Who Is Lupita Nyongo? Abeg, Park Well...

Now that the Lupita Nyogo phenomenon is quietly losing its drone, I can spit my own 12 bars and be heard. Before anyone rains curse on me and accuses me of bad-belle, let me first make it clear that these are ALEXANDRA's naked thoughts...and oh! I simply say the TRUTH, the way I think it. Hahahah. Ehen! So, this is not one of those commentary. In fact I'll love to slap myself for even attempting to give this subject some more bearing, but its been a headline thought roving my mind for the last week...and you know me na, I get restless till I speak my mind. GBAM!

I'm quite surprised the 'Lupita Nyongo' WORSHIP CENTER hasn't sprung up with young men and women bowing before a shapely statuesque image of hers, worshipping the ground on which she walks or serving burnt offering to the Oscar-Giving-God in which she serves. Hahahah.

First of all, I would like to acknowledge what a tremendous achievement it is, for a young African Woman all the way from kenya to win an oscar...and I can appreciate it 

1) As an African
2) As a Young Woman
3) As an Artist who's also polishing my own artistry and finding my grounds as an Actor.

But wait oh! Kenyans have already proven they no dey carry last. Wasn't Barrack Obama's 2-time presidential win a testimony to that or the fact that they swept more awards at the AMVCA's this past weekend. So what's new about Kenyans doing the impossible?...mbok!!

I can understand why the world went agog or even why the foreigners have bought into her glory. Its not every day they are graced with the presence of a true African goddess...so yes, I get it. But what I don't get is why we Africans are so fickle and have used that as a spring board to torment each other rather than to inspire one another.

Its quite hilarious thinking of the many social media status updates, DP's, articles and broadcast messages generally praising her whilst tearing others down. How can you put up a picture of her and insinuate that her skin colour, short her and no make-up is the reason for her new found success (rolling my eyes...even my 3 year old son knows better) and women who can't emulate her are threading the path of failure. Na wa o. So any Actress who is light skin, wears make up or human hair will never win an oscar?...Seriously, how daft can we be? Hahahaha!

Or is it the 7 shades of Lupita in several different colours of designer evening gowns worn to some of the awards and pre-award/post award events she attended, all of a sudden becoming a statement of her impeccable fashion genius...soon she won't be able to wear her tattered jeans and cropped top to the kilimanjaro hills when she visits her home land ...lol. They make it seem like she was chilling in her 'country home villa' scrambling for her daily scrumbs when a Downtown Hungry Kenya Movie Marketter gave her a miraculous opportunity and her SUPERB performance soared his production into 'glorious limelight' and...Ta da....(bells ringing) they landed on oscar stage. Hehehe. Hian!

In my humble opinion, all of these fawning are just unnecessary pressure that the world has placed on her shoulders by putting her on a pedestal where the world will aptly expect her to deliver by any means necessary and the salacious gossip will erupt...Hopefully, that won't become the backlash of 'super-stardom'. Whilst I know that winning an oscar is a pretty GRAND way to announce ones arrival to the big league...it is not the be-it-all, know-it-all of ones career longevity. I have known a few oscar winners to drop off the face of the earth (not literally...hahaha...) but their careers died a sudden painful death soon after they won the oscars.

So my next question is, can she keep up with all the hype? Can she top her performance in '12 years a slave', or is this just a case of another one hit wonder? Does she have that many casting options or will she just be type-cast and continue to act as a slave or some poor African ? Perhaps the massai warriors in her villa have been doing a great deal of fasting and chanting on her behalf, hence lady luck conspiring with great timing.

I read a facebook article posted by our own Emma Ugolee and at first It struck a chord (I mean, you can't help but notice how intelligent his write ups are even though I personally think some sting with a bit of arrogance that sometimes come off as malicious...hehehe)...but after taking a few minutes to internalise the depth of its sting. I felt there was a bit of hole somewhere. Have you read her Wikipedia Biography? My Babe considers herself to be 'African-Mexican' from a middle class suburban family. Her father was a former Minister for Medical Services in the Kenya Government. They travelled quite a lot, she was educated in the United States and currently lives in New York . Does that seem like the average standard of the regular Actress in Africa? Ha! I bow o. It is one thing to congratulate someone on their success and its another thing to use that person's achievement to ridicule everyone else. I mean, the guy who invented facebook is someone's mate, even Donald Trump sef. How would you feel if I compare you with your mates who are achievers around the world even when I know everyone's circumstance and destiny are different?

I agree that some of our celebrities have bought into their own hype and focus way too much on their media presence as opposed to the quality of work they churn out or how much real impact they make. I AGREE! But for someone to claim that not a single one of the Nollywood Actors are as big as Lupita is rather silly comparison to make. I mean, Leonardo Di Caprio has never won an Oscar. Popular Rom-Com Actor, Matthew Mcconaughey (who by the way nobody took seriously) just won his first major award (Oscar) in the 23 years of his career, So abeg, why should it be shocking that my Sister, Genevieve Nnaji or my Coach RMD hasn't gotten a shot at it yet? For pete sake, Lupita won best supporting actress for a great film...In other words if that film didn't have the right production team or the right content to garner international attention, even if she is the best actress in the entire world, she will never have smelled a nomination. I mean (allow me to be a little brutally honest) A producer gives an opportunity to a young budding actress who is hungry for success and honestly needs very little help in passing off as a slave, to ACT as a slave and we are surprised by its success, Chai! In fact, Lupita wasn't the only one in "12 Years A Slave" to get a nomination...Chiwetel Ejiofor did as well as the director? Do you now get it?

So to compare her talent to a Joke Silva, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Nse Ikpe etim, Stella Damasus, Lydia Forson, Yvonne Okoro or my Ebube Dike himself, Pete Edochie who by the way I think are amazing actors, even better actors...is rather myopic because it doesn't take 'one person' to create a good film...it takes more than just the 'actor' to give a movie sone credibility... so, expecting a 'BLACKBERRY BABES ' (no disrespect meant) or an 'ABUJA CONNECTION' to gather oscar attention is even STUPID. Not until we start to create the right kind of stories/content that will appeal to the international media will we have an opportunity to have our own shine at that podium. So yes, I do congratulate my #AwesomePisces mate "Lupita" on her big win...I agree that her win is testimony that no matter where one comes from, ones DREAMS are valid. Still I know SUCCESS is not simply about attaining it, it is more about MAINTAINING it. So, YES! While we are still ploughing our breakthrough here , I'm silently watching her...Abi, what do you think lovelies?

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!

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