occasionally we see ever so slightly, things that we can't make out fly out through the CRACKS and when someone throws a rock, well fed vultures and bats that have been skillfully HIDDEN fly out. Hmmm....

How can these be? The gods must be LIVID! Isn't this...? Yes I thought so...IT IS Africa. A society that boasts of its Moral uprightness, never -makes -a-mistake-for-we-are-next -to -God'ness. Hmm....Its a bit unsettling, how we PRETEND everything is 'amazing' when its we cover a wound and try to dispel the ODOUR, how we sweep  garbage under our carpets and wonder how,where and why roaches dared to invade your pretty, holy SANCTUARY of a home. The nerve of a roach!"

The PRETENCE ....gosh...Our pretense is worrisome. Is it an African thing? Is it a Nigerian thing? Just look everywhere and you can almost smell the STENCH of decay but hey...just a bit of perfume and we can ENDURE for it is better to die in silence than to SURRENDER your "shame" after all, you are "THE CHOSEN ONE". Better not bring their delusion to light. Now...this is not to say "Look on me...BAYRAY, the Holy and unstainable one"....this is not to say we are all MORALLY decadent. I use "moral decay"for lack of a better word. All you have to do is notice the children at the mall (could send a priest into coma). Notice the trends of semi nudity (in the times before these women would have been burnt alive). Notice the abortion rates (when all these beautiful girls need is counseling and useful attention), theft of babies, when...all some woman or man needs to know is that, you're not less a person and ADOPTION is okay, the married woman who willfully commits adultery...etc...Notice how the unnatural becomes the USUAL. Be honest, even you did notice. Hmm...

Hey...Everyone has a past. Everyone is hurting. And everyone needs Medicine. Real, unhypocritical medicine. EVERYONE. Things are going wrong. And many of us don't feel RIGHT. So naturally, we seek help. We need to TALK about it and DO something about it. For you, for me, for tomorrow.

The hypocrisy is tiring and we are T-I-R-E-D. And that is the silent truth.

Take off THE MASK.
IT -is-okay. IT -IS-okay. IT-IS- OKAY. Simple and short.
I can tell you that because I tell myself the same.
Too many cracks...
So much imbalance... I want a BETTER life for those that are little
and yet unborn. And no,they don't have to go to AMERICA to get it.

Man...It is okay. is okay.
"You wont DIE when you try to LIVE"...Trust me, I've been there..."


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What do you think about her thoughts? I thought it was a pretty compelling call to action on embracing a 'presence of mind' which has been one of the major goals of creating this blog...And oh! I think she's amazing (yes ke). Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts and don't forget to share this post with others. We all need to take off our MASKS.

Have A Fantastic Good-Friday Lovelies! And Happy Easter in Advance...Kisses!

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